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Warrior Arts

Lakeside students have a fantastic selection of musical opportunities.
Instrumentalists can participate in Marching Band, Symphonic or Concert Bands, Jazz and Percussion Ensembles, Pep Band, and virtually unlimited solo and ensemble groups for WSMA competitions. Marching Band also offers opportunities for those interested in color guards, as well as banner and honor guard.
Singers who wish to continue past required freshman choir can do so in Cantate Choir, A Cappella and Swing Choirs. Vocalists and keyboardists also see plenty of opportunities to perform solos and ensembles, both for WSMA and as co-curricular performers and accompanists.
It is good to praise the Lord
and make music to your name,
O Most High
(Ps. 92:1)

Concerts at LLHS

There are traditionally five concerts during each school year on campus.
  • Fall Concert is the first or second Sunday afternoon in November and features the Warrior Band along with elementary band "cadets" who prepare to join with the high school band through several Saturday mornings of practice at LLHS. The Warrior Swing Choir also debuts its choreographed pieces in preparation for its annual participation at WELS Choral Fest. See 2019 pics here
  • Our sacred Christmas Concert is held on the Sunday before Christmas break and features all choirs and the band. The gym is often transformed into visual worship with stunning decor and luminaries light up the school in tribute. See 2019 photos here
  • The fun annual Pops Concert pops up the last Sunday in January or first Sunday in February and is accompanied by a wonderful display of elementary student artwork at the Visual Arts Fest. Music typically has a trendy and light-hearted theme with pieces from bands and choirs, including the Warrior Jazz Band. 2019 pics here
  • Our sacred Easter Concert has traditionally been on the calendar on the Wednesday evening before Holy Week begins and is a quiet joy that prepares hearts for the days leading up to the most wonderful day of the year! 
  • The final all-school concert of the year is Commencement, held the Sunday before graduation, and combines songs that thank and glorify God for another school year while also celebrating friendships made and the dreams of those readying to fly after high school. 2019 photos here

LLHS at 2020 WSMA District Festival

Music selected for performance at the District festival is rated at one of three difficulty levels, A, B and C, and can receive a first, second or third by the judge. Those who perform at an A level and receive a first rating and a star are eligible to move on and perform before a judge again at the state festival at UW-Whitewater the last Saturday in April.
Class A (38 entries)
*1 (18) - Percussion Ensemble; Ella Collins/piano solo; Emma Berg / Musical Theater; Elizabeth Isham / piano solo; Emma Berg / Soprano solo; Gil Haw / Trombone solo; Jack DePrey-Isaac Winters-Jonah Heyerholm / Piano Trio; Katelyn McGurk / French Horn solo; Madelyn Plitzuweit / Piano solo; Jack DePrey / Piano solo; Cody Gumz / Drum Set Solo; Elizabeth Isham-Sarah Ulsberger-Jada Gresens / Piano Trio; Jada Gresens / Piano solo; Hannah Meyer / Musical Theater; Benjamin Kasper / Drum Set Solo; Hannah Meyer / Soprano solo; Elijah Wohling / Marimba Solo; Aaron Fritz / Euphonium solo.
1st (14) - Show Choir; Jazz Ensemble; Hadley Wendorff / French Horn solo; Ella Collins-Madelyn Plitzuweit / piano duet; Ashley Valerio-Kendra Kasper / vocal duet; Bronte Perkins / soprano solo; Bronte Perkins / Musical Theater; Isaac Winters / piano solo; Rachel Mayer / marimba solo; Sarah Ulsberger / piano solo; Kirsten Thundercloud / piano solo; Sarah Fisher / Alto Sax solo; Emma Schultz-Averi Wolfram / piano duet; Kirsten Thundercloud-Megan Reinke / Piano duet
2nd (5) - Isaac Winters / Trumpet solo; Ben Buxa / Alto Sax solo; Calvin Grant / trombone solo; Ethan Gulczynski / Tuba solo; Megan Reinke / piano solo
3rd (1) - Miranda Martinez / Alto Solo
Class B (21 entries)
1st (11) - Emma Schultz / piano solo; Calvin Geerdts / Trumpet solo; Jonah Heyerholm / piano solo; Caroline Schulz / flute solo; Trevor Holzhueter / Snare Drum solo; Evelyn Schauer / Oboe solo; Grace Thomas / Alto Sax solo; Natalie Raymond / piano solo; Manuel Iglesias / Flute solo; Megan Grambsch-Audrey Meier / Flute duet; Aree Huwe / Bassoon solo
2nd (10) - Averi Wolfram / piano solo; Natalie Punzel / Trumpet solo; Nora Larson / basson solo; Kendall Lemke / piano solo; Jonathan Abel / Trumpet solo; Emma Horn / piano solo; Josh Bittorf-Jayden Thundercloud- Caleb Garcia / trumpet trio; Caleb Koester- Michael Mittag - Nick Thomas - Calvin Murray - Calvin Geerdts / Brass Ensemble; Nina Litherland / Trombone solo; Calvin Grant-Adam Frohmader / Trombone duet

Class C (7 entries)
1st (3) - Emma Horn-Kendall Lemke / piano duet; Elizabeth Brudos / piano solo; Grace Korth- Natalie Raymond / piano duet
2nd (4)- Amber Vertein / piano solo; Grace Korth / piano solo; Rose Hissom / piano solo; Elizabeth Brudos-Amber piano duet

Lakeside Lutheran musicians medal at 2019 WSMA State Festival


At the WSMA State solo/ensemble festival at UW-Whitewater on April 27, 14 Lakeside entries involving more than 50 student musicians received first or second place medals.


Eight of those 14 state-qualifying entries earned a first, including the Warrior Percussion Ensemble and Swing Choir. In individual performances, six students were awarded a first. Soprano solos: Emma Berg, Olivia Fregien, Ashley Valerio; piano solos: Madelyn Plitzuweit and Ella Collins; and musical theater: Olivia Fregien.


Taking a second included the Jazz Ensemble. In individual performances, five students were awarded a second. Piano solos: Abby Buxa, Riley Schulz, and Madelaine Triebold; musical theater: Sophie Griffin; and marimba solo: Elijah Wohling.  


To be eligible for State competition, the musicians were required to perform musical selections at Class A difficulty level, and earn a starred first rating at the WSMA District Festival held in February.


WSMA State 2019_0173

The Lakeside Swing Choir earned a first: (front row, L-R): Olivia Fregien, Madison; Emma Berg, DeForest; Ashley Valerio, Delafield; Bronte Perkins, Madison. (second row L-R): Samantha Anderson, Sun Prairie; Abbie DiGiovanni, Jefferson; Madelynn Klug, Ixonia; Madelyn Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc; Ben Huebner, Madison. (third row, L-R): Anna Bilitz, Sun Prairie; Sophie Griffin, Lodi; Seth Hackbarth, Lake Mills; Jacob Horta, Helenville; Kyle Doering, Lake Mills; Matthew Gunst, Hartford. (back row, L-R) Justin Learned, Watertown; Albert Wood, Madison; Chad Nolte, Janesville; Lucas Schneider, Waterloo; Ben Grambsch, Columbus; Connor Dobson, Johnson Creek.


WSMA State 2019_0179

Individual soloists included: (front row, L-R): Ella Collins, Lake Mills; Madelaine Triebold, Oconomowoc; Emma Berg, DeForest; Ashley Valerio, Delafield; Olivia Fregien, Madison. (back row, L-R) Abby Buxa, Oconomowoc; Sophie Griffin, Lodi; Madelyn Plitzuweit, Oconomowoc; Riley Schulz, Fort Atkinson; Elijah Wohling, Beaver Dam.

WSMA State 2019_0183

The percussion ensemble earned a first. (front row, L-R): Jadyn Duddeck, Whitewater; Rachel Mayer, Fort Atkinson; Ella Collins, Lake Mills; Madelaine Triebold, Oconomowoc; Ella Butzine, Oconomowoc; Emily Meiller, Madison; Evelyn Schauer, Watertown. (second row L-R): Ryan Preskar, Juneau; Hannah Tucek, Lake Mills; Javin Hollis, Waterloo; Kyle Jaeger, Watertown; Elizabeth Isham, Watertown; Cody Gumz, Marshall. (third row, L-R): Lauren Learned, Watertown; Elijah Wohling, Beaver Dam; Caleb Hermanson, Madison; Trevor Geerdts, Lake Mills; Joseph Balistreri, Watertown. (back row, L-R): Justin Learned, Watertown; Benjamin Kasper, Helenville; Trevor Holzhueter, Waterloo; Carter Huber, Columbus; Benjamin Ertman, Fort Atkinson

.WSMA State 2019_0186

The jazz ensemble earned a second. (front row, L-R): Jadyn Duddeck, Whitewater; Jeremy Hathaway, Watertown; Ella Butzine, Oconomowoc; Owen Schoenherr, Cottage Grove; Rachel Poyner, Madison. (second row L-R): Annie Povich, Middleton; Grace Seim, Beaver Dam; Gilbert Haw, Marshall; Luke Marti, Oconomowoc. (third row, L-R): Tyler Affeld, Watertown; Tyler Holzhueter, Waterloo; Max Thomas, Watertown; Mira Parker, DeForest; Cody Gumz, Marshall. (back row, L-R): Nick Yaroch, Columbus; Benjamin Kasper, Helenville; Trevor Holzhueter, Waterloo; Ben Grambsch, Columbus; Elizabeth Isham, Watertown; Riley Schulz, Fort Atkinson.