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Fine Arts Festival

2018 FAF Results

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2018 FAF is April 14-15

The Lakeside Fine Arts Festival began in 1976, with the purpose to show us that in everything we do, our first and last thoughts are of Christ’s redemption and our inheritance of everlasting life, even when we are using God-given talents such as musical abilities. It's our prayer and encouragement that our young people continue to develop their God-given abilities and wisdom of God, and that these young musicians continue to grow musically, always giving thanks and glory to the One who has blessed them with these special talents.

Fine Arts Fair runs across two days each spring -- a Saturday when LLHS brings in judges to critique the performances of musicians in grades 5-8, much like the WSMA competition seen in high school, with a clear goal to encourage further musical study with the judges' feedback. Sunday is a day of two identical concerts that feature the LES bands and choirs (no individual performances).

Registration and fees run through grade school band programs and offices.

Typical performances at the annual LES Fine Arts Fair Saturday judging:
Brass Solos or Ensembles
Woodwind Solos or Ensembles
Percussion Solos or Ensembles
Piano Solos or Duets
String Solos or Ensembles
Vocal Solos or Ensembles
LES Bands and Choirs

Sunday concerts (1:30 & 4 PM) split the grade school choir and bands. During the concert, each LES choir and band performs its elective performance piece. Combined choirs and bands perform the required performance piece. Each school will only be in one of the two Sunday concerts. Which concert time a school is assigned to depends on the number of schools and size of bands and choirs each year.

April 15, 2018 Concert Assignments

St. John, Jefferson
St. Paul, Fort Atkinson
St. Peter, Helenville
Trinity-St. Luke, Watertown
Zion, Columbus
St. John, Pardeeville
St. Paul, Lake Mills
Holy Trinity, Okauchee
St. John, Waterloo
St. John, Watertown

Our Redeemer, Madison
St. Paul, Ixonia
Eastside, Madison
St. Mark’s, Watertown
St. Stephen, Beaver Dam
St. Matthew, Oconomowoc
Holy Cross, Madison
Westside Christian, Middleton
Peace, Sun Prairie
St. John, Juneau

Future FAF dates

2018-19: April 6-7, 2019
2019-20: March 28-29, 2020
2020-21: April 17-18, 2021