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Bible translations

Lakeside Lutheran High School receives inquiries from the families of incoming freshmen regarding which translation of the Bible will be used during high school. Particularly since a number of families are considering the purchase of a gift Bible for Confirmation, they wish to know whether the version they purchase will meet the needs of students.
We do not have a specific translation, but most students and faculty use an NIV translation of the Bible. Some use NIV 84, others use NIV 11. Both provide an effective tool for studying God’s Word at Lakeside and beyond.

On a slightly different note: there are reasons why the student should leave a gift Bible at home. Lakeside is a “one-to-one school” in which every student has a Chromebook. Bible translation websites (e.g.: Biblegateway.com) provide translations without the added weight of carrying another book to class. Lakeside also recognizes that some high school students are not careful with their personal belongings. On occasion, students leave Bibles and other books in a classroom or another school location. If they want to carry a physical copy of the Bible, students should consider using a “working copy.”