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Bible translations

Semester Two, 2017-2018
Lakeside Lutheran High School receives inquiries from the families of incoming freshmen regarding which translation of the Bible will be used during high school. Particularly since a number of families are considering the purchase of a gift Bible for Confirmation, they wish to know whether the version they purchase will meet the needs of the student as (s)he attends Lakeside.

Our synod studied the matter of a new Bible translation through the work of the Translation Evaluation Committee (TEC). Although the TEC recommended the NIV 11 to the 2013 synod convention, the convention delegates did not accept that recommendation. They made no recommendation of a single translation to be used in place of the NIV 84 that is no longer being produced.

With that being said, Lakeside solicited the opinion of a TEC member about which Bible translation should be used by its students. Here are excerpts of what he said:
  • There will be little “confusion caused by a combination of [using the] NIV 84 and 11 at Lakeside. In fact, the continuity between the two translations is one of the reasons why [the TEC] recommended the NIV 11;”
  • The TEC “checked all the catechism doctrinal passages in the NIV 11 to discover if there were any serious problems, and found none;”
  • The writer recommends that Lakeside students and religion teachers “use the NIV 11 for most classwork, for regular Bible reading, and for memory work;” and
  • Where translation differences between the NIV 84 and 11 occur, they provide “teachable moments as students and teachers learn to grapple with the fact that we are, in the end, dealing with translations of the original, all of which are good, but none of which are perfect.”

In summary, if you or another family member is considering the purchase of a gift Bible for your son/daughter, Lakeside recommends purchase of an NIV translation of the Bible. Some vendors may still have copies of the NIV 84 edition. If not, the NIV 11 provides the student with an effective tool for studying God’s Word at Lakeside and beyond.

On a slightly different note: there are reasons why the student should leave a gift Bible at home. Lakeside is a “one-to-one school” in which every student has a Chromebook. Bible translation websites (e.g.: Biblegateway.com) provide an NIV translation without the added weight of carrying another book to class. Lakeside also recognizes that some high school students are not careful with their personal belongings. On occasion, students leave Bibles and other books in a classroom or another school location. Students should consider using the “working copy” of the Bible that they used while attending their Lutheran elementary schools.

God bless your child’s years at Lakeside.

Serving Christ for you,
James C. Grasby, Principal