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Warrior Arts

Lakeside students have a fantastic selection of musical opportunities.
Instrumentalists can participate in Marching Band, Symphonic or Concert Bands, Jazz and Percussion Ensembles, Pep Band, and virtually unlimited solo and ensemble groups for WSMA competitions. Marching Band also offers opportunities for those interested in color guards, as well as banner and honor guard.
Singers who wish to continue past required freshman choir can do so in Cantate Choir, A Cappella and Swing Choirs. Vocalists and keyboardists also see plenty of opportunities to perform solos and ensembles, both for WSMA and as co-curricular performers and accompanists.
It is good to praise the Lord
and make music to your name,
O Most High
(Ps. 92:1)


2018 Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) 
District Solo & Ensemble Music Festival
Saturday, February 24 at Columbus HS

2018 WSMA District Results

*1st, Class A – 24 entries to State @ UW-Whitewater
Warrior Percussion Ensemble
Musical theater: Alyson Steffan, Emily Weber, Maria Werre
Soprano solo: Samantha Anderson, Maria Werre
Marimba solo: Sophia Collins, Elijah Wohling
Piano Duet: Jadyn Duddeck & Maddie Plitzuweit; Matthias Winters & Griffin Torgerson; Ella Collins & Elise Meier
Piano trio: Elizabeth Isham, Brendan McKenna, & Sarah Ulsberger; Matthias Winters, Samantha Kohls & Griffin Torgerson
Piano solo: Kaitlin Main, Riley Schulz, Abby Buxa, Ella Collins, Samantha Kohls
Alto Saxophone solo: Ashley Fritz
Tenor Saxophone solo: Ashley Fritz
Mallet trio: Aaron Natvig, Sophie Collins & J Doyle
Clarinet solo: Hannah Mayer
Flute Choir: Olivia Fregien, Emelyn Schoeller, Jennica Jensen, Gabby Grunewald, & Riley Schultz
Drum Set solo: Cody Gumz

1st, Class A
Swing Choir
Soprano solo: Emily Weber
Piano solo: Jadyn Duddeck
Clarinet duet: Cat Richart & Maddie Triebold
Piano duet: Savannah Steffen & Riley Schulz
2nd, Class A
Soprano solo: Hannah Meyer; Anna Bilitz
Alto solo: Aly Steffan; Maddie Fenner
Piano solo: Sophie Collins; Maddie Plitzuweit; Jenna Gaal
Piano trio: Hannah Tucek, et al;
Piano duet: Jenna Gaal & Emily Weber; Sophie Collins & Kaitlin Main; Alyson Steffan & Samantha Kohls
Alto Saxophone: Jeremy Hathaway
Warrior Jazz Ensemble
French horn solo: Charlie Pingel
Marimba solo: J Doyle


3rd, Class A

Piano solo: Grace Krieser

1st, Class B
Piano solo: Brendan McKenna; Kirsten Thundercloud
Trombone solo: Calvin Grant
Clarinet solo: Sydney Langille; Tim Grant
French horn solo: Katelyn McGurk
Trombone solo: Grace Seim; Gil Haw


2nd, Class B
Piano solo: Elizabeth Isham; Anacristina  Iglesias; Sarah Ulsberger; Emma Berg; Riley Schmidt; Liz Loppnow
Clarinet solo: Kirsten Thundercloud
Baritone duet: Luke Marti  & Ethan Neumann
Trumpet solo: Mira Parker

1st, Class C
Piano Duet: Riley Schmidt & Elizabeth Brudos; Grace Thomas & Kirsten Thundercloud
Piano solo: Grace Thomas; Elizabeth Brudos
Trumpet duet: Nick Yaroch & Austin Haley
2nd, Class C

Saxophone duet: Alicia Childs,