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Past Reunions

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2023 Reunions

Class of 1968- 55 year reunion


19 Forever Warriors gathered for their 55th class reunion at MD Saloon in Wales, WI on August 12. Thank you to Myron Guenterberg and team for all of their planning efforts. 

Pictured Back Row: Brian Dobratz, Steve Duwe, Jim Buntrock, Ron Hinkelmann, Paul Stueber, Mike Brunk, Chuck Klug

Middle Row: Marlene (Kehl) Pleuss, Barb (Kohn) Kalscheur, Bonnie (Bublitz) Bischoff, Marilyn (Franke) Ehlke, Mary (Allbee) Nell, Myron Guenterberg, Darrell Christian

Front Row: Secretary...Sharon Yanggen, Sue Piper, Yvonne (Yerges) WIttig, Cindy (Mack) Schultz, Karen (Schmidt) Arfstrom, Tom Luetzow

Class of 1973 - 50 year reunion
The LLHS Class of '73 celebrated their 50th reunion last October.  Class members began the celebration at the LLHS Homecoming Alumni dinner/game on Friday night. This was followed by a tour of the school and a dinner gathering at the Milford Hills Hunting Club on Saturday.   23 classmates with spouses, enjoyed a wonderful evening of reminiscing, catching up on the last 50 years and marveling how we haven't changed a bit. Some came as far as Texas, Arizona, and New York.   All agreed that we were truly blessed with an excellent academic education at LLHS, but most importantly, the firm spiritual foundation that still binds us 50 years later. 
Pictured back row Left to Right:
Mark Haferman, Bob Welch,  Gail (Jaeger) Buchta, , Caroline (Nyborg) Rehborg, Debbie (Baneck) Janz, Mary (Wollenburg) Mays, Karen Frederick, Cindy (Zahn) Holman, Kathy (Turner) Miller, Mark Jaeckel, Brett Stinebrink, Dan Adickes, Dave Seelman
Front Row Left to Right:
Annita (Zickert) Reimer , Bonnie (Dunsmoor) Jaeger, Lois (Luedtke) Schultz, Ellen (Welke) Disrude, Kay (Drews) Whiten, Kathy (Wittchow) Lamp, Rickey Dott, Karen (Reichert) Schmeling,  Chris (Bublitz) Sell, Emily (Orvick) Goetzke
Many thanks to the class of '73 reunion committee of Emily (Orvick) Goetzke, Cindi (Zahn) Holman, Chris (Bublitz) Sell and Lois (Luedtke) Schultz for all of their planning efforts. 
Class of 1983- 40 year reunion

The reunion was held on July 29 at Milford Hills with 41 classmates and 19 guests. 23 toured LLHS prior to going to Milford Hills for dinner, 50/50 raffle, and trivia. Over 40 donated door prizes were given out in a wide range of categories including trivia.

A donation in the amount of $1,095 was given to Lakeside from the class of ‘83 in memory of their 6 deceased classmates. Noel Boettcher-Provensano, Dan Zoellick, Dena Frentzel, Todd Gimmel, Phil Zoellick, and David Joseph. Thank you to Glenn Lassanske and team for all of their hard work in organizing.

Pictured Back row standing: Darrin VanHoosen, Drew Welke, Glenn Lassanske, Jeff Eaton, Corey Olson, Brad Abel, Dan Schultz, Tim Zimmerman, Roger Pankow, Dave Blank, Jeff Punzel, Dan Heine, Paul Genz, Eric Hoel.

Front row standing: Laura (Habermann) Johnson, Holly (Boettcher) Voight, Scott Miller, Renee (LaDien) Probst, John Thoma, Dave Borth, Dan Fleck, Paul Zastrow, Cathy (VanderWel) Brouwer, Mark Teeter, Karen (Fisher) Schwinn, Bridget (Genz) Miller, Tom Stade

Seated: Cari (Korth) Wilson, Julie (Klemann) Ridgeman, Holly (Else) Christian, Lisa Rolfs, Cheryl (O’Conner) Gallup, Kris (Trejo) Melcher, Tina (Nell) Ulrich

Kneeling: Holly (Martin) Bradley, John Birsching, Trudi Halvorson, Shelly (Moungey) Schoenherr, Sally (Tessman) Warren, Mary Zellmer-Bruhn, Gayle (Schwartz) Rosenberg

Pictures of lost classmates: Dan Zoellick, Noel (Boettcher) Provenzano, Phil Zoellick, Todd Gimmel, Dave Joseph, Dena (Frentzel) Harris


Class of 1988- 35 year reunion

A fun time was had by all gathering for their 35th reunion at Lucky Chucky’s in Oconomowoc, WI. A donation of over $1000 was given from the Class of ‘88 to Lakeside financial assistance. Thank you to Andy Asmus, Amy Eigenschink Slattery and Steve Novak for all of their work on organizing. 

Pictured Back Row: Jeff Jaeger, Troy Oestreich, Greg Hinz, Tony Krause, Lisa Sturm Marten, Steve Stocks, Todd Marowsky, Grant Melcher. Middle Row: Beth Becker DePrey, Dave Griffin, Jolie Molster Ebert, Steve Novak, Dan Thiele, Teresa Alberts Thiele, Beth Duddeck Leis, Bridget Butler Kent, Tracy Schneider Tulle, Lynette Alwes Kutz, Stephanie Buelow Bartels, Andy Asmus, Amy Eigenschink Slattery, Randy Ebert. Front Row: Scott Rewoldt, Dennis Roth, Lori Pfeiffer Miller. Not Pictured but in Attendance: Connie Loos Jones, Matthew Wilson

Class of 1998-  25 year reunion
16 Forever Warriors from the class of '98 gathered together at Tyranena Brewing Company on August 3. Thank you to Josh Hellwig and Rachel (Thiele) Fregien for all of their organizing efforts. 

Class of 2003- 20 year reunion

29 Forever Warriors and their spouses gathered for a school tour and good fellowship time at the Tyranena Fharmacy in downtown Lake Mills on Saturday, September 23. What a great day! Thank you to Phil and Katrina (Krakow) Meinel and Jacki Rynish-Knapp for all of the effort they put into organizing.

Those who attended: Jacki (Voigt) and Aaron Knapp, Phil and Katrina (Krakow)Meinel, Jason and Kayla Fry, Casey Weihert, Daniel Samuelson, Will Schrock, Lindsey Ernst, Scott Jaeger, Krysta Graunke, Laura (Schield) and Sean Pooler, Meri (Davis) and Dan Ludwig, Elise (Stauffer) and Charlie Hougan, Mitch and Tzvia Springer, Brandon and Gwen Sachse, Carrie (Ewings) and Dan Zak, Eric and Angie Duwe, Eric Schultz, Jenny (Borck) and Jacob Damask, Lindsay (?) and Kevin Radloff, Bethany (Nagel) and Andrew Babinec, Dan and Alyssa Jaeger, Luke and Courtney Olson, Peter and Abigail Beck, Dave and Shawna Jaeger, Leah (?) and Matt Hawley, Brooke (Pedersen) and Ben Welter, Pam (Brunk) and Josh Abrahamsen, Amanda (Wolff) and Dan Lewig.

Class of 2013- 10 year reunion

21 Forever Warriors and their families gathered from the class of 2013 to celebrate their 10 year reunion at Tyranena Brewing Company on July 15. Reunion organizers put together a small silent auction which raised enough money to cover the cost of the event. The taco truck at the reunion was also a big hit! Thank you to Stuart Vanden Heuvel for all his planning and organizing efforts.


Class of 2018- 5 year reunion.

What a great showing from the class of '18 for this fun Brewer’s tailgate and game on July 8. Thank you to Eric Pillard and Matthias Winters for organizing.

Those in attendance were: Matthias Winters, Griffin Torgerson, Brett Schwantes, Sammi Kluever, Sofie Asmus, Eric Pillard, Kelsey Birschbach, Ben Hodel, Skyler Christianson, Isaiah Lenz, DaVeon Middlebrook, Shane Schultz, Isaac Heckman, Jenna Gaal, Mitch Doyle, Joe Grambsch, Trey Roth, Royal Lang, Charlie Pingel, Ashley Fritz, Tim Grant, Mary Shallert, Melissa Murack, Aaron Natvig, Dustin Pampel, Noah Lorenz, and Tony Tadepalli.