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Parent-Teacher Consultations


First Quarter 2018 ends Friday, October 19.

After grades are posted and report cards are printed, Parent-Teacher Consultations are offered to all parents wishing to attend. Consultations provide teachers and parents an opportunity to meet, discuss the strengths of the student’s performance, and also discuss ways that future performance may be continued or enhanced. Parents generally find consultations useful in gaining insight into their child’s learning.

  • Thurs, November 1, is an early release day with school out at 1 pm. The afternoon consultation period is 2-4 p.m. and the evening session runs from 5-8 p.m. 
  • Here are some tips for parents who are new to Lakeside:

    • You do not sign up. You attend the session that best fits your schedule;
    • Parents stop first in the office to receive their child’s report card.  
    • Consultations are in the West Gym. They are done “cafeteria style.”  You pick the teachers with whom you wish to speak. You do not need to meet with all your child’s teachers;
    • The evening session is typically the most crowded. Expect to wait in order to meet certain teachers.
    • The afternoon session is the least crowded. Waits to meet individual teachers seldom occur.
  • Friday, November 2 is a no-school day. Consultations are 9-11 a.m. by appointment only. Teachers will be in the building that morning working in their classrooms or offices. Directory sheets and school maps will be available inside the front entry doors. If you plan to meet with a teacher on Friday morning, contact that teacher directly via email. (link to email directory) If you wish to meet with multiple teachers, contact each one to schedule a time. If you plan to meet with more than one teacher that morning, we suggest that you schedule the start of each appointment approximately 15 min. apart.

Note that Mr. Tim Matthies, Pastor Clark Schultz and Mr. Gerry Walta will not be available for any of the consultation sessions. If you wish to speak with them, please call school or email them directly to arrange a time. If you cannot attend, call school or email teacher(s) with your questions.

Lakeside hopes that all parents will take time to partner with the school through Parent-Teacher Consultations.

If you have questions about our consultations, call the school (920-648-2321) during the school day for further information.