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Grades & Eligibility

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To remain academically eligible:

  1. Minimum grade point average (GPA) is 1.5 / C- in the most recent quarter.
  2. An F in a course as a quarter grade means ineligibility regardless of GPA. 
  3. A student whose quarter grade is an “incomplete” will be ineligible if the work is not completed within ten school days. 
  4. Fourth quarter grades (not semester grades) determine eligibility in the upcoming fall season.

Note the following: 

  • You must be eligible to try out for, or participate in, any co-curricular activity or athletics.
  • Ineligibility begins when the list of ineligible students is posted.
  • Ineligibility may be reviewed halfway through the quarter (the same day as interim reports) upon request. If a student remains ineligible, the next opportunity for eligibility comes when the next quarter grades are posted. 

Appeals to the eligibility policy are to be made to the principal.