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Dress Code

As Christians, we want to glorify God in everything we do, including our style of dress. What we wear reflects who we are – children of God. We want to avoid anything that might give offense, false impressions, or otherwise detract from our identity as Christians.
As students in a school setting, we also recognize that a dress code establishes an orderly and positive learning environment. For this reason, students are required to obey the following guidelines every day, including dress-up days for sports/music/other…

Upper Garments:

  • All tops should meet the minimum of collarbone height. Examples of tops that fit this criteria include, but are not limited to, collared shirts with one button open, “crew-neck” shirts, etc.

  • See-through materials that show skin below the collarbone or that accentuate undergarments should not be worn. One may wear a collarbone-height shirt under a more revealing shirt.

  • Do not wear these tops: Tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, sleeveless shirts, cut-outs below the collarbone, off-shoulder shirts, bare midriffs, bare backs, tight-fitting or sexually suggestive tops. A tank top is any shirt that does not cover from the neckline to the rounding of the shoulder. (Girls: Sleeveless dresses and blouses may be worn with the exception of tank tops.) All tops must cover underwear, or anything that resembles underwear.

Lower Garments:

Girls: Only allowable lower garments:

  • Jeans, khakis, dress pants, skirts/dresses, sweatpants or legwear similar to sweatpants. Skirts/dresses/shorts may be worn if they are no higher than 3 inches above the knee.

  • Skirts or dresses should be of a material and fit so that they remain at a dress code length at all times during the course of normal movement.

  • All other types of leg-wear (skin-tight yoga pants, skin-tight exercise pants, skin-tight leggings or jeggings, or anything else that is skin-tight) may only be worn with an appropriate length skirt (3 inches) over the top. The faculty makes the final decision as to what is acceptable.

Boys: Only allowable lower garments:

  • Jeans, khakis, dress pants, sweatpants. Shorts must be no higher than 3 inches above the knee.

Clothing guidelines for all - avoid the following:

  • Pants that are excessively baggy or low-hanging, or that are dirty or have holes (skin/underwear is visible); pajama pants (or pants that look similar).

  • Extremes in dress and/or appearance (remember modesty), extremes in hair style or hair color that either draw attention to the student or become disruptive to the class or school environment. Hair must be of a “natural” hair color. Unnatural colors (blue, green, fluorescent purple, etc.) are not allowed.

  • Clothing (including jackets) which has advertising or slogans related to immorality, the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, bars, gambling, pro-wrestling, pro-fighting, weapons, or questionable innuendoes (double-meaning words or phrases).

  • Clothing with words, phrases or pictures related to astrology, satanic symbols, other religions, or ungodly or anti-Christian themes.

  • Clothing identified with a band, musician or a music tour, including clothing and other objects that simultaneously name a band and a brand name. However, clothing of music groups officially sanctioned by Lakeside is allowed.

  • Visible body piercing (ear piercings are OK), extenders, or gauging. No tongue piercings. Covering a visible body piercing with a band-aid (or something similar) is not allowed.

  • Visible tattoos. All tattoos must be covered during school hours.

  • Slippers, no shoes, bare feet.

  • Anything gang-related

  • Hats, caps, hoods, headscarves, sunglasses, or other headgear (in the school building during a school day)

  • Outerwear during school hours. (Coats are to be left in lockers.)

Because fashions change, the dress code may change also. No dress code will provide an answer to every potential choice faced by students. A desire to glorify God combined with common sense will hopefully result in good choices.
This dress code is in effect as soon as the student enters the school until his/her departure, and may be enforced when the student is present at Lakeside Lutheran–sponsored events, on and off campus.
For the sake of order, when there are differences of opinion concerning dress, the judgment of the Lakeside Lutheran faculty and administration will be respected by students and parents.

If a student is wearing something that does not meet dress code criteria:
1) A teacher or administrator will determine whether the student must immediately correct his or her clothing. If the violation requires a change of clothes and the student can’t correct his or her clothing, an item of clothing may be provided by the school. If this happens, the item must be returned in 2 days, washed.
2) In some circumstances, a parent will be contacted to bring a proper change of clothes. Until that happens, the student will not be allowed to return to class – an in-school suspension.
3) If a correction of clothing is necessary but not possible (due to lack of cooperation by the student), that student will be suspended for the duration of the day – an in-school suspension.
4) Absence due to dress code violations may result in tardies, unexcused absences, and/or in-school suspensions.
5) Letters are sent home after the second violation. A third or fourth violation requires a detention and other possible consequences. A fifth violation may mean suspension. Repeated defiance of this dress code may result in a three-day suspension.

Formal Dress Code
Guidelines for formal events (such as May Banquet) are as follows: Formal attire should not show cleavage or abdomens (no two-piece dresses). See-through dresses are not allowed. No cut-outs are allowed on the sides or front panels of dresses. Backless dresses should be waist height or higher with appropriate coverage on the sides. These dress code guidelines also pertain to non-LLHS students who may be attending formal dances as guests. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the student/guest not being admitted to the dance.