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Warrior Scrip


Mrs. Melissa Cooley is our Scrip Coordinator

Reach out to her at [email protected] with any questions you may have about the LLHS Scrip program. You can also stop in at the Scrip Office (located in the 100 hall across from the cafeteria) during open office hours.

Typical School Year Hours

 Mondays 8 am–2 pm
Thursdays 8 am–12 pm

The Scrip Office is closed when Lakeside is closed due to holidays, snow days, etc. Scrip sales may also be available during various school events. Please refer to the schedule posted below for guidance on the specific sales days.


AVAILABLE for walk-up purchase during open hours

Check with scrip office for denomination amounts.


Scrip FAQs

 What are “Scrip cards?”

Scrip cards are gift cards that retailers offer to organizations like Lakeside for a percentage off the face value. That percentage off is a rebate that is shared by both LLHS and participating families as a 50/50 split at the end of the fiscal year. And the cards can be for items you already buy – gas, groceries, clothing, dining out – or for special purchases like airline tickets and hotel stays.

How is the Scrip rebate used?

The Scrip rebate benefits both current and future Warriors. The LLHS Financial Planning Committee designates the school’s portion to be used for programming that benefits the entire student body (for the 2022-2023 school year, Scrip funds are supporting Lakeside’s transportation program for getting students to and from school, as well as transporting students to off-site extra-curricular activities).

 Participants in the Scrip program can use their rebates in the following ways:
▪️ Tuition/lunch credit for a current or future student
▪️ Donation back to LLHS
▪️ A cash rebate
▪️ Rollover rebate for use in a future year

Who can purchase Scrip cards?

Parents, grandparents, other family members, friends of Lakeside… They all can be a part of furthering the ministry of Lakeside Lutheran High School!

Just sign up online at, use Lakeside’s enrollment code during registration (email Mrs. Cooley if you need it), and fill out the agreement form (below) from the Scrip office. That’s all it takes to become a participant in the LLHS Scrip program!


How can I purchase Scrip cards?

Scrip cards can be physical or e-cards and can be obtained at the Scrip Office, at a special event, through the RaiseRight website (, or right from your smartphone on the RaiseRight app. Some cards are also reloadable! You just need to log onto your Scrip account to add funds to your card. It’s perfect for items you buy all the time, like gas and groceries.

When purchasing cards through the Scrip Office, you may pay with cash or check. When getting Scrip cards online or through the mobile app, you also have the option of paying directly from your bank account ($0.29 fee for any size order) or with a credit card (2.6% fee).

Students may serve as couriers to drop off order forms and payment, and to pick up Scrip orders. Whoever picks up a Scrip order must sign for it; once the order is picked up, it should be treated as cash. Warrior Scrip and Lakeside Lutheran High School are not responsible for lost or stolen cards.

What if I want some cards that you don’t have in stock?

During the school year, individual orders that are placed by noon on Monday are included with a larger Lakeside order that day. Shipping delays notwithstanding, fulfilled orders are then generally ready for pickup by Thursday morning.

 I want to get Scrip as a gift, but don’t know what to get…

No problem—give a Warrior Scrip certificate instead! This gift certificate can be given as a gift to ANYONE, even to someone who does not have a Scrip account, and in ANY denomination. Warrior Scrip certificates are great gifts to give to coaches, teachers, and others.

We record the date, amount, purchaser, and the lucky recipient of the Warrior Scrip certificate. S/he then can come in to redeem the Scrip certificate for Scrip card(s), and the rebate for the order will be credited to the purchaser’s Scrip account. If a group of members purchase a Warrior Scrip certificate (ex. pooling money for a coach’s gift), the rebate goes to LLHS.

Any questions? Reach out to Mrs. Cooley at [email protected]!