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Hwy 89 Detour Info

SOUTH: If you are coming from the south, you will not be affected until the closure of the intersection at Woodland Beach Road. The current estimate for that intersection closure is Mid-July. See the map for a short detour, indicated in light blue, which will be a right on Pinnacle Drive and then a left on Lake Park Place, and a left onto Ferry Drive. This detour should remain open until Spring of 2020.

NORTH/EAST/WEST: Coming in on 89 from the North, Hwy A from Watertown, Hwy B from Johnson Creek, cut over to Ferry Drive via W. Lake St., which is the second stop sign downtown as you travel south.

Phase 1 is complete as of June 2019. Phase 2 is Veterans Drive to Lake Park Place. Phase 3 is Lake Park Place to Woodland Beach Road. Both phases are currently under construction. We will update this page with information as it becomes available to us.

The final Phase will be complete spring 2020.

We expect there will be a significant increase in traffic around Lakeside, as Ferry Drive and Woodland Beach are part of the official "local" detour routes. For safety reasons, Lakeside has requested the streets around Lakeside be limited to one-side parking. Watch for signs.

Interactive Google map for 2019-20 detours

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Busing during school year to and from LLHS

The cost of the Lakeside Lutheran transportation system is included in the cost of tuition. What follows below are the seven bus routes that Lakeside Lutheran currently runs. Grade school students who have registered to shadow for a day at Lakeside are welcome to utilize our transportation system as well.

Route #1--Janesville-Fort Atkinson
Route #2--Westside Madison-Cambridge
Route #3--Sun Prairie-Eastside Madison
Route #4--Beaver Dam-Columbus-Waterloo
Route #5--Juneau-Watertown-Milford
Route #6--Oconomowoc-Ixonia-Watertown-Johnson Creek
Route #7--Helenville-Jefferson

2018-2019 Bus Stop Information

The following is a general bus pick-up/drop-off schedule for the current school year. The times are general estimates, so please have the students at their stops earlier than the time listed. Pick-up times are subject to change as the routes become routine. If you have any questions regarding times or stops, or if you have any questions regarding transportation after the start of the school year, please contact Todd Grundman at 648-2321 extension 2205.


ROUTE 1: Janesville-Fort Atkinson

ROUTE 1: Janesville-Fort Atkinson
Driver: Pastor John Boehringer, Bus #15
A.M. P.M.
St Matthew, Janesville 6:40 4:16
Highway 26 & Wood Crest Dr 6:49 4:07
(Fox Hills)
St. John, Milton 6:55 4:01
St Paul Church, Fort 7:15 3:41
Bethany Church, Fort 7:20 3:36
Lakeside 7:39 3:17

ROUTE 2: Westside Madison-Cambridge

ROUTE 2: Westside Madison-Cambridge
Driver: Mr. Jim Redfield, Bus #16
A.M. P.M
St. Andrew, Middleton 6:35 4:20
Our Redeemer, Madison 6:48 4:05
Highway N & 18 (Iverson Construction) 7:08 3:42
St. James, Cambridge 7:22 3:30
Lakeside 7:40 3:17

ROUTE 3: Sun Prairie-Eastside Madison

ROUTE 3: Sun Prairie-Eastside Madison
Driver: Pastor Martin Stuebs, Bus #10
A.M. P.M.
Peace Church (Stonehaven Dr.), Sun Prairie 6:42 4:10
Eastside, Madison 6:55 4:00
Holy Cross, Madison 7:03 3:46
Highway B (PM only) 3:29
Newville (PM only) 3:24
Lakeside 7:30 3:17

ROUTE 4: Beaver Dam-Columbus-Waterloo

ROUTE 4: Beaver Dam-Columbus-Waterloo
Driver: Mr. Ricky Gentz, Bus #14
A.M. P.M.
St Stephen, Beaver Dam 6:34 4:17
Zion, Columbus 6:52 3:59
Astico Park Bridge 7:02 3:50
St John, Waterloo 7:15 3:36
N7728 Hwy 89 (AM) 7:25
Hwy 89 & Gallup Road 7:27 3:25
Main Street & Oak 7:30 3:20
Lakeside 7:35 3:17

ROUTE 5: Juneau-Watertown-Milford

ROUTE 5: Juneau-Watertown-Milford
Driver: Pastor Mark Wendland, Bus #314
A.M. P.M.
St John, Juneau 6:44 4:15
Cty R(4th st) & Juneau Rd 7:04 3:55
Bridge on R (4th St) Watertown 7:07 3:53
St. Mark, Watertown 7:09 3:51
Farm & Fleet 7:18 3:42
Milford 7:32 3:28
Lakeside 7:43 3:17Enter your text here...

ROUTE 6: Oconomowoc-Ixonia-Watertown-Johnson Creek

ROUTE 6: Oconomowoc-Ixonia-Watertown-Johnson Creek
Drivers: AM - Mr. Dale Rupnow / PM - Mr. Leon Jaeger, Bus #214
A.M. P.M.
St. Matthew School, (Brown St.) Oconomowoc 6:30 4:30
Marietta & F (Town Hall) 6:45 4:12
St. Paul, Ixonia 6:52 4:05
W2495 Gopher Hill 6:55
E Water & Main (Gasthaus) 7:00
Luther Prep 7:04 3:53
Mary & River Drive 7:08 3:49
River & Red Oak Cir (across tracks) 7:19
Johnson Creek (Y & West St) 7:23 3:30
Hwy B & Jefferson Rd 7:24 3:29
Highway B & Wollin/Harvey Rd 7:29 3:26
Highway B & East Mills 7:32 3:24
Lakeside 7:40 3:17

ROUTE 7: Helenville-Jefferson

ROUTE 7: Helenville-Jefferson
Driver: Mrs. Leah Tracy, Bus #06
A.M. P.M.
St Peter, Helenville 7:15 3:45
Hwy 18 & Fischer (PM only) 3:35
St John Church, Jefferson 7:25 3:30
Twice is Nice 7:30 3:25
Lakeside 7:40 3:17