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Summer Band

Volunteers needed!
Summer band needs the work of many parents and friends of the band to be successful. Sign up to help with band camp, parades and more. Due to some Charms tech trouble, there's now a Sign Up genius with needs that begin June 7 at band camp -- 120 volunteer roles need filling between now and the end of the season July 10! Don't have a teen in band but you'd like to help? Please do! Get your preferred help times down early!

Summer 2022 Warrior Band Parade Action!

Catch us when you can -- we love to hear our fans while we march!
Fri, June 10: Brillion Parade 9p
Sat, June 11: Appleton Parade 2p
Sun, June 12: Mt. Horeb Parade 12p
Sat, June 18: Cottage Grove Parade* 11:30a
Sun, June 19: Mukwonago Parade 12p
Sat, June 25: Lake Mills Parade 10:30a
Sun, June 26: Hartland Parade 1:30p
Sun, July 3: St. Germain Parade* 3p
Mon, July 4: Tomahawk Parade* 1p
Tues, July 4: Minocqua Parade* 4p
Thurs, July 7: Traverse City Parade 6:30p
Sat, July 9: Traverse City Parade 11a


The Warrior Marching Band summer program spends June on parade in local communities. In July, there is the opportunity to travel out of state.

Open to students currently in grades 8–12, the most common way to participate is by marching and playing an instrument. However, several more are needed for Honor Guard (banner/U.S. flag, etc.) and Color Guard (colorful flags).

In addition to learning valuable musical skills, mental toughness and discipline, teens are blessed with many opportunities to witness their Christian faith. Countless teens share that some of their favorite memories are from band trips! 


Online Registration for Summer Band 2022 is OPEN

Because Canada is still not band-friendly with border-crossing requirements, the band needs to avoid Canada again this summer.

However, in hopes of keeping Calgary on the radar for NEXT summer (2023), Mr. Pufahl shared with band students that we will do a July 3-10 trip to the Traverse City Michigan Cherry Festival July 7-9 by way of Northern Wisconsin, with parades in St. Germaine on July 3 and Tomahawk and Minocqua on July 4.

We need to keep our momentum to stay strong! Let us know you’re onboard for Warrior band or color guard this summer through the online registration link that’s active now:


Our school code is LakesideMP
Need more help getting into a Charms account? See the "cheat sheet" on the side menu.

The sooner we can gather numbers, the smoother the planning will go. (Along with a $150 commitment fee involved in this registration, be sure to have insurance info.)

The cost for the entire 2022 summer band program is expected to be $600 and includes all meals, travel, activity and lodging expenses for all parades during the ‘22 season. There is opportunity for students to participate in local parades without joining in the trip at a lower cost (ask for details).

Fund-raising: students can help defray trip costs with individual fund-raising through sales of pizza and many other items. Money earned goes into personal trip accounts. See fundraising info at the MPO page here
Summer band schedule
Rehearsals run 6:30–8:30 pm in May
6:30–9 pm in June
Sun, May 1 at 6p ~mandatory~ Info Meeting for both teens & parents
Wed, May 4: Rehearsal
Thurs, May 12: Rehearsal
Wed, May 18: Rehearsal
Tues, May 31: Rehearsal
Thurs, June 2: Rehearsal
June 7-11: Band Camp at LLHS
(includes Tues–Fri overnight stays)
Fri, June 10: Brillion Parade 9p
Sat, June 11: Appleton Parade 2p
Sun, June 12: Mt. Horeb Parade 12p
Tues, June 14: Rehearsal
Thurs, June 16: Rehearsal
Sat, June 18: Cottage Grove Parade* 11:30a
Sun, June 19: Mukwonago Parade 12p
Tues, June 21: Rehearsal
Thurs, June 23: Rehearsal
Sat, June 25: Lake Mills Parade 10:30a
Sun June 26 - Kettle Moraine Days Parade, Eagle* 12p
Sun, June 26: Hartland Parade 1:30p
Tues, June 28: Rehearsal (trip only)
Thurs, June 30: Rehearsal (trip only)
Sun, July 3 - St. Germain Parade* 3p
Mon, July 4 - Tomahawk Parade* tba
Tues, July 4 - Minocqua Parade* 4p
Thurs, July 7 - Traverse City Parade 6:30p
Thurs, July 9 - Traverse City Parade 11a
Need to check Charms (school code LakesideMP) for parade or trip info? Volunteer schedules are also there (no password needed for route maps or volunteer info).
Email [email protected] with questions. 

Interested in joining Summer Band but don’t play an instrument? 

We have two other options for you: Honor Guard (banner, American Flag, Wisconsin Flag, etc.) and Color Guard (spinning the colorful flags). Questions? Contact Jennifer Ertman: 920-397-2603  [email protected]

Volunteer Opportunities
All families of band students are automatically a part of the Lakeside Lutheran Music Parents Organization (aka MPO) and are strongly encouraged to volunteer their time and talents. The Summer Band program isn’t possible without the hard work and dedication of families. Opportunities include:
Chaperoning Band Camp & parades
Kitchen & uniform help
Driving, un/loading & more
We use Charms to coordinate the many volunteers needed throughout the year. Watch for announcements on the MPO webpage and on our FB group for these opportunities. 
Hello Warrior Marchers and Parents,

Here is some information for the upcoming season's parades.  The routes should be attached for each of the parades.  Some of the parades might be closer to your house.  So, it would make sense for you to meet us at the parade staging area instead of coming all the way to Lakeside.  If that is the case, your marcher will need to make sure to take his/her uniform and instrument home after the Thursday rehearsal prior to that parade.  Also, please send me an email stating that you will be meeting us at the parade.  

Sign-out procedure

After each parade, except Appleton, parents may sign their child(ren) out to take them home from there. If you meet us at a particular parade, your child will not be counted on the bus attendance sheet. That means that you are "in charge" of making sure they get home.  We will not leave anyone behind. However, they will not have had a chance to sign in on the sheet on the bus.  Therefore, you do not need to sign them out after the parade.  I do ask that you let me know that you are taking your child though so that I know where they are going.

If your child meets us at Lakeside on a parade day, they will sign a sheet when they get on the bus.  This sheet will have their name neatly printed and will indicate whether they are returning with the bus or with a parent.  If you are taking your child home with you from the end of a parade, you need to sign him/her out at their bus prior to you taking them.  This is done with a chaperone that is on that bus.  If you are having some other person picking your child up after the parade, your child needs to provide a parent-signed note indicating that this is your (the parent) wish.  I will not allow a child to go home with anyone other than their parents if they do not have a note from you, their parents.  Also, if you are signing your child out, please make sure that you are at the end of the parade route/indicated ending location when the band arrives there.  Please do not make us wait for the entire parade to finish before you come to the sign your child out.  We like to keep a very tight time frame with leaving as to get kid back home on a timely manner.  If you are not there when we are ready to leave, we will leave when your child and you will need to pick him/her up at Lakeside.  Please let me know if you have any questions on this procedure.

Uniform care if picking up from end of the parade

If you are picking your child up from the end of a parade instead of Lakeside, please make sure that all uniform pieces stay together.  Your child will need to make sure that they take their hat box and garment back with them so that everything can be properly cared for when you arrive home.

Upon arriving home and changing, please hang up your uniform properly as you would if you were at Lakeside.  Please DO NOT zip up the garment bag until it is ready to be brought back to Lakeside.  Turn a fan on the uniform so that it can dry and air out.  Please remember to return the uniform to Lakeside at the absolute next time you come to Lakeside for a rehearsal or a parade.  

Costs vary each year depending on the length and location of the trip.
Cost to participate in the entire 2022 summer band program was $600 per student, including all meals, travel, activity and lodging expenses for all parades during the 2019 season. The Canada trip runs $1,200-1,400. There is opportunity for students to participate in local parades without joining in the trip at a lower cost (ask for details).
Summer Band Obligations
  • Band Camp is mandatory! In order to be well prepared, all students must attend Band Camp. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Attendance at all parades and rehearsals is required.
  • Planned absences must be excused in writing and turned in to Mr. Pufahl for approval prior to the absence. If a student is going to miss a rehearsal due to illness, call Mr. Pufahl. A written excuse signed by the parent must be turned in at the next rehearsal or event.
  • Work is not a legitimate excuse. Students are expected to make arrangements with their employer and attend all rehearsals and performances.
  • Promptness to rehearsals and performances is expected. Leaving early is NOT acceptable!
  • Everyone is expected to act like a child of God at all times. Unchristian-like attitudes or conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Dismissal from the summer band program will occur if a student continues to be disrespectful or demonstrates a lack of cooperation.
  • Absences will be reviewed for future participation in the current Summer Band and Trip (if applicable).

Trip Participation and Guidelines

Who may go on a BAND TRIP?

  • Students attending Lakeside Lutheran High School in the upcoming fall
  • Outgoing Seniors
  • Students that meet BOTH of the following requirements:
    • Were enrolled in band both semesters of the previous year of the trip (except new students)
    • Are current in payment of their Lakeside Lutheran High School tuition
    • Class scheduling conflicts for band students will be taken under advisement for students who have fulfilled the other required obligations.


Warrior Band Director: Glen Pufahl

920-648-2321 x1212 or e-mail [email protected]

The following are now online forms on Charms:
health form
release forms
inventory form for trip