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Campus Construction News

Email sent to students Tuesday, April 2 form Assistant Principal Dorn:
only staff parking on street



Many of you may have already heard, but the closing of our front parking lot is happening a few days earlier than expected. Fencing will be installed Wednesday, April 3.  This is happening to prepare for the actual construction to begin the following Monday.

This means that parking will be at a premium.  Students will still be expected to park in the parking lots and not on a street.  A few Staff/Faculty individuals have agreed to park on Woodland Beach to ease the crowding and leave enough room for students and the remainder of the staff.  (See attached Picture for available parking and traffic flow)

Please, do not park in the visitor parking area. There are only a few spaces left that need to be saved throughout the day. (look for reserved signs) Do not park in the first row of parking spaces by the bus barn. You will be asked to move if you park in either of these reserved spots. 

School Entrances

The normal front entrance will be closed due to construction as well. During the school day you will need to use the other double door entrance at the front of the building near the atrium. There is a new doorbell that you will have to use to gain entry. Follow the posted directions as to how to use it. It's a touch and swipe up access panel. 

Whomever is on attendance duty for the day will spend the first 2 - 3 hours of the day with a mobile desk down by the new entrance and can let you in. After that, there is a video camera that the office will greet you through and then you will be buzzed in. The front office is still the main hub for student activity. All day-to-day needs (absence sheets, illness, tardies....) will still be taken care of in the office and students still need to check in with the office if they arrive late to school. 

Administrative Offices


Some front offices will be vacated because of the construction. If you can't find someone you are looking for, just ask the front office staff and they will help you find the person you are looking for.

While the construction begins April 8, a low-key groundbreaking ceremony will happen Wednesday, April at 1:30 pm. While it is not a private event, it will be a brief recognition that has not been publicized widely. 
Update March 25: The cafeteria expansion and main entry remodel (Phase 2 of our Free2Act plan) is expected to begin Wednesday, April 3 when the main office doors will be inaccessible for several months. The atrium entrance (by the big blue cross) will be the main entrance until construction is complete, and parking and drive lanes will be affected while construction equipment is parked in the front. See the image above for new traffic patterns in the front of school. Please contact Executive Director Kirk DeNoyer ([email protected]) with questions about changes to campus and parking.