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Administration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who makes decisions that affect Lakeside Lutheran in addition to the campus administrative personnel (such as principal, vice-principal and department heads)?
Lakeside Lutheran High School is controlled by two boards, the General Board and the Board of Regents.

How are General Board members chosen?
The General Board is composed of representatives from every one of the 31 federated congregations (see below). Every congregation is permitted to send two delegates for each 500 communicant members, three delegates if the number of communicants ranges from 501-1000, and a maximum of four delegates for congregations with over 1,000 communicants. The minimum number of delegates from any congregation is two. In addition, one pastor from each federated congregation and one male teacher from its parish school (if applicable) may also be voting members. Additional pastors and teachers may attend General Board meetings as advisory members.

General Board delegates are elected or appointed by each congregation according to its own method. The terms of delegates vary according to the wishes of each congregation. Each congregation is asked to regularly inform its communicant membership of its General Board delegates. Currently, there is no public listing of these names.

What does the General Board do?
The General Board elects members to the Board of Regents, approves the annual budget and tuition amounts, and issues calls for all Lakeside teachers. It receives regular reports from the committee chairmen of the Board of Regents and ex officios. In many cases, the General Board is also the body that gives final approval to school policies. The General Board meets quarterly in August, November, February, and May. The General Board also meets as need to issue calls and carry out other business.

What is the Board of Regents (BOR)?
The Board of Regents consists of fourteen members, thirteen of whom are elected by the General Board and the fourteenth (the chairman of the Resource Development Committee) is appointed by the Board of Regents and then ratified by the General Board.
The Board of Regents oversees the daily operations of the school working in conjunction with Lakeside's administration. Members of the Board of Regents are listed annually in the Lakeside's Student Directory. 

What does the BOR do?
The Board of Regents is composed of five committees:

  • the Educational Planning Committee (EPC): oversees the school's instructional program and the called workers;
  • the Financial Planning Committee (FPC): oversees the annual budget, plans for the school's financial needs, and tracks estate funds and other funds;
  • the Operational Planning Committee (OPC): oversees the school's physical building, addresses maintenance issues, and supervises care of the campus and the school's fleet of buses and cars;
  • the Resource Development Committee (RDC): oversees the planning of debt retirement as well as the marketing of Lakeside's ministry to its constituents and the public; and
  • the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC): oversees the development of long-range plans for the school and the school's recruitment efforts within the federation.

Each committee meets monthly except in December and July. (The Board of Regents also follows this schedule.) Each committee works on business items relevant to its mission and purpose, sending those items for ratification to the appropriate board(s) as outlined in the board policy manual.

How and/or why would I approach a board member?
Board members - both from the Board of Regents and the General Board - and the school administration always welcome comments and concerns from parents and other federation constituents. To identify the best person to contact for a board matter, call Lakeside for further information.

Prepared by James C. Grasby, Principal

Board of Regents for 2017-18

Chairman Brian Ertman
Vice President Greg Raube
Secretary Pastor Matthew Vik
Treasurer Aaron Meyer
Dan Behl
Mark Burger
Pastor Paul Burk
Jeff Doyle
Steve Gartner
Jeff Gronholz
Pastor Christopher Koschnitzke
Jared Matthies
Kyle Raymond

Board of Regents Standing Committees 2017-2018

Educational Planning
Jim Baxter
Steve Gartner, Secretary
Tim Kassulke
Greg Raube
Kyle Raymond, Chairman

Operational Planning Committee
Mark Burger
Jeff Doyle, Chairman
Jared Matthies, Secretary
Glenn Lassanske
To be elected

Financial Planning Committee
Jeff Gronholz
Pastor Chris Koschnitzke, Secretary
Aaron Meyer, Chairman
Brian Neumann
Tim Otterstatter

Strategic Planning Committee
Pastor Paul Burk
Dan Behl, Chairman/Secretary
Pastor Matthew Vik
Jeff Weber
Mark Zastrow

Campus administration for the 2017-18 school year

Assistant Principal of Student Life: Pastor Don Schultz
Activities Director:  Mr. Kirk DeNoyer
Director of Development: Mr. Scott Gronholz
Director of Instruction:  Mr. Daniel Kuehl
Director of Operations:  Mr. Todd Grundman
Director of Technology: Mr. Andrew Willems
Guidance Director:  Mr. Andy Rosenau
Principal:  Mr. James Grasby
Recruitment Director: Mr. Steve Lauber
Finance Manager: Mrs. Becky Retzlaff 

Our Federation

Lakeside Lutheran High School is supported by 31 federated churches. Click on the link below to view a map of the Lakeside Federation. Links to churches with websites are also listed below. Check service times and upcoming events for any of our churches!

St. Stephen Beaver Dam
St. James, Cambridge
St. John, Cold Spring
Zion, Columbus
Immanuel, Deerfield
Immanuel, Farmington
Bethany, Fort Atkinson
St. Paul, Fort Atkinson 
St. Peter, Helenville
Immanuel, Hubbleton
St. John’s, Ixonia
St. Paul, Ixonia
St. Matthew, Janesville
St. John, Jefferson
St. John Juneau
St. Paul, Lake Mills
Eastside, Madison
Holy Cross, Madison 
Our Redeemer, Madison
St. Andrew, Middleton
St. John, Newville
St. Matthew, Oconomowoc
Christus, Richmond
St. Mark, Richwood
Peace, Sun Prairie 
St. John, Waterloo
St. John, Watertown
St. Luke, Watertown
St. Mark, WatertownTrinity, Watertown
St. John, Whitewater

Our Federation Schools

Lakeside Lutheran High School is supported by 19 federated elementary and middle schools. Click on the link to go to each school's website.

St. Stephen, Beaver Dam

Zion, Columbus

St. Paul, Fort Atkinson

St. Peter, Helenville

St. Paul, Ixonia

St. Matthew, Janesville

St. John, Jefferson

St. John, Juneau

St. Paul, Lake Mills

Eastside, Madison

Holy Cross, Madison

Our Redeemer, Madison

Westside Christian, Middleton

St. Matthew, Oconomowoc

Peace, Sun Prairie

St. John, Waterloo

St. John, Watertown

St. Mark, Watertown

Trinity-St. Luke’s, Watertown