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The Lakeside Lutheran Advantage is published 3x each year with families of prospective Lakeside students in mind, featuring current students, families, teachers and activities for grade school age students. Don't forget to check out the latest contest for students in grades K-8!

Advantage Contests for K-8 past contests and winners

Mr. Lauber and a bunch of Warrior teens spent several days visiting a LOT of K-8 students at their own schools in September. Mr. Lauber asked some multiple choice questions about those visits.
Two grand prize winners answered 4 out of 5 correct!
Madisyn Christian, in 2nd at St. Paul, Lake Mills
Ben Dogs, in 5th at St. John, Juneau
In addition to receiving a sack of Warrior swag, both students received a $200 tuition credit toward their 1st semester at Lakeside.
Students sent in design using our new two year theme "Impressed" for a chance to have their artwork made into a sticker.
Alaina Brock—gr 8, St. Paul, Lake Mills
Alex Moore—gr. 7, Crown of Life, Fort
Whether it's a trip or a "staycation," we asked students to describe their dream vacation
Cameron Slocum | 8th grade | Peace, Sun Prairie
Charlotte Schmoller | 3rd grade | Westside, Madison
Lexi Denson | 1st grade | Peace, Sun Prairie

Lakeside Lutheran began in fall 1958, which means the 2022-23 school year is our 65th school year! We celebrated with a Lakeside trivia contest. 

Grand prize $200 tuition voucher winner: Lucy Flack
Gr. 7, Crown of Life Christian Academy, Fort (Lucy had 8 out of 10 correct!)
Everyone else received a prize valued at $10 for participating! (in alphabetical order)
Brennan Blaschka | 3rd | Holy Cross, Madison
Mason Blaschka | 3rd | Holy Cross, Madison
Klaryssa Blatter | 6th | Eastside , Madison
Kayla Boll | 6th | Eastside, Madison
Alaina Brock | 7th | St. Paul, Lake Mills
Manny Butzine | 5th | Holy Cross, Madison
Will Hirschfeld | 8th | St. Paul, Lake Mills
Ezra McCrary | 6th | Peace, Sun Prairie
Clark Peterson | K | St. Matthew, Janesville
Aria Welke | 2nd | St. Paul, Lake Mills
Regan Welke | 8th | St. Paul, Lake Mills

Our new mascot—sponsored by Bank of Lake Mills, Twice is Nice Resale Store, and LL Student Council—is in production, scheduled to arrive in February, which means we had time to ask our Warrior fam for a new name. We wanted our new Warrior’s name to be fun and school-oriented, and we received more than 50 suggestions from both K-8 and adults.
All these "finalist list" entries win $10 gift cards, and the $200 tuition winner was selected randomly from among them.
Grand prize:
Elias Evensen, grade 2, St. Paul, Lake Mills
William Dogs, grade 5, St. John, Juneau
Addison Miller, grade 8, St. Paul, Lake Mills
Jackson Gleesing, grade 8, St. Paul, Lake Mills
Aria Welke, grade 2, St. Paul, Lake Mills
Gracie Flack, grade 2, Crown of Life, Fort
Nico Caminata, grade 7, St. Matthew, Janesville
Kayla Boll, grade 6, Eastside, Madison
Alex Fischer, grade 5, St. John, Jefferson
Olivia Johnson, grade 2, St. Matthew, Oconomowoc
Alyssa Temerbekova, grade 5, St. Paul, Ixonia
Levi Borgwardt, grade 7, TSL, Watertown

We asked students to complete a word search to find 35 words that are referenced in Ephesians 3:14-21 . . . highlighting where our power comes from! 

Grand prize winner

Andrew Stammen, grade 5 at St. Matthew, Oconomowoc

Runners up

Evangeline Vogel, grade 4 at Holy Cross, Madison

Jane Povich, grade 5 at Westside Christian Academy

Regan Welke, grade 7 at St. Paul, Lake Mills

Bennett Schillinger, grade 3 at Our Redeemer, Madison

Wyatt Kell, grade 4 at St. Paul, Lake Mills

$200 tuition voucher winners
Ezra McCrary, grade 5 at Peace Lutheran, Sun Prairie
Levi Borgwardt, grade 6 at TSL, Watertown
$10 gift card winners
Maria Thiede, grade 2 at Peace, Sun Prairie
Elizabeth Minning, grade 5 at TSL, Watertown
Aria Welke, grade 1 at St. Paul, Lake Mills
Will Hirschfeld, grade 7 at St Paul, Lake Mills
Jameson Sterry, grade 4 at Holy Cross, Madison
Sarah Minning, grade 1 at TSL, Watertown
Kayla Boll, grade 5 at Eastside, Madison
Regan Welke, grade 7 at St. Paul, Lake Mills

1st place:

Abigail Ozminkowski, Trinity-St.Luke, Watertown 7th grade

We Are Warrior Pups, $200 tuition voucher winner


2nd place

Sam Dogs, St. John, Juneau Kindergarten                                      

Baby Cow With Hat


3rd Place

Grant Schmid, Peace, Sun Prairie 8th grade     

John Deer Pumpkin


4th Place

Josiah Meinel, Homeschool, Verona 6th grade         

Fish Bowl


5th Place

James Meinel, Homeschool, Verona 6th grade



Six-word short story contest

Grand prize 

Regan Welke, 6th grade, St. Paul, Fort Atkinson

Runners Up

William Dogs, 4th grade, St. John, Juneau

Natalie Popp, 7th grade, Our Redeemer, Madison

#23 2020 Issue 3

Grand prize 

Regan Welke, 6th grade, St. Paul, Fort Atkinson

Runners Up

Bella Alvarez, 8th grade, Zion, Columbus

Luke Neumann, 4th grade, St. Paul, Lake Mills

Ian Marthaler, 8th grade, Holy Cross, Madison

#22 2020 Issue 2
Ask Mr. Lauber

Grand Prize: Ashlyn Jones, 6th, St Paul, Lake Mills

Karin Wilson, 5th, Eastside, Madison

Aria Welke, K St. Paul, Fort Atkinson

Elijah Nelson, 7th, St. Mark, Watertown

#21 2020 Issue 1 
Learning at Home Like a Warrior
As everyone learned from home in spring, they showed their Warrior spirit!

Winner: William Hemling,

St. Stephen, Beaver Dam, 8th grade




Winner: Lily Montez, St. Paul, Lake Mills, 8th grade






Winner: Kayla Boll, Eastside, Madison, 4th grade



Take your best shot!

They shot. They scored! As our Warrior basketball players took their best shots on the court this season, our grade school friends took their best shot on guessing how many total points both varsity teams would score combined throughout all their games.

They also broke it down for us—girls v. boys—so we could break a tie.

Total points scored: 2588

Girls: 1201

Boys: 1387


Congrats to our Gold winner who got the EXACT total number of combined points. (So very close on boys & girls too!) 

William Hirschfeld, St. Paul, Lake Mills, 5th grade

Total: 2588 (Girls: 1200 Boys: 1388)



William Hemling, St. Stephen’s, Beaver Dam, 7th grade

Total: 2568 (Girls: 1181 Boys: 1387 exactly!)



Kayla Hirschfeld, St. Paul, Lake Mills, 7th grade

Total: 2557 (Girls: 1187 Boys: 1370)


Green (runner up)

Kammeron Magritz, St. John, Jefferson, 7th grade 

Total: 2548 (Girls: 1224 Boys: 1324)



Design an LL Sticker
Thanks to everyone who submitted their creative ideas. The winner's design was printed on a sticker. Here are our top entries...

#18 2019 Issue 1

Where in the school was Mr. Lauber? 

We put Mr. Lauber's photo in 8 places around the Lakeside campus. Students named the area of the school, closest room or hallway where the photo was taken.
The winner: Tannica Jones St. Matthew, Janesville 6th grader
Jeremiah Koester St. Paul, Fort 4th grader 
Will Miller Peace, Sun Prairie 8th grader
Ian Marthaler Holy Cross, Madison 6th grader
Aubree Miller Good Shepherd, Watertown Kindergartener 

#17 2018 Issue 3

Decades of Faithfulness 

This contest challenged students to add up (or guess) the total years of service at Lakeside Lutheran High School by the faculty members on this page. The correct answer was 210 years of service!


Winner: Kayla Boll, 236, 2nd grade at Eastside, Madison
Bryce Zimmerman, 180, 7th grade at St. John, Jefferson
Audra Kopfer, 140, 6th grade at Zion, Columbus 

#16 2018 Issue 2

What do you want to be?

What gifts has God given you?
That was our question to you over the summer, and you sent us drawings and photos that showed your imaginings for what might be when you are older. (Advantage #16 contest 2018 issue 2)
Winner: Ruby Langille, 6th grade, St Paul Lake Mills.

Micah Johnson, 2nd grade, Peace, Sun Prairie
Natalie Popp, 5th grade, Our Redeemer
Violet Herbrand, 2nd grade, Eastside Madison
Ian Marthaler, 6th grade, Holy Cross, Madison
Kayla Boll, 1st grade, Eastside, Madison

#16 2017 Issue 3

LLHS Guess-O-Rama

More than 400 put their best guesses forward for individual and total counts of Skittles (1,334), Pencils (271), Tech Ed hardware (116) & Art supplies (99). (Advantage #15 contest 2018 issue 1)

Winner: Amelia Povich, Westside Christian, Middleton 6th grader (total of 1,814)
Gracyn Heine, St. Paul, Fort 6th grader
Greta Pingel, Peace, Sun Prairie 8th grader
Justus Backus, St. Mark, Watertown Kindergartener 
Jonathan Schrock, St. Paul, Ixonia 6th grader
Sara Scott, St. Matthew, Janesville 8th grader
Heidi Schwertfeger, Eastside, Madison 6th grader

#15 2018 Issue 1

Celebrate STEM Word Search

Future Warriors searched up, down, forward, and on the diagonal to find and circle the hidden "Science, Technology, Engineering and Math" words.

Winner of a $200 tuition credit: Caitlin Weiland Zion, Columbus 6th grader

LLHS Summer Reading Contest

#13 contest winner
We asked to see what K-8 was reading this past summer, and heard about some interesting titles! 

Winner: Violet Larson, Peace, Sun Prairie 4th grader


LLHS Caption Contest (#12)
The job was to write a funny or original caption for this photo.
Our K–8 readers found this contest challenging, but we were very happy to announce our winner:

Winner: Lillian Brey, a 3rd grader from Zion, Columbus
"Minute to Win It" (#11)
In celebration of the LES basketball tournament on the LL campus in February 2017,
We asked K-8 students to guess . . .How many total donuts can 8 high school students eat in one minute?
The answer? 42!
(Think it's low? We did too! In their defense, the donuts were day-old and so were a bit chewy!)
Joey Dretske, Eastside (5th grade)
Ryan Surges, St. Matthew, Oconomowoc (7th Grade)
Markenna Bittorf, TSL (3rd grade)

Rock Painting/Decorating Contest (#10)
Congrats to all the winning entries, chosen based on criteria including creativity and visual appeal. All K–8 winners received prizes such as Warrior wear, and one was randomly chosen from all winning entries to receive a $200 tuition credit. Two adult winners received Warrior Wear.
Winning entries:
Grace Retzlaff (4th) | Zion, Columbus
Kayla Plitzuweit (4th) | St. Matthew, Oconomowoc
Grace Plitzuweit (6th) | St. Matthew, Oconomowoc
Brooke Parkhurst (5th) | TSL, Watertown
Kendra Blake (8th) | St. John, Jefferson
Hannah Uttech (7th) | St. Mark, Watertown
Barb Zank (A) | St. John, Juneau
Becky Retzlaff (A) | Zion, Columbus
Tuition credit winner: Hannah Uttech
Color Me Lakeside Contest  (#9)
This coloring contest of a supplied drawing of the LLHS stained glass window was open to students in 2015-16 grades K–8, and adults. Two winners from each K–8 level were chosen based on criteria including creativity and visual appeal. All K–8 winners are awarded prizes such as Warrior t-shirts or other LLHS premiums. The 2 adult winners are awarded Warrior Wear. One entry was chosen randomly from the winners for a tuition credit applicable in the first semester of attendance at LLHS (non-transferable).
Winners are:
K-2 Rylan Heine (St. Paul, Fort) & Joshua Kraus (St. Paul, Ft)
3-4 Ambria McCrary (Peace, Sun Prairie) & Kayla Plitzuweit (St. Matthew, Oconomowoc)
5-6 Kyle Wardall (St. Paul, Lake Mills) & Madeline Tiedt (Holy Cross, Madison)
7-8 Emily Godwin (Holy Cross, Madison) & Graham Hatcher (St. Matthew, Oconomowoc)
Adult Mary Hatcher (St. Matthew, Oconomowoc) & Barbara Zank (St. John, Juneau)
The $200 tuition credit winner, randomly chosen from all winning entries, is: Kayla Plitzuweit!
Hottest Contest Yet (#8)
The goal was to guess of the total degrees during the month of August 2015 in Lake Mills. Only the high temperature counted for each day, August 1–31. Mr. Lauber kept track, and by the end of the month, he had a grand total of 2,482 degrees (F). Out of dozens of entries, no one guessed exactly, but we had several close.
Winner with a guess of 2,480 degrees: Faith Retzlaff, grade 6 • Zion, Columbus
2,471 degrees: Julie Koch, grade 8 • Trinity-St. Luke, Watertown
2,463 degrees: Natalie Popp, grade 2 • Our Redeemer, Madison
2,444 degrees: Logan Preskar, grade 5 • St. John, Juneau
Snow Warriors (#7)
This time it was a winter photo contest, with students representing LLHS in the snow somehow. A big “way to go” with prizes to all who entered, especially to those who persisted even when the snow just wasn’t there to cooperate!
$200 tuition voucher winners:
Abby Buxa, grade 8, St. Matthew, Oconomowoc
Graham Hatcher, grade 6, St. Matthew, Oconomowoc
Ella Ristow, grade 3, TSL, Watertown
"Lake-side" Fun (#6)
In summer 2014We asked K–8 students to snap a photo while enjoying a FUN day at a LAKE (water), and include Lakeside in some way. Thanks for including us in your summer fun!
$200 tuition voucher winners (2 chosen by a panel of 9, 1 random)
Molly Chopp, grade 2, St. Paul, Lake Mills
Bridget Cichanofsky, grade 4, St. Mark’s, Watertown
Logan Scheiber, grade 8, TSL, Watertown
"Guess When the Snow is Gone" Contest Winners ( #5)
At 3 pm on March 31, 2014, Mr. Lauber took a look and saw only grass.
That means our 9 official winners are:
Caitlin Condon, 7th, St. John, Juneau
Katie DeGalley, 2nd, TSL, Watertown
Tyler Degner, 7th, St. Mark, Watertown
Sarah Holcomb, 5th, St. Paul, Fort Atkinson
Ana Christina Iglesias, 5th, St. Mark, Watertown
Aaron Lindert, 4th, TSL, Watertown
Jeremy Nehls, 8th, St. John, Juneau
Natalie Raymond, 3rd, Peace, Sun Prairie
Abby Smith, 2nd, St. John, Jefferson
All nine winners will receive Lakeside gift bags; 3 names were randomly selected to also receive $200 LLHS tuition credit, and the other 6 will receive a Subway giftcard. Letters will go out to families, and prizes will be distributed when Mr. Lauber visits your schools at the end of this month. Congratulations to the good guessers, and thanks to the hundreds who participated!

"Pass It On 2" video clip contest winners announced (#4)
See the Pass It On 2 video here. Thanks to all who participated!
Winners, in alphabetical order:
Isabella Collins, gr 6, Peace, Sun Prairie: flash drive
Sophia Collins, gr 8, Peace, Sun Prairie: flash drive/$200 tuition credit
Micaela Cooley, gr 2, Zion, Columbus: calculator/$200 tuition credit
Jordan Gade, gr 8, St. Paul, Lake Mills: flash drive
Graham Hatcher, gr 5, St. Matthew, Oconomowoc: flash drive
Sarah Johnson, gr 5, St. John, Watertown: flash drive/$200 tuition credit
Emily Meiller, gr 5, Holy Cross, Madison: flash drive/$200 tuition credit
James Neuberger, gr 8, St. Paul Lake Mills: flash drive
Adela Ramirez, gr 1, Parkside, Milwaukee: calculator/bear
Faith Retzlaff, gr 4, Zion, Columbus: calculator/bear
Grace Retzlaff, gr 1, Zion, Columbus: calculator/$200 tuition credit
Winter 2013 "10 Things I Like About Lakeside" contest (#3)
Lakeside is the perfect combination of Faith, friends, and donuts!
Austin Schultz, grade 8 at St. Matthew, Janesville $200 tuition credit (selected)
I like that Lakeside has two hour delays AND snow days.
Sarah Fisher, grade 3 at Our Redeemer, Madison $200 tuition credit (selected)
I like that Lakeside has good sportsmanship when they play opposing teams to show the love of God to all.
Logan Pampel, grade 5 at St. John, Jefferson $10 WalMart (selected)
One of the reasons I like Lakeside is the concerts—they are such a wonderful way to praise our Lord through music.
Maria Werre, grade 7 at Peace, Sun Prairie $10 Pizza Hut (selected)
I love PC's classroom! It always reminds me that Jesus is the one and only real-life superhero.
Caleb Lindert, grade 8 at TSL, Watertown $10 Arbys (selected)
I like Lakeside because all the students and teachers are Christian like me, with all the classes being taught with God's Word at the center.
Adam Peters, grade 8 at TSL, Watertown $200 tuition credit (random)
I love the big gym and enjoy running on the court after the games.
Brielle Leis, grade 1 at St. Paul, Ixonia $200 tuition credit (random)
I like Lakeside Lutheran because they teach about God's grace.
Faith Retzlaff, grade 3 at Zion, Columbus $10 WalMart (random)
I like that some times for Physical Ed you can go sledding.
Jennica Jensen, grade 6 at St. John, Juneau $10 Pizza Hut (random)
I like Lakeside because it’s a fantastic school that has extremely good academics to help me and others in our future.
Kendall Fields, grade 8 at St. Andrew, Middleton $10 Arbys (random)
Summer 2012 "Lakeside on Vacation" photo contest (#2)
The winners, chosen randomly from all eligible entries by Mrs. Yanggen and Mrs. Staude, are:
Carson Brumm, grade 6, St. John, Jefferson
Haley Kooiman, grade 8, St. Paul, Lake Mills
Lindsey Leipold, grade 7, St. Peter, Helenville

Winners of our first contest (Winter 2011) announced!
Thanks to students from the following schools for participating in the search and find for Lakeside items in the school:
St. Paul, Fort Atkinson; St. Matthew, Janesville; St. John, Juneau; St. Paul, Lake Mills; Holy Cross, Madison; Peace, Sun Prairie; St. John, Waterloo and Trinity–St. Luke, Watertown.
Winners were selected at random from all the correctly answered entries.
1st place winner ($250 tuition credit): Kaity Birkholz, 7th grade, TSL
2nd place winner ($100 tuition credit): Nick Bemis, 7th grade, St. Paul, Lake Mills
3rd place winner ($40 credit to Locker or Music Box): Kelly Koch, 6th grade, TSL
About tuition credit prizes:
Each contest has its own set of rules and eligibility, but the following applies to all tuition credit prizes: all tuition credit prizes are applicable in the named student's first semester of attendance at Lakeside. The vouchers are non-transferable. Winners will receive certificates in the mail to mark their win, but the credit will be on account for that student's future attendance, regardless of whether the certificate is submitted upon enrollment.
The Lakeside Lutheran Advantage is a magazine published 3x each year with families of prospective Lakeside students in mind, featuring current students, families, teachers and activities for grade school age students. Don't forget to check out the latest contest for K-8 grades!