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Latest Advantage Contest!

To see the winners of the last contest, click here


This issue, Lakeside is sharing photos of some of our graduates—letting you know where they’re headed, and how Lakeside helped
prepare them to use their God-given gifts (see magazine p. 6-7).

What gifts has God given you?
How might you like to use them when you’re out of school?
Dream a little and enter our summer contest!

Send us a photo or drawing of what you want to be
  • Draw it yourself
  • Cut it out from a magazine
  • Send us a photo of you holding a sign telling us what you want to be
Your entry may appear in Advantage, and you could win other Warrior prizes, including a $200 tuition credit for your freshman year at LLHS!

Several ways to enter:
  1. Get your photo/drawing/art to LLHS (address below). Be sure to include ID info (name, grade, School & City, parent's phone/email).
  2. E-mail your photo/drawing/art along with identifying info to
  3. Tag us on Instagram @yourllhs and include #LLHSsummercontest
  4. Snap a selfie with a caption of what you want to be! Add yourllhs in Snapchat

Contest Information & Rules: Enter the contest by 1) providing the requested photo, drawing or clipped art 2) providing identifying info, and 3) submitting in marked boxes in LL office at 231 Woodland Beach Rd. Lake Mills, on or by e-mailing required info to posting on Instagram with provided tag and hashtag (above) or to yourLLHS on Snapchat. Entries must be submitted by August 31 to be eligible for prizes. LLHS is not responsible for lost or misdirected entries.

Contest open to students in 2018–19 grades K–8. One entry per student. The overall winner will be random from the top 20 chosen for quality in sharability and creativity in presentation. First prize wins Warrior gear and $200 in non-transferable tuition credit applicable toward first semester of attendance at Lakeside; three other winners will choose prizes from current Warrior gear or other available prizes as determined by LLHS. Parents will first be notified by e-mail or phone based on info provided. Children of LLHS employees are ineligible for prizes. 

About tuition credit prizes:
Each contest has its own set of rules and eligibility, but the following applies to all tuition credit prizes: all tuition credit prizes are applicable in the named student's first semester of attendance at Lakeside. The vouchers are non-transferable. Winners will receive certificates in the mail to mark their win, but the credit will be on account for that student's future attendance, regardless of whether the certificate is submitted upon enrollment.