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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Students can advance through four levels of art at Lakeside. Once in Advanced Art, serious artists can request more than one semester in Advanced Art. The progression is as follows:
Art I is a semester for grades 9-12, designed to introduce the elements of art (value, line, shape, color and texture) and the principles of design (space, repetition or pattern, variety and unity, emphasis, rhythm and flow) using a wide variety of media. The course offers a broad introduction to art history showing how past and present artists have used the elements and principles of art.
Art II is a semester course for grades 9-12, an extension of Art I, focusing on drawing; specifically perspective and buildings, faces and portraits, still life, shadows and reflections. Most work is done using pencil, charcoal and paper and progresses into other drawing and painting media. It offers a chronological overview of art history focusing on the changes and movements in accepted art styles. 

The semester Art III course is for grades 10-12, where students explore various mediums, materials and techniques. The course includes, but is not limited to, drawing, painting, commercial and graphic design, sculpture and ceramics. The objective of the course is to increase the cultural interest of the student as an observer and creator of visual art. 

The semester of Advanced Art is for juniors and seniors that builds on a student’s particular interest and ability. This is an individual program of study designed to challenge the student to explore new mediums and develop existing skills and knowledge.


Each year features a conference art show, typically in Madison. Additionally, student art is often displayed in cases and shelves across campus, and seniors have a show each spring.
The LLHS Art Department also hosts a judged visual arts fair for elementary students grades 5-8 that is traditionally displayed in conjunction with the February Pops Concert. See the activity calendar for specific dates.