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Student Council


What is Student Council?

Student Council is the governing body of the LLHS student body. It consists of four officers, a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, elected by the entire student body. Each class also provides a class President, Vice-President and three representatives to be part of Student Council; all are elected by their individual classes in the spring, except the freshman class, who elects soon after Homecoming.
The chief purpose of Lakeside Lutheran student council is to serve the student body by setting Christian examples and encouraging Christian fellowship and service. It aims to develop Christian leadership and God-given talents. It serves as a link between the students and faculty and has responsibility for many of the school’s social functions and activities (e.g., Homecoming, Winter Carnival, intramural athletics, blood drives, dances). The student council discusses problems and recommends changes regarding student life. It has charge of the mission offerings and investigates worthwhile mission work to which the money may be contributed.

The student council receives its authority from the administration. Its faculty advisor guides its work. All students are called upon to give them support and cooperation.
One of Student Council's semester projects is student chapel mission offerings.
Student Council has chosen a village in Ethiopia to benefit from our abundance -- to help students with school supplies and equipment.
Our goal is $10 per person at Lakeside -- students and staff.
Give $10 (or more!) once, or give $3-5 each collection, up to you.
Check out the posters by the school office, give up a couple trips to fast food or your coffee shop, and thank Jesus for all his blessings, everywhere!
Chapel dates to bring your donations:
November 18, 2016
December 2, 2016
December 16, 2016