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Tuition/Financial Aid

Investing in a Christian education can be financially difficult, even a leap of faith in some cases; even so, the investment is a worthwhile decision that can have an eternal impact on your child’s future. 41% of LLHS students received financial assistance through Wisconsin’s Parental Choice Program or directly from the school in 2020-21. 11% also received gifts from anonymous donations or their home congregation between July – October 2020.


Lakeside Lutheran High School uses Blackbaud Financial Aid (SmartAid™) to process applications and determine financial need. All information is kept confidential.


Some commonly asked questions about tuition and financial aid are answered below. If you have additional questions, please contact our Executive Director, Mr. Kirk DeNoyer, at




What is included with tuition?

  • Morning and afternoon bus transportation—via six routes with nearly 40 pickup points covering about a 30-mile radius around the campus.
  • All required textbooks, workbooks, and Chromebooks. School-owned Chromebooks are distributed on registration day for new students, and become property of the student upon graduation from LLHS.
  • Additional benefits include the cost of participation in sports, music, and other activities, as well as admittance to home athletic events (except WIAA tournaments) and a yearbook for each year of attendance.


What is NOT included with tuition?

Items not included in tuition include lunches, cost of materials for special projects (e.g., woodworking); cost of elective trips (e.g., band, choir, Operation Go); drivers’ ed; credit card fees assessed by Smart Tuition™; enrollment fees; parking permits; and admission to drama department presentations, or school dances. A PhyEd uniform fee is also assessed to all freshmen. At this time, an application fee and course fees for the STEM Academy are also separate from tuition, but ARE included with a WPCP voucher.


Does LLHS offer payment plans?

We offer a payment plan that allows families to spread tuition costs over ten months. There is also an option to pay half at the start of each semester. We accept check, credit card, or automatic transfer and prefer that all payments be submitted through your Blackbaud Tuition Management (Smart Tuition™) account. We also offer an early pay discount for the first child, as well as discounts for multiple children from the same family attending simultaneously.


What is the LLHS tuition gap?

The cost of federation tuition only covers about 60% of the actual cost to educate our students. The amount between the cost of tuition and what we ask families to pay is the tuition gap. The 32 congregations in our federation subsidize this gap with about another 20% of our costs, while generous donations from private donors and the Jefferson resale store, Twice Is Nice, help us close the remaining gap. Students that are not from a federation congregation are asked to pay closer to the full cost of their education.


How can our family receive financial assistance?

If you feel that tuition might be cost-prohibitive, please complete a SmartAid™ application online (due March 1 each year). This information allows our committee to assess a family’s need for financial aid, weighing each individual's need against the bigger picture of all families who request assistance. Review Table B below for an idea of our 20-21 awards.


Accurately answering all the questions and providing all the requested documents in a timely manner is the best way to ensure LLHS is able to assist you with your investment in Christian education. Lakeside pays for the cost of all financial aid applications. Begin your application here


Making use of the Warrior Scrip program is another option to offset the cost of your tuition bill that can begin much earlier than the high school years. Contact our Scrip Coordinator, Denice Burger, at with questions.


If your 2020 income was at or below the levels shown in Table A, please contact Principal Jim Grasby at for information about applying for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. This program could possibly cover your full amount of tuition at Lakeside for all four years! Strict state deadlines apply. Additional information can be found at


Family Size Single Parent
HH Income
Married Parents
HH Income
2 $37,928 --
3 $47,784 $54,784
4 $57,640 $64,640
5 $67,496 $74,496
6 $77,352 $84,352
General Ranges of Financial Aid in 20-21*
Income Range Aid offered by LLHS Average Award
$25,000 - $50,000 $1,700 - $5,038 $3,750
$50,000 - $80,000 $1,000 - $3,700 $2,100
$80,000 - $100,000 $750 - $3,000 $1,850
$100,000+ $500 - $2,500 $1,200
  *Total awarded in '20-21= $130,200 to 57 students.
    118 students has tuition paid in full by WPCP.



What’s next?

Enroll your student—beginning late November—here.
(involves enrollment fee**)

Approximate cost of education per student: $13,450


Tuition for 2021-22 school year*
Federated $7,850
Non-Federated $12,850


Three payment schedules are available. Families must select a payment plan during the online enrollment process. ALL tuition payments are processed through Smart Tuition.

  • Annual plan: One payment due by July 25
  • Semester Plan: Two installments: July and January***
  • Monthly Plan: Ten payments beginning in August. Available payment dates 5th, 15th, or 25th of each month***
Family Discount:
      • Second Student: $1,200
      • Third Student: $1,700

Driver's Education (elective, paid separately): $335
PhyEd uniform (freshmen only): $25

Withdrawal: Any student who withdraws will be charged a proration up to and including the day of withdrawal. A surcharge of $250 will be added to the total owed to cover incidental fees and expenses incurred by the school at time of enrollment.
Note: A fee of $40 will be charged for any late payments in addition to a fee of $30 for NSF or returned checks. Continued delinquency may result in suspension of student involvement in activities, athletics, and/or classes until the balance is resolved. Accounts requiring alternative payment arrangements may be charged a convenience fee.


Please note that neither the federated tuition rate nor the WPCP voucher amount reflect the full cost of providing a quality Christ-centered education at LLHS. All students benefit from the generous contributions of surrounding congregations, remarkable individuals, and ministry-minded organizations who believe in the mission of Lakeside. If you believe the Lord has blessed you with financial resources above and beyond your family’s tuition rate, we ask that you prayerfully consider making a donation to the school to help continue to support Christian education in our area.

* Some classes and activities may incur an additional fee.
** Lakeside's enrollment fees are based on the following schedule:
      • Prior to March 1: $100
      • March 1 or later, but prior to April 1: $200
      • Any time including or after April 1: $300
***This plan automatically withdraws monthly (ACH) from your account. Final payment for graduating seniors will be due by May 10.


Financial Aid

The Recruitment Director, Financial Manager, or Principal will answer questions you may have regarding financial aid. Feel free to contact any of these people in person, via phone, or via e-mail at your convenience.


Financial aid at Lakeside Lutheran is based strictly on financial need. All students, future and present, must apply for financial aid before March 1 for full consideration for the upcoming school year.


Financial Aid Application

LLHS is working with SmartAid for our financial aid servicing needs. This is the financial aid division of SmartTuition, our tuition management service. All students are eligible to apply. The Financial Aid application site is available either of the following ways:

  1. the link in your enrollment confirmation e-mail
  2. directly at https://smartaidforparents.com2  (School code is 13588)

There is no application fee for financial aid.

Lakeside's Financial Aid Committee will review the recommendations made by Smart Aid in late spring and communicate any awards to you at that time. If you plan to apply for the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP), you should also apply for financial aid in case your student does not receive a WPCP voucher. Please note that a Smart Aid application and a WPCP application are two distinct processes that do not work for both systems. You MUST apply for each separately.

1If you have completed your enrollment/re-enrollment through InfoSnap, you will/have received an e-mail notifying you that Financial Aid applications are open.

2Whether you have or have not completed enrollment, you may apply for aid via the direct link above. We encourage you to complete your enrollment before January 31 to minimize the enrollment fee; the fee increases for enrollments received after February 28. We are not able to offer you an aid package before the Financial Aid Committee meets in late spring, and then, only if you have completed the application and submitted all documents.

Download a pdf of customized written instructions for LLHS below:


About the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP)

Lakeside Lutheran High School is part of the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP). For students selected to the WPCP, families receive a voucher from the state of Wisconsin that pays their students' Lakeside tuition in full. The open application period for the statewide Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP) runs February 1 through April 20.
Students entering 9th grade and those transferring from a public high school at any grade level are eligible to receive a voucher. 
See here for more info


Wisconsin Tuition Tax Deduction

As your family looks into the details of the Wisconsin Private School Tuition Tax Deduction, see some FAQs here.


A "tuition paid" report is retrieved via log-in to your Smart Tuition account. Once logged in, click on Family Tuition Statement available after January 15. 


Download a 2020 PS form: