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Freshmen Warriors


Enrollment for 2024-25 is open!

The enrollment process is completely online.
Enrolling early helps Lakeside make decisions about faculty and resources, and we thank the more than 100 families who have already enrolled their incoming freshmen by January 7. The $200 required during this freshman enrollment process is a downpayment on tuition.
Bookmark this page to return throughout the months leading up to your child's first day at LLHS. If you need assistance with online access, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Select courses

Current students select courses online for next school year in late November–early December. New students (incoming freshmen and transfers) must be enrolled before they can select courses. Scheduling assistance is available upon request or see helpful video here.

The Freshman Course booklet below provides course descriptions. Though much of a freshman's course load is non-elective, some electives are available. 
8th graders receive this worksheet at the Open House, at their Lutheran elementary school, or through Steve Lauber. For math courses, Mr. Lauber administers math placement tests in December in area Lutheran elementary schools or by appointment. 
LL Guidance is available upon request before online course selection.

Apply for aid (optional, and not for families applying for WPCP, aka Choice)

It's an online process: submit your application here by March 1.

e-Sign your tuition agreement

Follow the instructions you’ll receive in an email sent in late June or early July to the email address you provide during enrollment.
More details on questions related to tuition and financial aid  |  More on Wisconsin Parental Choice

Provide other documents

You'll also need to complete all Athlete/PhyEd requirements and paperwork and provide your student's immunization record on Wis. form 04020 (registry print out is not sufficient)

STEM Academy

Interested in the optional STEM Academy curriculum? Read FAQs and see separate (additional) application here
Other optional activities for incoming freshmen:

Plan to get involved!

Co-curricular activities (both school- and non-school-sponsored) are an important part of high school. Get involved with groups, clubs, or teams!  These fun activities make you a well-rounded student. Become active in volunteer service activities.

Contact Mr. Lauber or the LLHS office with any questions or concerns.

See the staff contact info menu and feel free to contact any of us.