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Useful Links


Please use PowerSchool to access current student grade information.


Forms available below
Pre-planned Absence Form
If a student must miss school because of a medical or dental appointment, or other special circumstances, please fill out this form and turn it in before the date(s) of absence.

Post-Absence Excuse Form
If a student missed school due to illness, bad weather or other circumstances, please fill out this form after the absence has occurred. (The download allows for reporting of two absences per page; please cut to size.)
Health and Medication Guidelines
Parents share with the school any important health information regarding their child by filling out a health form. Every year, parents are asked to update this form. Any changes to a child’s health condition during the school year that may affect attendance, behavior, or academic performance should be communicated to the school as soon as possible.
If a student needs to take prescription or over-the-counter medication during the school day…
  1. The student may take that medication independently, following the direction of his or her parents. The student is allowed to self-administer medication provided the medication is in the original packaging. The student is asked to be discreet as he or she takes that medication. Under no circumstances should prescription medication be shared with anyone else.
  2. Diabetic students should make arrangements with the school office if refrigerated storage is needed. It is their responsibility to see that required foods or juices are available as needed.
  3. If parents desire that the school dispense medication to the student, the appropriate permission forms must be completed and directions are required. Please contact the office for such permission forms. By Wisconsin state law, schools cannot dispense medication unless these forms are properly filled out.
If a student is taking medication (at home or at school) that may cause side effects that could cause problems at school, parents must notify the school.

By Wisconsin state law, students who use an inhaler to take prescription asthma medication must submit a permission form to the office. 

Perfect Attendance?

If you are interested in receiving an attendance certificate because your student posted perfect attendance for a semester or entire school year, we will happily send you one upon request. 

Please send an e-mail to with student name and graduation year if you would like a certificate!