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Forms and Docs


Forms required for Lakeside Athletes

According to WIAA eligibility requirements, there are several forms required on file before an athlete is eligible to try out or practice with a team. See the Athletic Participation Forms page under Athletics.

Absence Forms  If a student must miss school because of a medical or dental appointment, or other special circumstances, please fill out the pre-planned form and turn it in before the date(s) of absence. 

Excuse Form If a student missed school due to illness, bad weather or other circumstances, please fill out this form after the absence has occurred. (The download allows for reporting of two absences per page; please cut to size.)
Incident Report Form

To ensure that lines of communication are open and that there exists a way for the students to report incidents and maintain anonymity, we have created an Incident Report Form. This form is for those individuals who wish to remain anonymous or for students who want to report something, but don't exactly know what they should do. Parents should continue to communicate with the school directly via email or phone.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us @ 920-648-2321.
Asthma Medication Authorization Form If a student needs an inhaler to take prescription medication, or requires an EpiPen, while under the supervision of the school, this form must be filled out, per Wisconsin state statute. 
Visitor Form If a student would like to bring someone who wants to visit the school because he or she is considering becoming a student of LLHS, fill out this form and turn it in prior to the desired visit date. Please contact Mr. Lauber with questions.


Senior picture submission guidelines: the yearbook needs senior photos that follow certain size, orientation, pose and background rules. Please take a look at the guidelines for senior photos and take the sheet along to any senior photo shoot you attend.

The deadline for submitting senior photos each year is December 15. Missing the deadline could result in photo ID being used in the yearbook Submit to [email protected]. f you do not receive an acknowledgement within a week please contact [email protected]

Parking Registration Form  If a student is driving a vehicle to school, this form must be filled out.
Immunization Record Form
Chromebook Acceptable Use Agreement


Semester Exam Excuse Form Students are required to be at Lakeside during semester exams. However, there are certain classes (a phy ed class, for example) in which an exam or closing activity will not take place; instead, it will be a study hall. 

If that class takes place at the beginning or end of the exam day, that student may be excused. Students who want to be excused from such classes must fill out a "semester exam excuse form"  and have it signed by parents in order to be excused. Students who do not do this and are missing from their classes will be considered "unexcused." 

Extra forms can also be found in the office. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the school office. A student who plans to be present at Lakeside during all exam periods does not need to hand in a form.

School Supply List
Office Depot/Office Max has a "Give Back to Schools" offer. If families choose to shop there and provide Lakeside's School ID (70109275), your LLHS will receive a credit to purchase school/office supplies.