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Students of all grades are welcome to pool their talents to write, edit, take pictures, design pages and create art work to produce the annual yearbook. This publication captures the year in words and pictures.
Yearbooks are available at registration of the following school year, or by making arrangements for pick up in August with Mrs. Schommer.
Old Yearbooks Available
There are a number of old yearbooks for sale from 1979-2014. They are available for 25.00 each. Some only have one copy available, a few have multiple copies. Contact Mrs. Schommer () with questions and interest.
Senior Photos in Yearbook
For anyone planning for the senior photo that's included in the yearbook, please know there are strict requirements as to the style and type of photo that can be used for this particular photo. Most professional photographers realize the constraints of of yearbook photo submissions, but we encourage all our families to read though the Guidelines below:
2020-21 Yearbook Co-editors in chief
AC Iglesias
Evelyn Schauer