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Commencement Concerts
Sunday, May 23, 2021
Band: 2 p.m.
A Cappella & Cantate: 3:30 p.m.
Class of 2021 Graduation
Sunday, May 30, 2021
2 p.m.

2021 Graduation Planning

Lakeside’s Class of 2021 will have its graduation service on Sunday, May 30, 2 pm. The class has selected 1 Timothy 4:12 as its class verse: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12)

 Graduation preacher: Pastor Clark Schulz

Liturgist: Pastor Mike Helwig 

Graduation rehearsal is Friday, May 28, 9 am. There will be a brief, informal brunch followed by the rehearsal. Attendance at the rehearsal is required for all seniors planning to participate in Sunday's service. We hope to end by 11 am - possibly sooner. Face coverings are not required.

May 17, 2021 change

All graduates should now bring their caps, gowns, and tassels to rehearsal. Valedictorians and salutatorian: bring your medals also.


Mrs. Ruth Fenske will take a group picture of the senior class - in caps and gowns - during the graduation rehearsal. This 8 x  10 picture will be available for purchase at a cost of $14. 

Lakeside will also offer an opportunity for individual graduation pictures. One picture will feature the senior in cap and gown receiving a “diploma” as (s)he shakes Mr. Grasby’s hand. Another will be taken of the senior proudly holding his or her diploma. These pictures will be taken following the graduation rehearsal. Cost for each picture is $6 for a 5 x 7, $5 for a 4 x 6, and $4 for a 3 x 5.

Note that these prices are dependent on you picking up your picture(s) at Lakeside when they are ready. Pictures are not being mailed this year. Orders should be ready by June 15. All picture orders must be placed and prepaid before or on the day of the rehearsal. Use an envelope (provided in the office) to place your order. If you have questions about pictures or placing an order, contact Mrs. Fenske directly ( or (920) 648-2321, extension 2208) during school hours.


Graduation will be outdoors on the competition field. Each graduate’s family will be allotted a five yard by five yard square on the field. Up to eight family members may be seated in the square. Additional family members may be seated on the hillside. A family seating chart is attached to this email. Faculty members will be available on the field to guide you and your guests to your areas. Families will supply their own chairs for seating. Face coverings are not required.

The graduates will be seated on the homeside bleachers. Their seating arrangement is also on the bottom of this page. 

If inclement weather prevents an outdoor service, graduation will be in the East Gym on the same day at the same time. A family may have up to four primary guests seated in East Gym. That seating will be assigned. Up to four other guests per family may watch the livestream of graduation in the West Gym. Seating in the West Gym will be first come, first served on chairs and the bleachers. We will announce as early as possible whether graduation will be outdoors or indoors. The decision is weather dependent. The latest date and time of that announcement will be Sunday, May 30, 9 am. You will be notified via SwiftReach.

Guidelines for indoor graduation (East Gym)

  • The service time is 2 pm. The building opens at 12:30 pm that day. Seniors are to meet in the West Gym by 1:00 pm;
  • Face coverings (i.e.: mask, gaiter, etc) are not required;
  • Since this is a worship service, we ask all who attend to respect the Word of God and observe our desired decorum. Photographs and video may be taken during the processional, the speeches, distribution of diplomas, and the recessional. Shouting of congratulations and other verbal outbursts are inappropriate. The entire class may be congratulated when the graduates move their tassels after diploma distribution;
  • Every family is allotted 4 reserved seats in the East Gym. Some seats will be on the gym floor. Others will be in the bleachers. Refer to the attachment “Family Seating (2021-Gym)” for the location of your seating;
  • Up to 4 additional family members may view the livestream of the service in the West Gym. Chairs and bleacher seating will be available. This seating is not reserved;
  • The service will be live streamed for viewing through our school website for those not on campus; and
  • Following the service, you may find and congratulate the graduates. There will be no formal reception line.


In either venue, the event will be livestreamed to allow out-of-town guests and others to view the service.

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS - For a student to receive a Lakeside diploma, all academic, financial, and disciplinary requirements must be fulfilled. These must be met by 12 Noon, Friday, May 28. 

Academic requirements: All candidates for graduation must earn at least 26 credits.  Furthermore, credit must be earned for all required courses. Students at risk of not graduating due to unfulfilled academic requirements were identified and notified. Parents of these students were alerted, too. If you have academic concerns, contact Mr. Andy Rosenau, Guidance Director ( or (920) 648-2321, extension 2207).

Financial requirements: General Board policy states that all tuition and fees are due before graduation. This includes fines and the return of school-owned property. If you have financial concerns, contact Mr. Kirk DeNoyer, Executive Director ( or (920) 648-2321, extension 2203).

Disciplinary requirements: Concerning disciplinary matters, contact Pastor Don Schultz ( or (920) 648-2321, extension 2202).

CLASS ADVISORS – Mr. Philip Dretske and Pastor Mark Toepel will announce each senior and read his/her graduation Bible verse during the distribution of diplomas.

WORSHIP SERVICE – Seniors, it has been the faculty’s honor and privilege to assist you to receive a Christ-centered training. God’s Word - both law and gospel - has brought forth fruits of faith in your lives, evidenced by your dedication and leadership. I encourage you to maintain godly behavior and joy-filled attitudes on this joyous occasion.

Graduation is a service of thanks and praise to God who richly blessed you and has blessed this school for 63 years. Because of that, these following items of decorum will be observed whether the service is outdoors or indoors:

  • You are welcome to photograph the processional, the recessional, and the reception of diplomas. You may also video these parts of the service. Please be courteous of the view and space of other guests;
  • The display of individual banners and the shouting of congratulations or other verbal outbursts are inappropriate in a worship service and are discouraged;
  • Applause is appropriate for the entire class after all diplomas have been distributed and the last graduate returns to his/her seat;
  • If you have an elderly relative or other family member who may have difficulty walking on the competition field to your square, faculty members will be available to transport them in a school gator. For other concerns you have about your family’s seating, contact me directly (; and
  • Allow the graduates to process and recess freely. You may convey your personal congratulations following the service.


Seniors - read carefully

  • All seniors: Before leaving for graduation, check that you have your cap, tassel, and gown. 
  • Valedictorians and salutatorian: Bring your academic medal. You will receive them soon.
  • Top Ten: A gold academic cord will be distributed before the service. It is yours to keep.
  • National Honor Society members: Academic stoles will be distributed before the service. The Guidance Office will instruct you how to return them.
  • No other academic apparel may be worn. Also, modification of the approved gown, cap, or tassel - other than length alteration - is not permitted.


TOP TEN - Lydia Buxa (Immanuel, Farmington), Brendan McKenna (St. John’s, Newville), Julia Neuberger (St. Paul’s, Lake Mills), Carter Roekle (St. Andrew, Middleton), and Joy Thompson-Wurz (St. Paul’s, Lake Mills) are the five valedictorians. The salutatorian is Kaylee Raymond (Peace, Sun Prairie).  The remaining members of the Top Ten in rank order are Jada Teteak (St. Andrew, Middleton), Ella Butzine (Holy Cross, Madison), Kendra Wilson (Eastside, Madison), and Elizabeth Isham (Trinity, Watertown). Congratulations to this group of academic leaders!

If you have questions about graduation, call Lakeside (920-648-2321) during school hours.



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