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Dances/Homecoming/ May Banquet

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Homecoming Week

LLHS Homecoming 2020 is the week of September 28-Oct. 2. The Homecoming theme is Holidays. Here are the dress up days and activities . . . and a list of what's the same and what's different.


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May Banquet schedule of events

Saturday, May 2, 2020

(Subject to change: these were times in effect in 2019)

5:30 For Seniors Only: Doors open. Check in at Atrium.

6:00 For all students: Doors open. Check in at the Atrium doors. (Not at the front office doors)
6:45 Dinner is served.
~7:15 Grand March – West Gym
        Senior Tribute – East Gym
~8:30        Dance
  7:00 Doors are locked. No late arrivals are allowed. No early departures.
10:30 Students may begin to depart.
11:30 The evening ends. All students must be out of the building and picked up at that time or very shortly thereafter.



Guidelines for all LLHS Dances


  • Hands are above the waist, but do not touch an individual in a sexual way (or to give the impression that you’re doing that).
  • No “dirty dancing,” front-to-back dancing, or “pelvic grinding."
  • No running into people on the dance floor, or putting people on your shoulders.
  • Chaperones will intervene in any inappropriate situation. The directions they give are authoritative. Chaperones may expel a student from a dance. Parents will be contacted if their child is expelled from a dance.
  • If a person or couple needs to be warned more than once, they may be asked to leave the dance or sit out for the remainder of the dance.
  • Continued defiance of school rules may result in a student, or couple, being banned from future dances.


There are copies of these guidelines in the office. If a student is bringing someone from off-campus, the guest should see these guidelines.


DRESS CODE for formal and semi-formal dances
For guys, a shirt and tie would be appropriate.
For girls, a dress must meet the following guidelines…

  • Attire should not show cleavage or abdomens. No two-piece dresses.
  • See-through dresses are not allowed.
  • No cut-outs are allowed on the sides or front panels of dresses.
  • Backless dresses should be waist-line height or higher with appropriate coverage on the sides.


These dress code guidelines also pertain to non-LLHS students who may be attending formal dances as guests. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the student/guest not being admitted to the dance.


Did you read the article in the Wall Street Journal, describing high schools around the country requiring students to adhere to a certain level of dress at formal events? You can find that article here.


MISCELLANEOUS (From the Student Handbook under "Dances")
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance
  • Students are not permitted to leave a dance and return later
  • No carry-ins (soda, water, etc.) of any kind are allowed
  • Students who are suspended may not attend school dances.
  • Parents of missing students (those who purchased tickets but did not attend) are contacted
  • Guests are registered in advance and cleared by the administration. A boy may invite a girl as a guest /date, or vice versa. Inviting same-gender-friends as guests is not allowed.
  • Age: Students must be at least in the ninth grade to attend. Students who graduated from high school one year ago, or less, may attend. Students older than this may not attend.
  • Students under disciplinary probation or who are serving a suspension related to behavior or a training rules violation may not be a representative on a Homecoming or May Banquet court, or serve as an escort or emcee.