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Youth Wrestling ProgramYouth Warrior Wrestling

Want to challenge yourself, work on a team, and stay active during winter? We are excited to offer our new youth wrestling program for boys in grades 4-8!

At least two former LLHS wrestlers will be helping run the program & the practices. Check out some of last year's high school wrestling highlights.

When: Mondays & Thursdays, December 5-February 16, 5:30-7 (Christmas week off)
Grades: 4-8
Cost: $50 for ~20 sessions
Location: Lakeside wrestling room


We'll focus on the basics of wrestling:
  • what a wrestling match is
  • stance and movement
  • double leg takedowns
  • stand up escapes from the bottom
  • basic breakdowns from the top
  • basic turns (half nelson, crossface cradles, a few more)
  • a whole bunch of games that teach guys how to wrestle while they're having a ton of fun
Your son will learn how to control his body and how to control the body of his opponent. He'll learn toughness and competitiveness, but also how to be humble and gracious in difficult situations. He'll learn how to both win and lose with manly character.
We expect that most kids in this program are brand new to wrestling. That's great, we'll be working on very fundamental moves. If there are a few guys with a little bit of experience, that's great, we may show them a little more advanced moves. But even the very best wrestlers focus on the fundamentals every practice.
We also expect to offer a "youth wrestling night" before the high school dual on Tuesday, January 24, featuring matches between youth wrestlers, to give them a taste of some competition. We plan to secure 1-2 Saturday youth wrestling tournaments to have the guys compete in if possible.
Warrior Wrestling Gear is here!
Warrior Wrestling Gear
For those of you new to wrestling, you're probably wondering what on earth this could be all about. Summary: we don't want kids to lose weight in an unhealthy way. Our team specifically won't focus on weight loss at all. WIAA requires that we take a "skinfold" test to approximate the athlete's body fat %. The less body fat, the less weight they'll be allowed to lose during the season. But the athletes need to be well hydrated for these tests, otherwise it's easy to game the system.
After school Tue Nov 22 in the coach's locker room will be our first opportunity to do the hydration tests & skinfold testing, conducted by our trainer, Nikki Rowland. Please participate in this session if you plan to wrestle. If you can't make it, it's not the end of the world, we'll set another time to catch everyone who joins the team late. If you are experienced and you have an ambitious target weight, the earlier you do the skinfold/hydration testing, the better.

Why Wrestle?

Lakeside Lutheran Wrestling develops student athletes who represent their Savior, school, team, and themselves through the pursuit of high standards and the refinement of good character.

We wrestle for God’s glory.

Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle. Psalm 144:1

Wrestling offers physical and mental training to prepare you for your walk of faith in this life. The coaches here at Lakeside feel honored to be able to show technique to help on the wrestling mat and to offer a sport for all sizes where individuals compete but also encourage one another as a team. Wrestling does not have cuts, and our goal is fill every weight of the varsity team. There are also multiple JV tournaments that allow wrestlers to compete. So, whether experienced or not, wrestling can be learned and practiced by any young man at LLHS.

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