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Worship Opportunities

Worship Opportunities

Lakeside actively pursues its mission to "educate, encourage, and equip students for life and for eternity" in part by infusing school days with opportunities to pray, praise and give thanks. Here are examples:
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, the students gather in the gym. A faculty member or area pastor leads in a brief worship service. There is a sermon that applies God's Word specifically to the life of a teenager, along with liturgy aspects and music intended to reach the heart of the teenager. Often the music is led by students.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students gather in homeroom. At the beginning there is a short devotional message from God's Word that is spoken over intercom. After that short message, students go to meetings, socialize with other homeroom students, or just relax and study.

End of day prayer
At day's end, all students join in prayer for a moment, thanking God for the blessings of the day and asking for God's blessing on the remainder of the day. Often this prayer connects with the devotional thought that was shared in chapel.
Special assemblies
Special speakers, missionaries and worship bands like Koine visit Lakeside occasionally and lead the students in worship as they direct students to God's Word. This may take place in a regular chapel service, but often takes place in special assemblies where more time is allowed so that the presenters can better serve the students with whatever skills and experiences God has given to them.

Religion classes
Religion teachers often begin class with prayer. During class, many things happen that could be considered worship: the students read and discuss part of God's Word; the teacher explains and applies God's Word to the students; videos and articles and internet websites are viewed and discussed in light of God's Word; students make presentations that express God's Word; all of these can be considered "worship" in some ways.

Throughout the curriculum
Teachers of various disciplines will often apply a thought from God's Word to the subject at hand. A science teacher may talk about creation, a literature teacher may find an allusion to a Biblical theme in a book, a history teacher may point out the hand of God in a historical event -- all of these "moments" could be considered worship as the student ponders God and his activity in this world.

Co-curricular worship
Coaches will share a thought from God's Word, and will lead the team in prayer. This most often takes place before interscholastic contests.

Christmas concerts worship Christ, and do not simply make musical observations about the weather. Easter concerts focus on the resurrection of Jesus and the hope of resurrection on Judgment Day, and do not simply focus on the season of spring.

In times of crisis
At times a crisis will happen in connection with the student body, such as the death of a student or former student, a national calamity or similar events. During these times, the students are able to gather around God's Word for comfort and strength and perspective as they deal with the crisis.

Worship on the move
The traveling A Cappella Choir participates and leads in worship services in churches all over the federation. This connects students and churches together as they join in focusing on God's grace.