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Update Family Information

Family Contact Information

Any time your family experiences a change—in name, address, insurance, phone, etc.—please make sure we have the correct info school-wide by logging into your PowerSchool account and making those changes yourself. See a screenshot below of what to look for along the left side of your screen after you log into PS here
Any questions, don't hesitate to contact the office


SwiftK12 Emergency Notification Preferences

Families will be contacted about cancellations and given other vital info through a combination of voice, email, and text alerts from SwiftK12 using real-time contact information from our PowerSchool enrollment database.
By default, the system includes every phone and email address in the database as a notification recipient. Families can change contact method preferences (i.e., remove a phone number and/or email from the recipient list) on their PowerSchool portal here.
See screenshots below for what to look for after you log in. See a helpful video tutorial here.