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2023 news from Coach Vanderhoof


We expect our athletes to be at practice every day unless they are excused due to illness, another school event conflict (ie. math meet, robotics, etc.), an appointment that couldn't be rescheduled, etc. It is important that they are at practice every day so they can continue to improve but also to support their teammates that are at practice every day.


Here is a link to our meet Schedule. We are hosting a home meet this year as well as LITs at WLC. Help will be needed to make sure both run smoothly. Expect to see more information in the future.

Track Meets:

Our varsity meets have a limited number of entries we are allowed, so many of the invitationals will have a smaller group of athletes competing. The kids will find out a few days prior to the meet if they are competing and in what events. Conference Dual meets are for both JV and Varsity. There is still a limit to the number of varsity entries we are allowed, but JV entries are unlimited, so everyone will compete.

We train many of our athletes to be able to compete in multiple events and it is likely they will not always be entered in the same events from one meet to the next. Athletes can also be entered as a Varsity athlete in one event and a JV athlete in another.

Track meets are varied. If you ever wonder when your child will actually compete, this gives you a starting point. High school Track Meet Order of Events. Keep in mind, actual times vary based on the number of schools, the number of heats, etc. Not every meet follows this schedule, but a majority of them do.

Athletes are expected to stay until the end of every meet to cheer on their teammates, even if their events are done. One of my best parts of the meet is when all of our 100+ athletes are on the final curve cheering for their teammates during the 4x400.
Meet Scoring:

An invitational meet is scored the following way:
Team scoring will be based on the following point structure, with the top 8 places scored: 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 to indicate points from first through eighth place. Each male and female division will be scored separately.
Conference Dual meets are scored 5-3-1 for first through third place. Winning relay teams earn 5 points, no other place scores points.

Bus to and from Lakeside:

We will bus athletes to every meet during the week (weekends are dependent on a few factors). Parents are required to sign their child out before the meet is over if they are not riding the bus back to Lakeside. A Google Form is sent a day or two before every meet and is the easiest way to sign out your child.

Coaching Staff:

Justin Vanderhoof - Co-head coach - High Jump (He handles a majority of the communication. You can certainly reach out to the other coaches, but he is the first/main point of contact.)
Nate Sievert - Co-head coach - sprints and relays
Dave Reinke - Throws
Michelle Hemling - Hurdles
Matt Ziegler - Horizontal jumps and relays
Cameron Ausen - Distance


𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕔𝕜 & 𝔽𝕚𝕖𝕝𝕕  2022 Results

Boys were both conference and regional champs.

Senior Kyle Main [St. John, Juneau] won conference male athlete of the year.

12 athletes participated in 8 events at the D2 State track & field meet. Senior Kyle Main placed 6th in the 200m and junior Ben Buxa [Immanuel, Farmington] placed 6th in discus.


All-Conference awards

Girls All-Conference Team selections
Marissa Duddeck [St. John, Cold Spring] 2nd Triple Jump
Claire Heinrich [Eastside, Madison] 2nd 4x100M Relay
Mya Hemling [St. Stephen, Beaver Dam] 1st 200M, 1st 4x200M Relay
Nadia Henriquez [St. Luke, Watertown] 2nd 4x800M Relay
Cecelia Krahn [Eastside, Madison] 1st 4x200M Relay, 2nd 4x100M Relay
Isabel Kuchta [Bethany, Fort] 2nd 4x800M Relay
Abigail Minning [St. Luke, Watertown] 2nd 4x400M Relay, 2nd 4x800M Relay
Carly Paske [Zion, Arlington] 1st 4x200M Relay, 2nd 4x100M Relay
Amelia Povich [St. Andrew, Middleton] 2nd 4x400M Relay
Natalie Punzel [St. Luke, Watertown] 2nd 4x800M Relay
Wedmerline Schulz [Eastside, Madison] 2nd 4x100M Relay
Kate Thiele [St. Andrew, Middleton] 2nd 4x400M Relay
Madelyn Vanderhoof [Trinity, Watertown] 1st 4x200M Relay, 2nd 4x400M Relay

Boys All-Conference Team selections
Caleb Andrews [Door Creek, Madison] 1st High Jump
Levi Birkholz [Trinity, Watertown] 2nd High Jump
Ben Buxa 1st Shot Put, Discus
Tyler Dahlie [Our Redeemer, Madison] 1st 4x800M Relay
Daniel Ertman 2nd 400M, 2nd 4x400M Relay
Ben Krauklis [St. Paul, Lake Mills] 2nd 200M, 4x100M Relay, 4x200M Relay
Nate Krenke [St. John, Jefferson] 2nd 4x400M Relay, 1st 4x800M Relay
Kyle Main 1st 100M, 200M, 4x200M relay, Long Jump, Conference Athlete of the Year
Jack Milbrath [St. Luke, Watertown] 2nd Pole Vault
Tyler Gresens [Peace, Sun Prairie] 2nd 800M
Karsten Grundahl [Blackhawk, Madison] 1st 800M, 2nd 1600M
Alex Reinke [St. Luke, Watertown] 1st 4x200M Relay, 2nd 4x400M Relay
Arnold Rupnow [St. Paul, Ixonia] 1st 4x800M Relay
Issiah Sampson [Eastside, Madison] 2nd 4x100M Relay
Jameson Schmidt [St. Luke, Watertown] 1st 4x200M Relay
Ethan Schuetz [St. Paul, Lake Mills] 2nd 4x400M Relay
Spencer Sturgill [Cornerstone, Waterloo]2nd 4x100M Relay
David Taylor-Evert [St. Stephen, Beaver Dam] 2nd Discus
Cameron Weiland 2nd 3200M, 1st 4x800M Relay
Jay Yahnke [Trinity, Watertown] 2nd 4x100M Relay