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Operation GO

LLHS Summer Mission Trips are organized under the name Operation GO: a mission-minded program to place LLHS students 16+ years old into various teams to GO and share the Gospel! #WarriorsGO
COVID-19 update

After loads of advice, prayers, set backs, new challenges, and current news around our country, the decision has been made to cancel our Operation Go Team trips this summer.

"I feared this moment was coming. I know this deeply hurts, and is on top of so many other disappointments. Still, I am convinced it is the right decision to make. My heart is heavy," says PH. "I ask for your understanding, prayers, and support for our program moving forward. I pray that our churches, missions, and schools continue to find strength in our loving Savior and resolve to continue the work of his Kingdom with fresh confidence."

Stay tuned to this page for follow up news about ways we can and will support the missions we would have traveled to serve, and ways Operation Go will proceed into the future.

Announcing Our 2020 Mission
11 Teams!
82 Warriors!
Hundreds of Souls to Reach!
One Lord, One Faith!
Team Arizona: Cross of Glory, Peoria, Arizona • Mission Work • March 14-21
(front) AnaChristina Iglesias, Kylee Gnabasik, Morgan Slonaker, Abbie Digiovanni, PH
(back) Jaden Madrid, Noah Vanderhoof, Remy Matthews, Alex Ryan, Isaiah Terry
(not pictured) Lydia Krenke
Team Salt Lake City: CANCELLED
Salt Lake City, Idaho • “Truth in Love” Witnessing to Mormons

From PH: We unfortunately learned the Salt Lake Team has had their trip cancelled. This trip was the earliest and one of the largest teams. This trip is unique in that it is completely based on Conference Room Hotel training and Door to Door efforts. The people of Truth in Love assured us that this decision was not made hastily and was "made based on love, not on fear." 
I still see them as a team. I have initial hopes to regroup them if possible to serve or be a team together, even if it is in some small local way after the Lord stems this current trouble.
(front) Madelyn Plitzuweit, Olivia Krieser, Janae Jensen, Sydney Langille
(middle) Kristin Karas, Hannah Meyer, Ashley Grundman, Keira Thurnbauer
(back) Christian Schmidt, Abel Krauklis, Maximus Bennett, August Gresens

Team Boise: Cross of Christ, Boise, Idaho • Soccer Camp • CANCELLED

(front) Kendra Wilson, Jocelyn Asmus, Julia Neuberger

(back) Brendan McKenna, Greta Pingel, Darren Schuster

Team AK STEAM: Faith, Anchorage, Alaska • STEM • CANCELLED
(front) Lydia Buxa, Megan Reinke, Maya Heckmann
Isaiah Minning, Espen Storlie, Jada Gresens
Team AK Soccer: Faith, Anchorage, Alaska • Soccer • CANCELLED
(front) Caitlin Heinrich, Lily Schuetz, Kaylee Raymond
(back) Logan Pampel, Bryce Eckhardt
(not pictured) Kobe Paske
Team Mexico: Cruz de Christo Mision Luterna • Spanish speaking VBS • CANCELLED

Lauren Thiele, Maria Saavedra, Kyle Doering
(not pictured) Elise Meier

Team Thousand Oaks: Prince of Peace, Thousand Oaks, Calif. • Mission Work • CANCELLED
(front) Katie Stuebs, Laura Zank, Ashley Behnke
(back) Isaiah Andress, Micah Missall, Oliver Butler
(not pictured) Anna Bilitz, Brynn McDermott
Team Chattanooga: Living Hope, Chattanooga, Tenn. • Mission Work • CANCELLED

(front) Lillian Runke, Jada Teteak, Ashley Valerio, Kaitlyn Buss, 
(back) Devin Splinter, Carter Schneider, Ben Neumann, Connor Dobson, PH
(not pictured) Anika Stone


Team New Orleans: Crown of Life, New Orleans & Trinity, Abita Springs • VBS • CANCELLED
(front) Mrs. Fenske, Elizabeth Loppnow, Amber Wardall, Samantha Detert, Mr. Fenske
(middle) Emily Meiller, Alyssa Ratzow, Evelyn Terry, Emma Statz
(back) Rachel Huebner, Haylee Meske, Lauren Learned, Stephanie Schafer
(not pictured) Breanna Preskar
Team New York: Redemption Lutheran Church • Art camp  • CANCELLED

(front) Joy Thompson-Wurz, Ella Butzine, Hannah Koenig, Elizabeth Brudos
(back) Claudia Stuebs, Hailey Miller, Evelyn Schauer, Payton Kuepers


Team Jersey: Immanuel, NJ • VBS • CANCELLED

Annika Bilitz, Ally Murray, Emma Berg
(not pictured) Lily Storlie



See the OpGo Facebook page
for pics and highlights of 2019 trips 

Team Arizona: Cross of Glory, Phoenix, Arizona • Canvassing team • March 15-22
Oliver Butler, Carter Schneider, Jacob Ulrich, Abel Krauklis, Tyler Holzhueter, Taylor Wolfram, Olivia Turke,
Espen Storlie, Olivia Andress, Anna Rue, Katie Stuebs, Ally Murray, Kaylee Raymond,
Breanna Preskar, Caitlin Condon, Elise Meier, Hannah Koenig, Emma Strohm 
Team Salt Lake: Salt Lake City, Idaho • “Truth in Love” Witnessing to Mormons • June 9-15
 Kyle Doering, Brendan McKenna, Caleb Raymond, Caleb Kuepers, Ryan Preskar,  Emma Statz,
Kaitlyn Shadoski, Abigail Buxa, Amber Wardall, Mrs. Jodie Schommer
Team Boise: Cross of Christ, Boise, Idaho • Soccer Camp • June 15- 21
Brevin Jegerlehner, Carter Kexel, Luke Marti, Mrs. Hannah Uher, Josie Asmus, Margaret Cody, Madelynn Klug
Team AK STEM: Faith, Anchorage, Alaska • STEM • June 17-21
Chad Nolte, Micah Missal, Ben Grambsch, Lucas Schneider, 
Mrs. Jodie Schommer, Lukas Heckmann, Lauren Thiele, Ashley Grundman, Liz Loppnow
Team AK Soccer: Faith, Anchorage, Alaska • Soccer • June 24-28
Logan Scheiber, Seth Hackbarth, Chris Schwantes
Kendra Wilson, Alyssa Fehrman, Grace Loescher
Team New Orleans: Crown of Life, New Orleans • VBS • July 22-26
Rachel Poyner, Isac Veers, Ben Huebner, Maximus Bennet
Sophia Griffin, Kaitlin Burk, Anna Bilitz, Madelaine Triebold, Rebecca Lang
Team Jersey: Immanuel, NJ • VBS • August 3-11

Megan Reinke, Abbie DiGiovanni, Jennica Jensen, Janae Jensen