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Employment at LLHS

General Information
Lakeside Lutheran High School is a Christian ministry. Chief among all teachings of Scripture is the Grace of God in Christ. Lakeside Lutheran and all its students, teachers and staff need to grasp in faith this truth: that we are justified before God by grace, and grace alone. Growing out of this relationship based on grace are sanctified lives of the children of God. As a ministry of the Church, Lakeside Lutheran seeks to forge a relationship with parents and students that compels all of us to grow in godly living.
For these and positions available at Lakeside Federation churches and schools, as well as Lakeside friends and family businesses, visit our Job Opportunities page.
Lakeside Lutheran has openings for:
Part-time teacher of woodworking
Lakeside is looking for a part time teacher of woodworking. We are blessed to have a new Industrial Arts teacher joining us next year. But with the rising interest in the trades, we still have woodworking classes that are not covered. We are looking for someone who has the ability to work with teenagers and has knowledge of woodworking. Bachelor's degree required. If interested, please email Lakeside’s principal Don Schultz: [email protected]
Bus driver: Who do you know who could join our team -- someone looking for a way to serve, earn some money ($20/hr to start), and tap into the energy of our youth? If you have early morning and/or afternoons free, please consider driving bus and transporting students for your Lakeside Lutheran High School. Talk to any of our current drivers, and--to a person--they will tell you how much they enjoy driving bus. We will train new drivers for the appropriate driver's license. If interested in joining our bus driving ranks as a route, sports or substitute driver, please contact Todd Grundman ([email protected]).