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Core Values

Lakeside Lutheran High School is a Christian ministry. Chief among all teachings of Scripture is the grace of God in Christ. Lakeside Lutheran and all its students, teachers, and staff need to grasp in faith this truth that we are justified before God by grace and grace alone. Growing out of this relationship based on grace is the sanctified life of the children of God. As a ministry of the Church, Lakeside Lutheran seeks to forge a relationship with parents and students that compels growth in godly living.
This We Believe is a publication that provides information on the beliefs espoused by Lakeside Lutheran High School.

Philosophy of Ministry and Discipline

LLHS policies are rooted in God’s will. God gave us a Savior because He loves us. He gave us commandments for Christian living for the same reason. Obedience to His will is an act of worship which also brings blessings to the Christian Church as we spur one another on toward love and good deeds.


Certain areas of student behavior and conduct receive special attention in the student handbook, available below and in printed in each student planner. Every student and parent should be aware that a student handbook cannot address every situation of student discipline. Not every “do” and “don’t” will be listed. A Christian is guided by the will of God and willingly receives admonition and instruction when his words or actions offend others or disrupt the ministry of Lakeside. Lakeside reserves the right to revise policies, amend rules, or alter regulations at any time in accordance with the best interests of this ministry.

Because each of us is a disciple of Christ all day long, Lakeside Lutheran’s ministry will sometimes reach beyond campus. At extracurricular events, while traveling to and from school, and even during free time, students and faculty either live as disciples or deny the faith through their actions and words. Each disciple seeks to grow in Christian living at home and school, and we need to be held accountable as disciples of Christ.