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Core Values

Lakeside Lutheran High School is a Christian ministry. Chief among all teachings of Scripture is the grace of God in Christ. Lakeside Lutheran and all its students, teachers, and staff grasp in faith that we are justified before God by grace alone. Growing out of this relationship based on grace is the sanctified life of the children of God. As a ministry of the Church, Lakeside Lutheran seeks to forge a relationship with parents and students that compels growth in godly living.
This is expressed in our five Core Values.
Whether in worship, classrooms, co- or extra-curricular activities—in both internal and public undertakings—our first purpose and goal is to glorify the Savior in all that is taught, shared or witnessed at LLHS. Every subsequent core value flows from this.

Our qualified Christian faculty and staff, along with a rigorous curriculum and expansive co-curricular opportunities, educate and equip students in both breadth and depth— breadth in knowledge and experiences that promote lifelong success, and depth in areas that inspire individual student pursuits of further education, useful vocations or personal goals.

Modeling and molding service among faculty, staff, students and volunteers equips a bold, proactive and productive community that witnesses to the Savior’s servant-heart.

Fostering and maintaining an environment where our students, families and staff feel safe, fortified and loved encourages a peaceful, cooperative setting. As each person models Christ by placing others before self, this Christian family-focus means we apply the humility of the Law and the unconditional love of the Gospel in all circumstances.

Being committed to reliability and personal responsibility, our staff and ministry honor our words and promises to students, to families and to each other. Taking ownership of our work and promptly correcting mistakes to the greatest extent possible demonstrates this value.
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