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Call News

On Monday, May 20, Pastor Clark Schultz announced that he has accepted the call to Shepherd of the Hills, West Bend. "Coming here 14 years ago with nothing and leaving with blessings of family, friends, and classrooms of young hearts encouraged in the gospel is something cherished," says PC.
Pastor Clark Schultz received a Divine Call on Wed., May 1, to Shepherd of the Hills in West Bend to be youth and outreach Pastor. PC says, "Please keep Kristin and our boys in your prayers as we deliberate where one will be the best husband and father as well as where the Lord would prefer my gifts to be used best."
Mr. Doering returned the call to serve at Illinois Lutheran on April 22 and says he "look[s] forward to the continued blessings of serving here at Lakeside."
On April 9, Mr. Lauber announced that he was led to return the call to Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School and continue his ministry here. He thanks all for the prayers and encouragement.
On April 2, Matt Doering received a call to serve as Activities Director (along with some Religion teaching and coaching) at Illinois Lutheran.
On March 29, 2019, Pastor Don Schultz announced that he returned the call to the Watertown ROC and will continue to serve the Lakeside Lutheran ministry.
The General Board met March 25, 2019, and the Holy Spirit led them to issue a unanimous call to Mr. Todd Jahns, Instructor in Sport and Exercise Science at Wisconsin Lutheran College, Milwaukee. He accepted Lakeside's call on April 10. 
On March 17, Mr. Steve Lauber received a call to be Vice Principal at Rocky Mountain Lutheran High School in Colorado. The Holy Spirit led him to return this call on April 9.
On March 13, Mr. Jason Walz returned the call to be Lakeside's Activities Director. 
On Friday, March 8, Pastor Don Schultz announced that he "recently received a call to be the "pastor director" of the ROC Youth Center, an outreach ministry run by the four WELS churches in Watertown. Their current pastor-director has taken a call to serve as the second pastor at St. John in Watertown. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers as ponder where God would like me to serve him and his people."
On Monday, February 25, the Holy Spirit led the General Board to issue a divine call to Mr. Jason Walz to be Lakeside's Activities Director. Jason currently teaches at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School, Jackson. Please remember Jason in your prayers as he deliberates his two calls.
On January 27, 2019, Mr. Kirk DeNoyer announced that the Lord led him to accept the call to be Lakeside's Executive Director. We are overjoyed at this news and look forward to Kirk's leadership in this all-important position.
At a special call meeting on January 8, 2019, the Holy Spirit led the General Board of Lakeside Lutheran High School to extend a divine call to Mr. Kirk DeNoyer to serve as the school's Executive Director. Please remember Mr. DeNoyer in your prayers as he deliberates between his current call as Lakeside's Activities Director and his new call to serve as its Executive Director.
During chapel on November 19, it was announced that PC has returned the call to serve as an admissions counselor at MLC and will remain here to minister to sophomores and the entire LLHS family with his considerable gifts. Even as we celebrate, we keep MLC in prayer that the need is filled at the right time with the right person; the Lord is sure to bless.
On November 1, 2018, our Pastor Clark Schultz received, from the governing board of Martin Luther College, a Divine Call to serve as an admissions counselor at MLC. PC asks, "Please keep Kristin, our 3 sons, and me in your prayers."
On May 22, shortly after the General Board meeting adjourned, President Jensen of the Western Wisconsin District informed us that Lakeside's request for an assignment to teach Science was granted. Our newest faculty member is Mrs. Hannah Uher.
On May 15, Ben Stern returned our Science call. The Board has its regular meeting on May 22 and will discuss next steps.
On May 1, the Holy Spirit led the delegates of the Lakeside Lutheran General Board to issue a call to Mr. Ben Stern as a Science teacher. Mr. Stern currently teaches at Fox Valley Lutheran, Appleton. Please remember Mr. Stern in your prayers as he now deliberates his two calls.
On April 21, Justin Vanderhoof (currently serving at Martin Luther, Neenah) has accepted our call for English and Social Studies! God bless his preparations to join us this fall. Science teacher Dave Mielke will continue in his call at St. Croix Lutheran Academy.

As of April 17, our math and videography teacher, Mr. Todd Hackbarth, has returned his call to Illinois -- we give thanks that he will remain with us, and pray for a quick answer to ILHS needs.
Before Easter, Illinois Lutheran Schools extended a call to our math and videography teacher Mr. Hackbarth. He asks for prayers that God lead him to a decision that best serves his kingdom.
On March 28, the Lakeside Lutheran General Board issued calls to:
Justin Vanderhoof (currently serving at Martin Luther, Neenah) for the English and Social Studies; and
Dave Mielke (currently serving at St. Croix Lutheran Academy) for Science.
Please pray for these men as they consider where God would have them serve.
The Holy Spirit led Pastor Michael Helwig to accept his call to Lakeside. He announced this to his congregation March 18. We give thanks to our gracious God for sending us this new worker. At the same time, we pray for our brothers and sisters in Hubertus that the Lord send them their new pastor according to his plan.
On Thursday, March 8, Jeremiah Schmiege told us he has returned our Science call.
On Sunday, March 4, Phil Stuebs announced that he is returning our call to teach English and Religion.
On Tuesday, February 20, the General Board issued divine calls to:
Pastor Mike Helwig currently serving at Crown of Life, Hubertus, WI; (religion call) and
Mr. Jeremiah Schmiege currently serving at Sola Fide, Lawrenceville, GA. (science call)
Mr. Nate Sievert, currently serving at Grace Lutheran School, St. Joseph, Michigan, announced on Feb. 18 that he accepted our call to serve at Lakeside. We are overjoyed that Mr. Sievert will join us starting in the '18-19 school year to teach Math and Phy Ed. At the same time, we remember our brothers and sisters in St. Joseph in our prayers to our gracious God that their vacancy be filled in a timely way.
On February 8, Pastor Jason Baldwin let us know he was returning our call. 
On February 2, the Holy Spirit led the General Board to extend a call to Mr. Phil Stuebs. He currently teaches at St. John-St. James in  Reedsville, WI. Please remember him - along with Pastor Jason Baldwin and Mr. Nate Sievert - in your prayers. 
On February 1, Mr. Schwerin returned the Science call. 
In addition to the 3 calls sent January 16, the Board of Regents, on Jan. 22, approved a recommendation from the Educational Planning Committee to add a 29th full-time faculty member to Lakeside's faculty. This position would cover a number of sections in English and Religion that are currently uncovered. Since enrollment projections support Lakeside's enrollment in the 420-430 range for the future, this is a permanent call. On Friday, February 2, there will be a special call meeting at 6:30 p.m.
At the call meeting Feb. 16, the Holy Spirit led the General Board to issue calls to the following:
  • Religion: Pastor Jason Baldwin, currently serving at Hope, St. Charles Michigan
  • Mathematics/Physical Education: Mr. Nate Sievert, currently serving at Grace, St. Joseph, Michigan
  • Science: Mr. Karl Schwerin, currently serving at Fox Valley Lutheran High School
Please remember these men in your prayers as they deliberate the two calls they now hold.
The Jan. 11 call meeting that was canceled because of weather has been rescheduled for Tuesday, January 17 at 6:30 PM. The agenda remains the same.
On Dec. 26, Brian Gottschalk returned his call to teach Math/Phy Ed to Lakeside.
On Dec. 11, Dan Schulz returned the science call. God's blessing on their continued ministries at Wisco and SLHS. 
There will be a special meeting of the General Board on Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. The agenda will include:
issuing a pastor call, issuing a Math/Phy Ed call and issuing a Science call.
On Tuesday, November 28, 2017, the Holy Spirit led the General Board of Lakeside Lutheran to call:
  • Brian Gottschalk (currently serving at Wisco) for Mathematics/Physical Education
  • Dan Schulz (currently serving at Shoreland) for Science
Please keep these men in your prayers as they consider where to serve.
On November 13, 2017, Pastor Don Schultz received a divine call to be a pastor at St. Mark in Normal/Bloomington, Illinois. "I appreciate your prayers and words of wisdom," he shares. On Dec. 1 he announced his decision to remain at Lakeside Lutheran. We are grateful to have him and continue to pray for the ministry in Illinois.
On November 1, 2017, Pastor Caleb Davisson received a call to teach Sophomore religion at Divine Savior Academy in Doral, FL. On Dec. 3, he wrote: "I have accepted the call to teach at Divine Savior Academy in Doral, Florida. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and encouraging words. I look forward to finishing the school year before heading south in June."
On March 14, Mr. Phil Dretske announced that the Lord led him to accept the call that our General Board extended to him on February 27. We are joyful that Phil will join the Lakeside faculty in the 2017-18 school year. 

Pastor Don Schultz received a call to Good Shepherd, Omaha, Nebraska on Feb. 12, 2017, and we are happy to report that returned the call. Keep our friends in Omaha in your prayers as they look to fill their need for a pastor. 
On December 13, Mrs. Krauklis wrote: "After much prayer and deliberation, it is with great joy and excitement that I am writing this letter to you. The Lord has led me to officially accept your call to be the Physical Education teacher. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and advice during this whole process. I am excited to join the family at Lakeside and to help carry out the mission of the school to educate, encourage and equip students for life and for eternity. Serving as an adjunct teacher, I have heard and seen many of the wonderful opportunities here. I am looking forward to continuing my service with all of you. I do ask for your prayers for me and my family as I make my transition to serve among you."
Late in October, Mrs. Gayle Bauer announced her intent to retire at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. At the close of this school year, Mrs. Bauer will have served at Lakeside for 18 years. We, at Lakeside, thank her for her faithful service to the Lord.

The General Board received Mrs. Bauer's letter November 22, 2016 and accepted it with an expression of thanks. Then, that body extended a divine call to Mrs. Jennifer Krauklis to teach girls physical education beginning in 2017-2018. Mrs. Krauklis currently serves as an adjunct instructor in science and mathematics, as well as Lakeside's varsity volleyball coach.
Pastor Caleb Davisson writes August 13, "After much prayer and deliberation I have returned the call to Bethany, Appleton. Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement. I look forward to another school year of working with a gifted and dedicated group of teachers and staff, students and parents." We are grateful to have his continued service here at LLHS, and remember the Bethany family in Appleton as they continue their calling process.
On July 19, 2016, Pastor Caleb Davisson shared, "The Lord has led Bethany Lutheran Church in Appleton to call me to serve as their associate pastor. Prayers and thoughts are appreciated." 
On June 1, Mr. Todd Hackbarth shared: "Thank you for your prayers and comments over the past weeks. The Holy Spirit has led me to return the call to Wisco. Please keep Wisco in your prayers as they continue to search for a math teacher."

On May 18, 2016, Wisconsin Lutheran High School issued a divine call to Mr. Todd Hackbarth, Lakeside's Math Department Chair. The teaching duties at "Wisco" include mathematics and starting a videography curriculum.
Over Mothers Day weekend 2016, Pastor Clark Schultz announced that the Holy Spirit led him to return his call to be a pastor at St. Marcus, Milwaukee. We thank God for this decision. We also remember our brothers and sisters at St. Marcus as they continue their search for a pastor.
Three men received calls to Lakeside on Jan. 31, 2016. 
● Cameron Ausen. Mr. Ausen received is a full‐time, permanent Social Studies call. Mr. Ausen has accepted his new call.
● Gerry Walta. The General Board extended a one‐year, part‐time call for Mr. Walta to continue his German classroom instruction, with no homeroom or coaching duties. Mr. Walta has accepted this call.
● Andrew Willems: The call extended to Mr. Willems, currently a teacher at Shoreland Lutheran High School, is to serve as Lakeside’s Technology Coordinator. Mr. Willems accepted the call to LLHS on February 26, 2016. We look forward to welcoming the Willems family back to the area this summer.
January 15, 2016: Mr. Doering returned his call to Evergreen. The Lakeside family is pleased to have him continue his ministry here, even as we pray for God's blessing on the ELHS ministry out west.
December 15, 2015: Social studies teacher Matt Doering received a call to be the Director of Mission Advancement at Evergreen Lutheran High school in Tacoma, WA. The Doerings ask for prayers as he deliberates, knowing that God will guide him.