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Strategic Planning

Annual Report

This annual report to the General Board was approved at our Aug. 2023 meeting. Read all the ways God has blessed the ministry at Lakeside!

Ministry Growth Strategy

We look to serve students and families in the Federation and from surrounding communities by emphasizing our “4 Uniques”:
  1. Sharing God’s Word for over 60 years
  2. Comprehensive Christ-centered curriculum
  3. Students are guided with law and gospel in their Christian lives
  4. School-provided busing services

Six-year targets for July 1, 2026:

Curriculum: Curriculum and course options meet the needs of all students and provide the foundation necessary for the wide variety of 21st century career paths.

Facilities: Prioritized campus and facility improvements have been completed to facilitate ministry goals.

Communication: Relationships within the school, federation and community are strengthened and enhanced. 

Enrollment: Student body has consistently grown in number and diversity.

Finances: A financial sustainability model is functioning well.

Staffing: A full staff is in place to meet the needs of LLHS.


One-year plan by July 1, 2024:

Each ALT department writes a 3-year and 6-year long-range plan

Building Improvement Phase 2 construction on Schedule
Plan for Guidance Office Expansion
Explore ELC Expansion
FACE kitchen renovation
Outdoor Stadium Fence


Create a structure for internal communication assets
Document an annual plan for faculty morale improvement
Plan for improved Federation Communication


International Student SEVIS Application Process Completed with the DOI
Virtual Tour

Execute Capital Campaign for Phase 2 Building Improvement
Develop an improved Online Giving Program
Outline a written exit strategy from the Choice program

BLT to have annual review meeting with team members to determine staff needs


Ten-year targets:

  • To have an enrollment drawn primarily from our federation’s Lutheran elementary schools with 50% of those graduates coming to Lakeside
  • To eliminate the $2.7 million debt from the federation’s 2003 building campaign
  • To gather significant financial resources to keep tuition affordable

Five-year vision statement:

To encourage and support excellence in all areas of ministry at Lakeside and foster an environment of respect, internal communication, and accountability within our school and our federation.

Three-year core strategic priorities:

  • The administration and the Religion Department will arrange opportunities for all seniors to become familiar with WELS/ELS campus ministries [2014-2015].
  • arrange an exit survey for seniors to track their post-high school plans, encouraging them to remain connected to their local congregation, a WELS campus ministry (if applicable), or a WELS military contact pastor [2014-2015].
  • The faculty will emphasize the new school mission statement in various ways to help students better understand and internalize it [2015-2016].
  • The Religion Department will develop and teach strategies to help students witness their faith and be able to defend it [2015-2016].



  • The Guidance Director will counsel all seniors to develop clear, attainable post-high school plans. [2014-2015].
  • The Board of Regents and administration will enhance support of the 1-to-1 initiative [2015-2016].
  • The Board of Regents and faculty will study the value of STEM [2015-2016].
  • Administration will develop strategies to retain 95% of our freshmen enrollees through to graduation [2015-2016].



  • The General Board - through the Ministry Partnership Program - will seek funding:
    • for systematic bus replacement [2015-2016].
    • to update the Technical Education and Family and Consumer Education facilities [2015-2016].
    • for roof replacement (including HVAC replacements) [2015-2016].
  • The Technology Committee will upgrade technology capabilities as needed [2015-2016 and 2016-2017].



  • The Board of Regents will execute the Ministry Partnership Program to gather funds in a continuing effort to eliminate the current building debt and enhance student aid [2015-2016].
  • The Financial Planning Committee and the Director of Finance will promote open financial planning and transparent financial reporting to stakeholders [2015-2016].



  • The Recruitment Director, in conjunction with the Financial Planning Committee, will develop a program to help families plan for the costs of Lakeside [2015-2016].
  • The Board of Regents will study models of a K-12 concept in other area Lutheran high school federations [2015-2016].
  • The Recruitment Director, the Board of Regents, and the administration will create a plan to develop awareness and desirability of Lakeside among families of children in their early primary years [2016-2017].



  • School administration, faculty, staff, and the General Board will work to increase the Lutheran elementary school recruitment rate by 1.5% annually in each of the next three school years [2014-2015].
  • The Board of Regents will survey stakeholder groups to determine strengths and weaknesses of current communication practices (i.e.: print media, website, Twitter, Facebook, General Board representatives, etc) [2015-2016].
  • The Marketing Committee and the Board of Regents will survey stakeholders to review current communication practices for the purpose of creating and developing more appealing and effective ways to share the school’s mission and message with the world [2015-2016].
  • The Marketing Committee, the Board of Regents, and the administration will develop a plan to cultivate a public image of the school as a forward-moving Christian ministry that functions within the Church at large [2016-2017].



  • An ad hoc committee, appointed by the Board of Regents, will study the need for a Superintendent/President position to see if/how this might best serve Lakeside’s needs [2015-2016].
  • The General Board, the Board of Regents, the faculty, the staff, and administration will facilitate development of a “framework for enhancing the team ministry” among called workers, hired staff, and board members based on Charlotte Danielson’s Enhancing Professional Practice [2016-2017].
General Board, approved, January 27, 2015