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The National Museum of Mexican Art is located in Chicago, Illinois. Educators can have students explore one of the collections, or utilize specific resources offered for schools under the "Learn" menu option. The Learn section has lessons for various grade ranges, videos, and hands-on lessons. These lessons also provide background information of their historical significance.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art aims to provide an opportunity for K-12 students to explore artwork from the museums's in-person collection. Search the simple filters by resource type, grade level, subject area, and topic. You can also search for resources that are available for PDF download. Many of the ideas and activities demonstrate diverse artists, historical figures, and the importance of ones own contributions to communities at large.

Foolproof Academy

The Foolproof Foundation teaches consumer safety  for middle and high schoolers. The shear amount of information may be overwhelming at first, but stick with it. Tons of good stuff to be found.

The Museum of Modern Art, located physically in New York City, offers a variety of resources for educators and students in a unique digital format. Information is located in various squares on the main homepage. This allows for independent learners to easily discover and learn--"the history of art isn't a simple linear progression of styles."

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorers website is a great resource to explore independantly and learn all about animals and plants. There are a few useful resources under the "Grownups" tab, most notably "Curriculum". These are all free downloadable pamphlets for each grade level based on subjects. There are also fun videos and real stories about animals living at the zoo. There is also a "Save the Animals" tab that describes ways people can help endangered animals and environments.



Creative storytelling has been given a whole new approach with this digital resource. They use a unique social approach to spark creativity from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Educators can create and register an account to utilize this site and there are different options for membership. Teachers invite students via email (like Google Classroom), and students can write, read, and "heart" stories by classmates.

Natural Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art was given to the people of the United States by Andrew W. Mellon. Today they offer free resources to help meet its mission of being a center of art, education, and culture. Look for the "Learn" tab on the homepage as well as the "Learning Resources" 

National Geographic Society

Where education meets exploration. There are plenty or free resources here, from immersive experiences, to interactive lessons, and colorful maps. Most information is located front and center of the homepage.


NewseumED is a fantastic media literacy website full of videos, artifacts, lesson plans and other interactive features. Registration is required to get full access due to copyright constraints, however, it is easy to create a free account.

American Museum of Natural History

Though physically located in New York City, the American Museum of Natural History's website is free for everyone to use and has resources that support all areas of science. Users are invited to explore permanent exhibits, special exhibits, and the special science website for kids called "Ology".

Wild Classroom

Wild Classroom is a digital collection of resources created and maintained by the WWF with the stated goal of connecting kids to nature to help them better understand our world and increase conservation.

 New American History

New American History is an interactive resource that explores America's past by using the power of digital media as inquiry. It presents untold stories of American history while integrating media literacy skills in its wide variety of content.

Carnegie STEM Girls +

Located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, this is a digital collection designed to get teenagers excited about all things STEM. The Carnegie STEM Girls + site offers three main areas for exploration. STEM programs in the Pittsburg area. STEM activities including "Do It Yourself Science". Finally a STEM book club which allows for diverse reading and students being able to discuss books in an online forum. Parents and educators will find the linked STEMi-sphere content to be a helpful directory of lesson plans, scholarship opportunities and more.

 National Museum of the American Indian

The first national museum dedicated to the preservation, study, and exhibition of the life, languages, literature, history and arts of Native Americans.

 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Like other Smithsonian resources, the website is almost as fun to explore as the museum itself. Image details, learning labs, Collections, and educator resources just never seem to stop. The interactive lessons are detailed and ready for instant use by parents teachers and students.  

California Academy of Sciences

Science @ Home Activities, videos, coloring sheets, activities and more. Also plenty of research and exploration topics to choose from.


Run by the National Council for the Teachers of Mathematics, this website presents a valuable resource for lesson plans and interactive tools formulated to tie into a variety of concepts and standards. Brain Teasers, Interactive Games, Mobile App Downloads, Examples, Sketch Pads and more allow understanding of mathematical concepts in many different modalities. The website is designed for teachers and not the most kid friendly, but you will find plenty of things to help you like math!

National Museum of African American History and Culture

Like other Smithsonian resources, the website contains a host of invaluable resources. Search for thousands of artifacts.  There are valuable details and links located next to the photos. This is designed for the general public so a teacher may want to guide students to particular webpages or direct them to links for their exploration/research

Google Arts and Culture

The main focus is to expose you to art and museums but there are also poetry, fashion, architecture, libraries, national parks, and much more featured here. Marvel in the 3D replications as well.

National Women's History Museum - Students and Educators

Investigating specific women/events? Search beyond they typical well-known names!.

 Smithsonian History Explorer

Hundreds of online resources for teaching and learning about American history.  Over 3 million items from the museum's collection (primary sources) and drawn from the museum's renowned curators.

 Smithsonian 3D Digitization

This site will increase the diffusion of knowledge. 3D renderings for art, social studies, science, and themes. Please be patient as some artifacts take time to load.



 This website encourages depth of learning, higher levels of critical thinking, and strives to improve student reading and writing skills. Classroom resources, lesson plans, student interactives and more!

Stanford History Education Group (SHEG)

Not just for history teachers, English/Literature,  and anyone looking for evidence-based inquiry experiences will benefit from enhanced writing skills.

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