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Cathy Meier

Cathy Meier, who graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran College, is joining the faculty to teach Family and Consumer Education classes—Foods and Child Development. As a ‘95 Lakeside grad, she is looking forward to teaching at her alma mater. “I am most excited to get to know students, learn about their dreams, and help them pursue those dreams.  I don't want them to ever stop dreaming of the possibilities for their lives. I desire to see students successful not just in academics but also in life skills! I pray they all stay close to Jesus and turn to him for guidance their whole life,” she says.

Meier, who loves playing and coaching volleyball, married Bill in 2000 and they have four girls: Elise (LLHS ‘20), Audrey (‘22), Maria (‘24)  and Ruby. In addition to visiting many African and European countries, “my family and I lived in Malawi, Africa from 2001-2007. We then lived in Portugal for 18 months. I still miss Malawi even though we have been back in Wisconsin since 2009. Maybe someday I'll move back—or move somewhere else exciting and different!”