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What is ELC?

The Extended Learning Center (ELC) offers daily support for the students at Lakeside. 
Primarily, we help students who are assigned to the ELC for study hall. As they work on their assignments, help is readily available in many subject areas, particularly math and sciences. Included in these are General Math, Algebra, Geometry, Physical Science and Biology.

The ELC is also intended for those students who eventually struggle in a certain academic area and need a little extra guidance. Many students take advantage of the ELC to help get them back on track.

Most students assigned to the ELC as freshmen benefit from organizational help. The ELC staff helps them organize papers for specific subjects, organize lockers, and keep track of assignments by using a planner. These skills get students started in the right direction, helping make success in high school a smoother, straighter path.

The ELC staff members have many years of teaching experience. Mrs. Shelly Coron, our Extended Learning Director, has a BA in Fitness Studies and a Master’s in Special Education and taught for 10 years at Genesee Lake School in Oconomowoc, a school that focuses on teaching those with developmental disabilities, mental health disorders, neurological disorders, or emotional disturbances. Mrs. Erin LaPointe and Miss Rebecca Johnson are also part of the ELC team.

Whatever amount of support our students need, Lakeside teachers are determined to assist them. With the Extended Learning Center, each student receives the support necessary to be successful in high school.