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I grew up going to grade school at Good Shepherd, West Bend, Wis., and Salem, Stillwater, Minn., before attending Illinois Lutheran High School, Crete. I spent two years at Wisconsin Lutheran College as a business major and history minor. I decided to transfer to Martin Luther College to pursue a degree in Elementary Education, which I completed after three years.
My first call was as a third grade teacher at St. John's Lutheran Primary School in St. John's, Antigua. I served on the island for one year before returning to the states and receiving the call to teach sophomore religion and coach boys soccer at Lakeside Lutheran. 
I married Sophie Birner in July 2022. She teaches in the ELC at Lakeside. Most of my family, immediate and extended, have been, currently are, or will be called workers in the ministry. You could say it runs in the family. I love music, playing sports, and visiting my nieces! 
One of my favorite Bible passages is Hebrews 11:1 "Faith is being sure about what we hope for, being convinced about things we do not see." (EHV). I may not always understand God's word, but I can still believe it to be true through faith.