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Upcoming Reunions

Have info about 2023 reunions?
Please notify [email protected] with any news of these or others!

THANK YOU to all of the reunion organizers. Once a Warrior! Always a Warrior!

Class of 1963: 60 years...Due to the lack of responses to the survey, we will not be having a 60th class reunion. Please contact Bob Kuykendall with any questions or concerns at ([email protected]).

Class of 1973: 50 years...Mark your calendars for October 7 at Milford Hills for this amazing milestone, celebrating 50 years. A school tour will be at 3pm with the reunion going from 5-9pm. If you have any questions please contact anyone from the reunion committee. Emily (Orvick) Goetzke [email protected] , Lois (Luedtke) Schultz [email protected] , Cindi (Zahn) Holman [email protected], Chris (Bublitz) Sell [email protected] 

Class of 1978: 45 years...Plans are in the works for a possible reunion. Stay tuned for any details or reach out to Nate Kirchner [email protected] with questions. 

Class of 1988: 35 years... Mark your calendar for September 16, 2023 for your 35th class reunion at Lucky Chucky's Beach Bar and Grill in Oconomowoc. 6:00 pm start time. Please fill out this google form  to let us know you can make it. Reach out to Andy Asmus [email protected] or Amy (Eigenschenk) Slattery [email protected] with any questions.

Class of 1993: 30 years...If you would like to plan your class reunion, reach out to Jess Meyer at [email protected] to get started.

Class of 1996: 25 +2 years... The reunion that was being planned for September 9 has been cancelled. Please look forward to your 30th class reunion in 2026. If you have any questions please contact Tina (Berg) Kraft [email protected] 

Class of 2003: 20 years... SAVE THE DATE! September 23 from noon to 4pm at the Fharmacy Public House. A school tour will be held at 11 am at Lakeside. More information will be communicated once it is all in place. Stay tuned! Reach out to Phil and Katrina (Krakow) Meinel [email protected] or Jackie (Voigt) Rynish-Knapp [email protected] with any questions.

Class of 2008: 15 years... If you would like to plan your class reunion, reach out to Jess Meyer at [email protected] to get started.

***Any graduating class year ending in '3 or '8 are up for reunions in 2023. If you want to be one to help coordinate your reunion, reach out to Jess Meyer at [email protected] to get started. 

Do you have a class reunion coming up and need help?  Download our class reunion planning packet below:
Need a name to connect with for upcoming reunions? Update us if you know something we don't!

2022- Greta Pingel- [email protected]

2021- Ian Olszewski- [email protected]

2020- Ryann Burger

2019 – Will DeNoyer [email protected] , Samantha Anderson [email protected]

2018 – Joe Grambsch [email protected] , Eric Pillard [email protected]

2017 – Andrew Fritz, [email protected], Lillie Johnstone [email protected]

2016 – Alex Pillard, [email protected]

2015 – Lizzy Denzer, lizzyden[email protected] , Hannah (Varney) Marasch [email protected]

2014 – Micah Torgerson, [email protected]

2013-  Stuart Vanden Heuvel, [email protected]

2012 – Grey Davis, [email protected]

2011 – Mitch Huebner, [email protected]

2010 – Patrick Loroff, [email protected]

2009 - Miranda Wolf, [email protected] , [email protected]

2008 – Kyle Fax,[email protected] Kristi Gawel, [email protected]

2007 – Linda (Ebert) Kraemer, [email protected]

2006 – Mike Doelger, [email protected]

2005 - Jessica (Brunk) Sadler- [email protected]

2004 - Megan (Jaeger) Wierschke, [email protected]

2003 - Will Schrock, [email protected]

2002 - Brittany Kuehl, [email protected]

2001 - Lauren Herro, [email protected]

2000 - Kayla (Jaeckel)Brown [email protected]

1999 - Ryan Jaeger- [email protected] Brindah (Jerman) Birkholz, [email protected]

1998 - Erica (Grandt) Hoffman, [email protected]; Rachel (Thiele) Fregien, [email protected]; Josh Hellwig, [email protected]

1997 - Heath Clevenstine, [email protected]

1996 - Gwen (Lange) Mertz, [email protected]

1995 - Kim (Timmel) Peck, [email protected]

1994 - Diane (Gennerman) Rue, [email protected]

1993 - Jeff Kulow, [email protected]

1992- Tammy (Buchta) Tietz ?

1991 - Jeff Jensen, [email protected]

1990 - We need you! Beth (Griffin) Riesinger (helper), [email protected]

1989 - Kris (Hartel) Hazuga [email protected]

1988 - Andy Asmus, [email protected]

1987 - Amy (Anton) Vogel, [email protected]

1986 - Tammy (Zastrow) Iglesias,

1985 - Kathy (Schmidt) Haley-Rehbaum, [email protected]

1984 – Melanie (Ninmann) Bucholz, [email protected]

1983 - Glenn Lassanske, [email protected]

1982 - Jodie (Krause) Allard, [email protected] ; Cheryl (Carnes) Griedl [email protected]

1981 - Tammie (Bleecker) Jaeger, [email protected]

1980 - Gail (Timmel) Bellman, [email protected]

1979 - Linda (Stallman) Cooper, [email protected]; Dean Morgan, [email protected]

1978 - Nate Kirchner, [email protected] Debra (Habeck) Fingles, [email protected]

1977 - Dan Hughes, [email protected]

1976 - Beth (Gullixson) Grasser, [email protected]

1975 - Tim Probst, [email protected]

1974 - Joel Wiedmann (920) 927-3484

1973 – Chris Bublitz Sell, [email protected]

1972 – Nancy (Oestriech) Kopas [email protected]

1971 - Donna (Dahnert) Sanchez, [email protected]; Nancy (Oestreich) Kopas, [email protected]

1970 - Denise (Goehl) Charkowski, [email protected]

1969 - Ron and Joyce Zwieg [email protected]

1968 – Myron Guenterberg (262) 993-9118, Chuck Klug (920) 674-4037, Yvonne Wittig, [email protected]

1967 – James Stueber, [email protected]

1966 & 1965 - Roger Herbert, [email protected] ; Gene Burrow, (920) 648-8526

1964 - Arlene (Sellnow) Krause, [email protected]; Josie Piper, [email protected]

1963 – Beverly (Heine) Nehls, [email protected]