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Need to know: school cancellations

A: First, realize that weather conditions may vary greatly from one end of the federation to the other. Conditions in Beaver Dam may be totally different from those in Janesville. Knowing that a range of conditions may exist on a given day, Lakeside makes its best informed decision for the majority of its students. Parents: if you feel that weather conditions are unsafe for your students to travel to school, you may keep them home. Call the school office as you normally would to inform us of your child’s absence. The school will support your decision, but we also insist that your child use the appropriate means (i.e.: a Chromebook) to remain current in his/her classes.

The decision to delay or cancel school is typically made early in the morning, usually by 5:15 a.m. When the decision is made, it’s Tweeted. If you signed up for Lakeside’s message notifications, you will be notified instantly. The Tweet also appears in the social media corner of the home page and as a Facebook post.
  • To receive @LakesideLuthHS Tweets as cell phone text messages without having your own Twitter account: "Fast Follow" by texting the words "follow LakesideLuthHS" (without quotation marks) to text recipient 40404. The most recent Lakeside Tweet and all future Tweets will be sent to your cell phone as text messages. You may stop delivery anytime by texting "stop".
  • If you have a Twitter account but wish you could receive LLHS push notifications without allowing all Tweets to push, check out these instructions for allowing only certain Twitter users (LLHS) to send notifications.
After the Tweet, the delay or cancellation message is also shared with local media outlets: the three major Madison television stations (ABC, CBS, and NBC), the four major Milwaukee televisions (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC), and WFAW 940AM, KOOL 106.5FM, and WSJY 107.3FM. However, media outlets--especially television stations--may not provide timely or continuous delay and cancellation information, especially if Lakeside is the only school (or one of the only schools) in delay or cancellation mode. Your best source of information is to sign up for message notifications (they come to you) or look to our homepage here (you check it yourself).