Ways to Watch the Warriors—2020 edition


Limited seating available

Special admittance tickets are required in addition to payment/passes.

If you are not a family member of a player/dancer, consider watching home games at livestream.com/llhslive. As we are on the road, check out https://www.wissports.net/wisconsin-high-school-video-streams to see if the home school has a streaming option too.

Want to attend but don’t have a ticket from a player? Contact AD Jahns (tjahns@llhs.org; 920-648-2321 x2206)


Home Admission fees

Warrior Club season passes: Individual ($50) and family ($115) season passes are available (use for both fall and winter sports) 

Nightly ticket costs: $5/adult or $3/student (under 6 free)

Lakeside student ID: free


Social distancing and masks

Spectators are asked to observe social distancing. Stadium and gym seating will be marked. Per the governor’s mandate, indoor events require masks. Masks are encouraged, but not required, for outdoor events.

Please don’t congregate in corners or entryways.