Lakeside Lutheran High School

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Important Info for Feb. 10 Winter Dance

9:45    Doors are locked.  No late arrivals are allowed.  No early departures.
10:30  Students may begin to depart.
11:30  The evening ends.  All students must be out of the building and picked up at that time or very shortly thereafter.

Student Council has determined this dance to be "CASUAL – WHITE-OUT." The basketball game is a “white-out.” The dance is also a “white-out.” Standard dress code guidelines apply. If you can't wear it at school, then you can't wear it at the dance. Students need to follow all school guidelines so that they are not turned away at the door or asked to leave.

Skirt/shorts no more than 3 inches above the knee

  • Hands are above the waist but do not touch an individual in a sexual way (or to give the impression that you’re doing that).
  • No “dirty dancing,” front-to-back dancing, or “pelvic grinding." 
  • No running into people on the dance floor, or putting people on your shoulders.
  • Chaperones will intervene in any inappropriate situation.  The directions they give are authoritative.
  • Chaperones may expel a student from a dance.  Parents will be contacted if their child is expelled from a dance.
  • If a person or couple needs to be warned more than once, they may be asked to leave the dance or sit out for the remainder of the dance.  
  • Continued defiance of school rules may result in a student, or couple, being banned from future dances.
MISCELLANEOUS (From the Student Handbook under "Dances")
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance
  • Students are not permitted to leave a dance and return later
  • No carry-ins (soda, water, etc.) of any kind are allowed
  • Students who are suspended may not attend school dances.
  • Parents of missing students (those who purchased tickets but did not attend) are contacted
  • Guests are registered in advance and cleared by the administration. A boy may invite a girl as a guest /date, or vice versa. Inviting same-gender-friends as guests is not allowed.
  • Age: Students must be at least in the ninth grade to attend. Students who graduated from high school one year ago, or less, may attend. Students older than this may not attend.