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Operation GO

LLHS Summer Mission Trips are organized under the name Operation GO: a mission-minded program to place LLHS students 16+ years old into various teams to GO and share the Gospel!

Teams for Operation Go: Summer 2017

Please pray for all of our participants and their chaperones.
May God bless their trips and use their service to add to his kingdom.

Team Boise

Dates: June 19-23
Brady Jensen, Heidi Skewes, Matthias Winters, Keyera Giese, Sofie Asmus, Emily Weber
Team Boise will assist in a large soccer camp and will get to take in some beautiful mountain sights.
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Team Alaska

Dates: June 26-30
Justin Rue, Elliott Butler, Rekha Drevlow, Robert Lang, Dayne Kopfer, Lillie Johnstone, Hailey Stade, Maddie McKenna
This group of seniors will travel to far away Alaska where they will run a soccer camp and a flag football camp. Do we pack shorts for an Alaskan summer camp? While sharing the word of Christ through soccer and football perhaps they'll also be able to take in God's creation by visiting a glacier.
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Team Houston

Dates: June 26-30
Madeline Mielke, Kalandria Madrid, Jordan Gade, Kayla Grundman
Team Houston -- two seniors and two juniors -- will travel to America's fourth largest city to teach God's lambs at a VBS.
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Team New Orleans

Dates: July 10-14
Jordan Veers, Emily Raymond, Isaiah Lenz, Royal Lang
Team New Orleans will add more character to New Orleans when they assist an active congregation in its VBS program. 
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Team San Antonio

Dates: July 31-Aug 4
Laura Hafenstein, Derek Gulrud, Cameron Kuepers, Bethany Mahnke, Kailey Schoenherr, Abby Hackbarth
Team San Antonio will run an outdoor basketball camp for hundreds of local kids. Coaches will teach skills, play games and give devotions. Perhaps they'll also get to visit the Alamo in sunny San Antonio!
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Team Jersey

Dates: August 5-13
Katelyn Richter, Emma Hans, Kaitlyn Gehler, Brooklyn Wagner
Team Jersey will run a VBS for a small church in New Jersey. This will the third year that Lakeside has helped this congregation.
The girls will also take a day to see the sights in New York City.
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Summer 2016 Trips

Team Jersey: Long Valley, Immanuel Lutheran, August 1-7
Brittni Jegerlehner, Hannah Hoffman, Abigail Hackbarth and Katelyn Richter canvassed the community to share the message of Christ-crucified with children through an invitation to VBS and helped run the summer school session. They spent a day sight-seeing NYC.
Teams Modesto: St. Peter Lutheran Church, June 27-30 & June 18-22
Modesto Team 1: David Wilson, Robert Lang, Dayne Kopfer, Hailey Stade and Emily Raymond helped create a new soccer camp
Team 2: Patience Letko, Kendal Denson, Rekha Drevlow, Jordan Veers and Emily Weber helped with Vacation Bible School.

Team Boise: Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, June 18-24
Chynarose Degner, Justin Rue, Abigail Monis, Elliott Butler, Rebecca Doering and Emma Hans assisted in a large soccer camp and took in some beautiful mountain sights.
Team Canada: Mississauga (Toronto), Cross of Life, July 4-8
Derek Gulrud, Jared Traver, Keyera Geise, Nora Stake, Lillie Johnstone, and Maddie McKenna coached and assisted with a large soccer camp. See photos from their trip here


2015 Trips

Pastors Caleb Davisson and Clark Schultz worked with WELS Kingdom Workers to specify three unique locations and four different student trips that would help Warrior teens who wanted to “GO” with the Gospel in summer 2015. With the adult assistance of teachers Davisson, Nathan Koerber and varsity volleyball coach Jenny Krauklis, 15 Warriors headed out to Toronto, to Jersey and to Louisville to help with canvassing and camps and VBS. Of course, they were able to see the sights and beauty of creation on the way, which made these mission trips a sweet lifetime memory for all involved. 

(Search on #WarriorsGO on Facebook to see more photos and posts.)

Teams for Operation Go 2015 

  • Teams Louisville (2 teams)
    • Dates: August 1- 7
    • Sydney Gronemeyer, Becca Doering, Samantha Schwoch
    • Teams Louisville helped canvass the community with the Gospel, and a second team of helped with Summer Bible Camp.
  • Team Canada
    • Mississauga, Cross of Life
    • Dates: July 4-11
    • Nora Raube, Derek Gulrud, Nick Zank, Nora Stake
    • Team Canada, among other activities, assisted with an outreach soccer camp for community youth.
  • Team Jersey
    • Long Valley, Immanuel Lutheran
    • Dates: August 1-9
    • Jennifer Schubkegel, Patience Letko, Kendal Denson, Alyssa Sonntag
    • Team Jersey helped canvass the community to share the message of Christ-crucified with children through an invitation to VBS; the girls also helped run the summer school session.