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Warrior Times Weekly Newspaper

Warrior Times Weekly is the outstanding student-run newspaper of Lakeside Lutheran High School that has won state awards for student journalism.
Students are able to read the week's edition at lunch on Fridays, or (sometimes) it's online at
Have a story idea for the 2020-21 year?
Contact the WTW staff with an e-mail to
WTW Staff
Editor-in-Chief: Ashley Grundman
Assistant Editor-in-chief: Morgan Mlsna
Front page editor: Grace Seim, Ella Butzine
Viewpoint editor: Morgan Mlsna, Ethan Lozano
Editorial staff: Ashley Grundman, Morgan Mlsna
Sports editor: Kendra Wilson
Final Say editor: Ethan Lozano, Chloe Berg
Sydney Langille

Faculty Advisor
Mrs. Jodie Schommer