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Clark Schultz

I grew up in the hill country of the pre-outlet mall of Johnson Creek. My grade school tour involved attending St. Paul Lake Mills as a wee lad and then finally settling at the "Hawkdome" of St. Peter in Helenville. I then attended Northwestern Prep and Northwestern College in Watertown.

My ministry included vicaring in the shadows of Lambeau field at St. Mark Green Bay. I then supervised the dorms for two years at Luther Prep, was missionary pastor at Risen Savior Cedar Grove, and then I traveled the globe as the Luther Prep recruiter. Now I am entering my 10th year of teaching at Lakeside Lutheran. I am blessed to teach 10th grade religion, which includes the life of Jesus and the journeys of Paul.

I am equally blessed to coach boys soccer in the fall and work with Pastor Toepel to direct the spring drama production. I also am blessed to encourage teens to consider ministry and MLC. Never having had a nickname in my life, to tell the two Pastor Schultzes apart, the students have called me Pastor Clark—PC for short. 

My loves: Jesus, my wife Kristin,our two boys Ian Zachary Ryan and Lincoln David, the Green Bay Packers, and—of course—Batman.  

What I love about Lakeside is the students, as a wise author once said “Find something you love to do and you will never work a day in your life.”