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Electronics Recycling


Your Lakeside Lutheran is working to secure a recycling partner
and preparing to host another
Community Electronics Recycling Event in FALL 2018

Most electronics and appliances
were accepted for recycling.

See below to download a list
of recyclable items from the most recent event.

Items did not have to be in working condition.

Bring your items to the west end parking lot (bus barn)
anytime during the hours listed.
Volunteers can help unload and get you back on your way in no time!
Contact the school office at 920-648-2321 with questions.

Due to expensive processing, items that involve fees for 2017 are:
$25.00 for good condition TVs
$10.00 for CRT monitors
$40.00 for projection TVs, console TVs, DLP TVs, and broken TVs


Acceptable Electronics

(Recycler will wipe all memory prior to recycling)

Monitors (CRT, LCD, LED) Laptops Scanners, Printers, Computers, Rechargeable batteries,
Phones, Cell phones, Stereo equipment, VCR’s, TV’s, Radios, CD players, DVD players,
Servers, Routers, all wires, Keyboards, Mice, Fax machines, I-pods, Computer parts, Small
appliances, Microwaves, Copiers, Power tools, Cable boxes, Game systems

Power tool batteries
Lead acid batteries (car, camcorder, alarm systems)
Household Batteries AA, D, C etc.
Lithium Batteries

Acceptable Other Items:

White Goods, Dishwashers, Stoves, Washers / Dryers, Ballasts, Capacitors
Scrap Metal, Hot Water Heaters, Metal Shelves
Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers

Items we cannot accept:

(Please do not drop off -- LLHS has NO way to dispose of. Thank you)

Gas Cylinders, Light Bulbs, Medical Equipment, VHS Cassette Tapes