Lakeside Lutheran High School

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Student Service Opportunities

We recognize that God gives us all we have. In thankfulness, we respond to His Grace. We can say "thank you" to our Lord by giving of our time, talent, and treasure in His service.
Students have opportunity to give of their time in many and varied roles at school, such as helping with the Grand Event, Assembling Mailings, Ticket Sales, May Banquet planning, Landscaping and Courtyard upkeep, Concessions, Recruitment efforts, Managing Sports teams and more. In addition, the school sponsors giving opportunities such as blood drives that offer students the chance to show love for the Savior through love for neighbors.
Off campus, students are encouraged to volunteer at Twice is Nice Resale Shop, and in their own churches and communities.
During the school year, students are also offered the chance to put their money where their hearts are, as groups like Teens for Christ and National Honor Society organize supply drives and bake sales to benefit non-profits and missions. 
Student Council also organizes chapel mission offerings one week each semester, when the student body is challenged to raise a substantial amount of money in just a week, to fulfill mission projects such as schools in Pakistan (2014).