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Freshmen Course Offerings

Much of a freshman's course load is non-elective. 8th graders receive this worksheet at the 8th grade open house or at their LES. Contact Mr. Lauber with questions.

To consider when deciding how many elective classes to choose:            

If you choose a total of: 1 credit (minimum allowed), you will have 1 study hall. Choose 1 ½  credits, you'll have a study hall one semester. Choose 2 credits and you'll have no study halls your freshman year.


Required Freshmen Courses

Credit /Course

  •   1        English 9 (or Foundations of English, see #6 below)
  •   1        Math (General Math / Algebra 1A  / Algebra 1)
    (If you are taking Algebra 1 as an 8th grader, you are invited to test into Geometry as a freshman.
    Watch school calendar for specific date in May.)
  •   1        Religion
  •   1       Science
  •   1       Physical Education
  •   1       Computer Essentials/Chorus
       =  6 credits


Credit /Full Year Courses

  •   1       German I
  •   1        Latin I
  •   1        Spanish I
  •   1        Band


Credit/ Semester Courses

  •  1/2     Agriculture Survey        
  •  1/2     CAD 1
  •  1/2     Metals Technology
  •  1/2     Woods 1
  •  1/2     Foods 1
  •  1/2    Sewing 1
  •  1/2    Art 1
  •  1/2    Art 2
  1. Minimum credit load is 7 credits per year (3 1/2 credits per semester) during the freshman year.
  2. Students are urged to plan for 1 study period per semester.
  3. Student screening test determines placement in Mathematics courses.
  4. Students who have difficulty with English or reading should wait until junior year to choose a foreign language elective.
  5. Freshmen registered for Band are encouraged but not required to be in Choir. A study hall would replace Freshman Choir in the course schedule.
  6. Students with academic weakness in the area of English and students with special needs are advised to take this course after consultation with the student’s parents, grade school principal, and appropriate Lakeside personnel.
Students need a total of 26 credits to graduate from LLHS.