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COVID-19 News as it affects LLHS

Dear Lakeside families,
Today we were notified that a Lakeside student has tested positive for COVID-19. The student has been in isolation since the onset of mild symptoms and is doing well. Any students who were determined to be in close contact with the positive student during school hours have been removed from the building and have begun their 14-day quarantine. Their parents have been notified separately.
If you have any questions regarding the situation, please refer to the COVID “What To Do” handout that you received at registration. This document is also available under “Quicklinks” on the school website. Should you have any further questions, please contact Pastor Don Schultz via email at
As a reminder, continue to screen your students for symptoms each morning before school.
It is our prayer and yours that the Lord watch over our students in the coming weeks and months, and keep them safe and healthy.
Serving Christ for you, James C. Grasby
Capitol Conference Statement on Fall Sports (8.18.20)
The Capitol Conference is committed to the health and safety of our students, staff, and our communities. With that in mind, the Capitol Conference recommended on an 8-3 vote to move the fall sports seasons ​ of Girls Volleyball, Girls Tennis, Boys Soccer, and Boys/Girls Cross Country ​ to the spring in alignment with the plan passed by the WIAA. All schools continue to have the opportunity to make decisions on fall sports based on local data which best serves their stakeholders and keeps their students, staff, and communities safe. Therefore, Capitol Conference member schools may decide to proceed with their fall seasons independently and may schedule non-conference competitions in any or all the fall sports that they offer.
Note: LLHS was one of 3 of 11 conference schools to vote against the adoption of this statement, and along with LPS and Cambridge, has announced it will play sports this fall season.

Back to School Plan, 2020-2021 (7.31.20)

Lakeside Lutheran High School 
Mission Statement
“Motivated by the love of Jesus, Lakeside Lutheran High School partners with families to educate, encourage, and equip students for life and for eternity.”
Purpose and Rationale
As we plan for the upcoming school year, we do so knowing that our Lord will bless our plans as he wills.
Our goal with these plans is to provide a quality, Christ-centered education for 400-plus students, while keeping students, faculty, and staff safe.
To that end:
  • Lakeside plans to reopen school with in-person, full-day instruction five days per week for freshmen on August 17 and all students on August 18
  • Based on feedback from our families, a strong majority favor this approach
  • With various safeguards in place, our plan seeks to protect the health and safety of our campus family while providing face-to-face instruction for as long as possible
  • We believe that our plan provides for the academic, spiritual, and emotional needs of our students while following best practices as recommended by health professionals
Family role
Each morning before school, Lakeside asks our families to screen their students for symptoms of any illnesses including COVID-19. Among things to note are:
  • fever
  • persistent cough
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • new loss of taste or smell
For a complete list of symptoms, see the CDC page here

The school advises families to consult their healthcare provider if symptoms are present. Students who are sick with contagious illnesses should not attend school. However, families and students must realize that learning continues during absences. Missing work must be completed. Teachers will provide necessary support for students with brief and intermediate-length absences due to COVID and other communicable diseases.
Face coverings
Face coverings are to be worn at the school’s direction. Coverings include—but are not limited to—face masks (paper or cloth), gaiters, and kerchiefs. Noses and mouths must be covered. If in doubt, ask a school administrator. The family is to provide the face covering. Individual exceptions to wearing coverings must be presented to and cleared by the administration.
  • Before school: Students must wear face coverings while riding the bus. Upon entering school, face coverings must be worn.
    During the school day: Face coverings are to be worn in class. In certain classes (e.g.: physical education or band), teachers will instruct their students what to do.
  • Passing times: Face coverings are to be worn during passing periods.
  • Chapel: Students will be seated in the East Gym at the direction of their period 2 teacher. Face coverings are to be worn.
  • Lunch: Face coverings are to be worn until students begin eating. Once the Cafeteria fills, students in that lunch period will be directed to the West Gym. Lunch periods have been lengthened to provide additional eating time.
  • After school: Face coverings are to be worn when riding the buses. For athletic practices, the coaches will instruct their players what to do. Students not involved in after school activities are to leave campus when school ends. If they must wait, they may do so in the Cafeteria (face coverings required) or outdoors (face coverings not required if distancing is observed).
Cleaning and disinfecting
Additional hand sanitizers will be available in the building. Furthermore, students will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently. Classroom desks will be regularly disinfected. Deep cleaning of shared spaces will be increased.

Spiritual and emotional help
Lakeside Guidance staff will be available to assist students who may be struggling with their return to school. Christian Family Solutions (formerly Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Service) will also be available to assist students and families with further counseling needs. Lakeside will also work with its federation pastors and other WELS/ELS pastors to provide spiritual counseling for students.
This plan is designed to be flexible and may be changed or adapted as pandemic circumstances develop. Please continue to pray that the Lord grants wisdom and patience to our board, administration, faculty, staff, students, and their families in this new school year. May he also grant us a productive and safe school year.



STEVENS POINT, Wis. – The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Board of Control considered a number of season schedule models and resolved to maintain fall interscholastic opportunities with a delayed start, as well as an alternate opportunity for schools unable to start and administer the traditional fall season, at its virtual special meeting today.


In a 8-3 decision, the Board approved conducting the fall sports season with a delayed start. The sports of girls golf, girls tennis, girls swimming and diving, and boys and girls cross country will be permitted to begin practice with prescribed acclimatization protocol Monday, Aug. 17. The earliest practice date for the sports of football, boys soccer, and boys and girls volleyball is Monday, Sept. 7.


“Because of the Board’s action, while they can’t make any guarantees that things will work out as we plan them, they have given us the opportunity to at least hope and work in that direction,” WIAA Executive Director Dave Anderson said. “We understand this decision will make some happy and others disappointed, but we will do our best to deliver to our membership what they have directed us to do.”


The earliest dates for the first competitions are Aug. 20 for girls golf, Aug. 21 for girls tennis, Aug. 25 for cross country, and girls swimming and diving. The earliest permissible date for the first boys soccer, and boys and girls volleyball contests are Sept. 15, and the first possible football game may be scheduled Wednesday, Sept. 23, if the first practice is conducted on Sept. 7.


The end of the fall sports seasons remained unchanged, but the Board indicated the season may or may not culminate with a traditional tournament series. The length and beginning of the tournament series will be determined in the coming days. In addition, the winter and spring season calendars were not altered.


Another component of the Board’s decision provides schools, which are unable to start fall sports in 2020, an opportunity in the spring to conduct their fall seasons. The Board directed the executive staff to develop details and calendars for an alternative three-sport season in the second semester of the 2020-21 school year to be presented at a later date. The alternate three-sport season plan was derived from a proposal submitted to the WIAA executive staff by school district administrators from the southwest area of the state. 


The Board also approved an executive office social media initiative to promote and encourage safe practices to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The #TeamUpToBeatCOVID campaign will launch this week in efforts to enhance the likelihood of returning to school and school activities by following safe practices. The WIAA encourages school and public involvement and interaction in the campaign on all Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms.


The Board was informed of a staff initiative to enhance the “Games Wanted” form on the WIAA website to provide schools with a convenient, comprehensive and user-friendly method of locating opponents and dates available due to postponements and cancellations.


Eric Russell, superintendent at Baldwin-Woodville, presided over his first meeting as president during the 2020-21 school year. Newly elected Karl Morrin, assistant superintendent at Menominee Indian, participated in his first meeting. Mike Beighley, superintendent at Whitehall, returned to the Board after completing two successive terms from 2011-17, serving as president in 2014-15.


The membership of the WIAA oversees interscholastic athletic programs for 513 senior high schools and 49 junior high/middle level schools in its membership. It sponsors 27 championship tournament series for boys and girls in 2020-21. For more information, please contact the WIAA office at (715) 344-8580.


# WIAA #


VIDEO:  June 23, 2020 Special Meeting

July 22, 2020

Dear Lakeside families,

We look forward to welcoming all students back to campus next month. In the four months since in-person instruction ended, there have been several improvements to our campus and building.


Since the letter of July 2, we have continued monitoring health conditions in the seven county area from which we draw our students. We have also communicated with the county health department, county school districts, and a number of federation Lutheran elementary schools regarding our back-to-school plan. This input helped us evaluate our preliminary plan. As a result, we have modified parts of our plan and added additional details to other parts of it.


Lakeside is still committed to provide its students with in-person, everyday instruction in 2020-2021. We know that this routine is important for the academic, emotional, and spiritual growth of our students. Our hope is that the new details described below will provide all students with a sufficient measure of health safety so that in-person, everyday instruction remains viable throughout the upcoming school year. At the same time, we also hope that these measures provide all families with an added sense of confidence in the return plan.


Here are the new details:

  1. Beginning August 17, face coverings (i.e.: covering the nose and mouth) are required at all times that students are on Lakeside property. This means any time a student is on campus or riding our buses. Families are responsible to provide face coverings for their students. If anyone is unable to wear a face covering for medical reasons, a note on institutional letterhead or on the letterhead of a health professional (i.e.: doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, etc) must be on file in the office before an exemption is granted. Student or parental requests are not sufficient as a waiver.
  2. Chapel will now be in the East Corporate worship will be Wednesdays and Fridays. Students will be directed by their period 2 teacher to sit in every other seat. For now, there is no corporate singing. Face coverings must be worn. Devotions will be in homeroom on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.
  3. Lunchtime seating will be divided between the Cafeteria and tables set up in the West Gym. The Cafeteria will be utilized at half capacity. Students must wear their coverings as they receive their food or buy milk. When the Cafeteria fills, students will be directed to tables in the West Gym. Once seated, students may remove their face coverings to eat. When they finish eating, the covering must again be worn. Separate teachers will be on duty in the Cafeteria and the West Gym to supervise and pray the meal prayers with the students. On a related note: we ask all students to bring and use a water bottle for school day use. Although the drinking part of the water fountains will be unavailable, the touchless bottle filler will be operational.
  4. Before school, students may sit in the Cafeteria according to the school’s seating plan and maintain adequate distancing. The Library will also be open before school for student use. The Librarian will monitor students there. Students may also sit with other students in open classrooms under the supervision of the classroom teacher. In addition to the school personnel who supervise the halls before school, additional faculty will circulate through school to monitor students for distancing. These options should help students make good decisions regarding distancing.
  5. Extra staff has been hired to assist with cleaning and sanitizing the school.
In closing, please understand that Lakeside has carefully considered its reopening plan. It is our prayer that taking these extra steps will help students remain healthy and allow us to maintain in-person, daily instruction for the entire school year. As new information becomes available, Lakeside’s Leadership Team will evaluate our plan and make modifications and additions if and when they are warranted.
God bless your sons and daughters, our school, and all of us in this challenging time.
Serving Christ for you, James C. Grasby, Principal
July 14, 2020
Dear Lakeside families,
Registration will be different this year. Families are to sign up for a meeting time with the homeroom teacher of their Lakeside student(s). If you have more than one Lakeside student, sign up with each homeroom teacher. By doing this, it will be easier to regulate the number of people in our building at any one time. It will also be easier for you to practice distancing.
The dates remain the same: Wednesday, August 5, and Tuesday, August 11. The times to register were extended. Each evening begins at 5 pm and closes at 8 pm. The final homeroom teacher appointment slot is 7:15 to allow you to finish registration by 8 pm.
Arrive 5-10 minutes early for your scheduled appointment. I will meet you at the front entrance. In your meeting with the homeroom teacher, you will check the Lakeside Lutheran High School Student Profile Sheet. After making any changes and initialing it, you will return it to the homeroom teacher. You may also hand in any Lakeside-related athletic forms to him or her. Finally, the homeroom teacher will have a copy of your student’s preliminary class schedule. (You may also print this from PowerSchool.) After you finish meeting with the homeroom teacher(s), you will be directed where to go to complete registration.
Now the important part: how to sign up. Go to Tap “Quicklinks” (top menu bar, right side) and click “2020 registration.” Read the page. At the bottom are two links: one for Wednesday, August 5, and the other for Tuesday, August 11. Select the date when you wish to sign up, scroll down the page to find a convenient time for you, and tap “sign up” behind the homeroom teacher’s name. Then tap the “submit and sign up button” on the bottom of the screen. Complete the information on the next page. Finally, tap the “sign up now” button. Record that date and time for yourself.
Sign up soon since available appointments will quickly disappear. If you cannot attend either evening, call the front office to notify us and schedule a time for you to register. Registration must be completed by Thursday, August 13, in order for a student to attend the first day of classes on Tuesday, August 18.
If you have questions, contact the office at (920) 648-2321 on weekdays during regular school hours.
Serving Christ for you, James C. Grasby, Principal
listed chronologically from most recent:

June 11, 2020

To all Lakeside parents and students: A huge thank you from the faculty for your cooperation with Tuesday’s book and school material collection. We are grateful that nearly every text, Library book, and school-owned item was returned. If you still have something that must be returned, please call school (920-648-2321) to arrange a time to return it. For the seniors: all school property must be returned. You will receive a diploma only if you have done this.


Dear Parents and Seniors,

Look to an email from June 11 for graduation documents:

  • The student seating chart; 

  • The diploma order; and

  • The family seating chart.


The email includes a brief explanation for each and other pertinent graduation day info, including inclement weather plans.

Serving Christ for you, James C. Grasby



May 13, 2020

Dear Parents, As we approach the final week of the 2019-2020 school year, school leadership wishes to share several items with you.


Schedule for May 18-21

Online instruction will continue for all students through Thursday, May 21. There are no traditional semester exams on May 19-21. Those days will have a hybrid schedule. It is:


Tuesday, May 19

Wednesday, May 20

Thursday, May 21

9 am

Period 1

Periods 4/5 or 5/6

Period 10

10 am

Period 2

Period 6/7 or 7/8

Period 11

11 am

Period 3

Period 9



Each teacher is given some latitude on how to use the “exam” periods. If a test is given on those days, grades will be recorded as part of the fourth quarter and not as an exam grade. Attendance will also be tracked.


Textbook collection

Textbook and Library book collection will be Tuesday, June 9. This is well after the end of school to allow students to be completely done using their books. Since we cannot currently bring you to campus, we are coming to you. Using Lakeside vans, we will collect textbooks at certain stops that our route buses make. Books are to be delivered to the stop in paper or plastic bags, or in small boxes, with labeling both outside and inside the bag/box. All texts must have the student’s name written inside of the front cover in the appropriate spot. Someone from Lakeside will meet you at the stop and take your books. The van will be at each stop for about 15 minutes before it leaves. Once the vans arrive at Lakeside, teachers will unload the vans, sort the books, and inventory them. Students will be notified of missing or damaged books.


Here is the pick up schedule:

Van #1

  • 9 am - St. Andrew, Middleton
  • 9:30 am - Our Redeemer, Madison
  • 10:15 am - Holy Cross, Madison
  • 11:00 am - Eastside, Madison
  • 11:45 pm - Peace, Sun Prairie

Van #2

  • 9 am - St. Matthew’s, Janesville
  • 9:45 am - St. Paul’s, Fort Atkinson
  • 10:15 am - Bethany, Fort Atkinson
  • 11 am - St. John’s, Jefferson

Van #3

  • 9 am - Zion, Columbus
  • 9:45 am - St. Stephen’s, Beaver Dam
  • 10:30 am - St. John’s, Juneau
  • 11:15 am - St. Mark’s, Watertown

Van #4

  • 9 am - St. Matthew’s, Oconomowoc
  • 9:45 - St. Paul’s, Ixonia
  • 10:30 am - Trinity-St. Luke (Clark Street)
  • 11:15 am - Kohl’s parking lot (Near Starbucks )
  • 12 noon - St. John’s, Waterloo

Be aware that the vans may be parked on the street off church/school property.

The front doors of Lakeside’s airlock entry will be open on June 9 from 9 am-12 noon for families who live nearby to drop off books and school materials.


Textbooks that are currently in lockers will be removed on June 9, sorted, and inventoried with the arriving texts. Textbook collection includes textbooks, Lakeside-owned materials, and library books. Students keep their Chromebooks as stated in the school’s Chromebook lease agreement. Seniors who do not wish to keep their Chromebooks may return them.

If you are unable to physically deliver your texts to the van on June 9th, find someone who can deliver them for you. You may also bring them to Lakeside. You may also select any stop for your convenience.


Many students have already emailed the office to schedule times to clean out their lockers. For items other than textbooks that remain in the hall lockers on June 9:

  • Current 9th - 11th graders: items will remain in the locker until you return for school; and
  • Current 12th graders: items will be removed by June 9th. Seniors may retrieve items earlier by contacting the school office to schedule a pick up time.

All gym lockers are to be emptied by Friday, May 22, to allow school personnel to clean and prepare the locker rooms for the next school year.


Lunch account balances

If your Lakeside student has a positive lunch account balance, you have several options. Your balance may be:

  • applied to your student's tuition balance;
  • held over for next school year;
  • transferred to a sibling attending Lakeside in the 20-21 school year;
  • transferred to another student with a negative lunch balance; or
  • refunded by check.

Requests for refund or fund transfers should be sent to Due to confidentiality issues, Lakeside’s Financial Manager reserves the right to select the student if you opt to transfer your balance to a negative account.



Over the past month, a committee of the National Honor Society officers and an ad hoc parent committee have discussed graduation. Both groups agree on the following points:

  • A live, in-person graduation is desirable;
  • If a live graduation is possible, it should be held as soon as possible - no later than the first weekend in August; and
  • Members of the Class of 2020 should sit as a group at graduation as a symbol of unity and support for one another.

It is Lakeside’s sincere intent to honor the desires of our students and parents.

We tentatively plan to hold graduation on Wednesday, July 1, 7 pm. Please realize that a number of factors must be satisfied for this to occur. The school will keep seniors and their parents informed as the plan takes shape. A separate letter will follow at a later date with more details.


In the event that we are unable to hold a live graduation by the first weekend in August, Lakeside will host a virtual graduation. That, too, will be communicated if necessary.


Thank you for your patience as we wait and watch. With the psalmist, we must daily remind ourselves, “My times are in your hands” (Psalm 31:15).

Serving Christ for you, James C. Grasby


April 22, 2020

Dear Lakeside Lutheran family members,

School leadership wishes to share the plan going forward since the Governor has closed all Wisconsin schools for the remainder of this school year.

First, online instruction will continue for all students through Thursday, May 21, the final scheduled day of 2nd Semester. There will be no traditional semester exams on May 19-21. Those days will have a hybrid schedule. It is:



Tuesday, May 19

Wednesday, May 20

Thursday, May 21

9 am

Period 1

Periods 4/5 or 5/6

Period 10

10 am

Period 2

Period 6/7 or 7/8

Period 11

11 am

Period 3

Period 9



Each teacher is given some latitude on how to use the “exam” periods. If a test is given on those days, grades will be recorded as part of the fourth quarter and not as an exam grade. Attendance will also be tracked. 

Secondly, the school musical, May Banquet, spring sports competitions and tournaments, Academic Awards Night, and the Commencement Concert are canceled. 


Next, locker cleanout must be scheduled through the front office at The days and times for cleanout are Mondays and Wednesdays between 10 am-3 pm. Only a few students will be allowed into the building daily. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors may leave items in their lockers over the summer. If these days and times absolutely do not work for you, contact Mrs. McKenna at to discuss alternatives.


Finally, there is the matter of graduation. We know that graduation is the culmination of four years of work and sacrifice for students and families alike. We will continue to monitor the conditions. If it is safe and permissible to hold some type of graduation, we will do so. Currently, there are committees of students and parents who are discussing options. However, unless there is a sudden change in the current directive, the scheduled date of May 24 will be delayed, the number of those attending may be limited, the venue could be changed, and so on. It is the school’s intent to give thanks to God for the Class of 2020 in some manner while still heeding the advice of healthcare professionals and observing any applicable laws.


To all Lakeside students - to the seniors especially - we understand your pain. Your senior year of high school - let alone any year of high school - is not supposed to end like this. As God’s people,  we have the cross of Jesus to remind us of the peace from sins forgiven through him. This can never be taken from us. May God always bless you students and your families with that peace.


If you have questions, please call the school office (920-648-2321) and leave a message.

Serving Christ for you, Mr. James C. Grasby

April 21,2020
Locker Cleanout - When school recessed for Spring Break, we asked the students to remove what they needed from their lockers for the foreseeable future. None of us anticipated that the foreseeable future would be so long. Due to that fact, we realize that many students may have a further need to gather things from their lockers. Custodial staff has gone through and removed anything perishable, but many books, water bottles, clothing items, etc. remain. If you would like to retrieve the remaining items from your regular locker or your gym locker the following times and guidance are provided:
1. Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am-3pm. 
2. This may be done by the student or a parent and you MUST email the front office ( at least one day in advance and provide a time you will be arriving (i.e. between 11-11:30 would be helpful, "sometime after 10:30" would not be helpful.)
3. Garbage bags will be available if you have a lot of items.
4. Please do not plan your visit to coordinate with a friend, or pop in to visit teachers while you are here. The purpose of these office hours are strictly to empty your lockers.
5. Underclassmen do not have to come and empty their lockers. You can opt to do this later in the summer once the state's Safer At Home orders are completely lifted.
6. Seniors, we are encouraging you to empty your lockers at this time, but again you may wait until summer and contact office staff at that time.
7. If you wish to empty your locker(s) and the above hours absolutely do not work for you in the coming weeks, please contact Mrs. McKenna at to set up an alternate time.

April 3, 2020

Each day, there are new developments regarding the coronavirus. First, the date to return to school was delayed until late April or perhaps early May. Then, school sports and music events for April were cancelled. Even academic events like Lakeside’s LES Math Meet, the  Aspire tests for freshmen and sophomores, the junior and senior Religion trips, and both Badger Girls State and Badger Boys State are no longer on this year’s school calendar.

Each day, Lakeside’s school leadership discusses all events scheduled for the remainder of the school year in order to make wise decisions for you and your families. In particular this week, we have focused on two large events: May Banquet and Graduation.

The school’s stance is to assist you and your families return to a sense of normalcy as soon as possible. We know that world events have affected every aspect of our lives from social distancing to some not-so-successful trips to the grocery store. It seems every day brings new challenges with job layoffs and other effects of the economic downturn. Yet, as soon as life can resume its formerly normal routine, Lakeside will resume its functions to minister to your bodies, minds, and souls.

At the same time, we must observe government directives and follow the best practices that accompany them. If this means gradually resuming school activities over time, then we will do it. If we are directed to avoid assembling large groups of people for a time, we will do it.

May Banquet is a large undertaking. We realize there are family expenses. The school extensively plans for this event. It contracts with a food vendor and a DJ. Lighting, ventilation, and other school systems must be in place. Moving something of this magnitude to another date is not easy considering the other activities that our building also hosts.

We do not want to cancel May Banquet. We see it as an event to help restore a sense of normalcy for you. So, with the realization that current conditions will not permit Lakeside to plan and execute the best possible May Banquet for you, we are postponing the event from its planned May 2 date to a later date yet to be determined. Our hope is to find a date that will work for the school and as many of you as possible.

Regarding Graduation, it is still scheduled for May 24. As rapidly as conditions have changed over the past month, it would be unwise for us to make a decision now that later may be considered premature or uninformed. Daily, we will monitor many factors, discuss this further, and will announce a decision on graduation as soon as it is made.

A clarification: there are no scheduled classes on Good Friday, April 10, and Easter Monday, April 13.

In closing, take the words of the psalmist to heart: “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him” (Psalm 28:7). Know that our God will see you through these difficult times. He is your strength and your shield.

March 27, 2020
Dear Lakeside parents and guardians,
The first three days of online classes appear to have gone as well as they could. Yet, face-to-face instruction would be the ideal. Thank you for your encouragement and the support that you have given to your Lakeside students. Daily attendance has been strong and the teachers have positively commented on different aspects of their students’ work and learning.
This brings me to the purpose of this email. The Governor’s original directive stated that all Wisconsin schools would remain closed until Monday, April 6th. However, the “Safer at Home” order issued this past Tuesday remains “in effect until 8 am Friday, April 24th, 2020, or until a superseding order is issued.” Depending on the course that the Coronavirus takes, it is highly likely that Lakeside will remain closed until that latter date - or possibly beyond. We will plan for online learning through Friday, April 24 - and beyond if necessary.
(Please see the list of cancellations and postponements elsewhere on this webpage.)

In closing, we all realize that this is a difficult time for students, families, schools, and our society, in general. If your Lakeside student is having difficulty coping with all that life is currently throwing at him/her, consider contacting your pastor for assistance. You may also reach out to the school. We have Christian Family Solutions (formerly the Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Service) at our disposal. It has counseling programs in place. These services are free through the Member Assistance Program (MAP) and sessions can be done via a student’s chromebook. Contact Mr. Andy Rosenau for further information about MAP. Finally, your son or daughter may be comfortable speaking with one of our staff pastors or teachers.

It is important that we, as God’s people, remain strong in his Word. Use the online resources that your congregation or other WELS and ELS congregations provide to hear and study God’s Word. Find comfort in the words that God speaks to you and me that he controls the events of this world to glorify his name. Today, I close with the words of Peter who wrote, “And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast” (1 Peter 5:10).

Again, please reach out to us with your questions and concerns.
Serving Christ for you, James C. Grasby

March 24, 2020

Dear Lakeside Parents and Guardians,

After many hours of planning and some Herculean efforts by Lakeside’s faculty and staff, we will begin virtual online instruction tomorrow morning (March 25) at 9 am.

With regard to this, read the following carefully:

  • Every day, Lakeside students must check their Lakeside email account for emails from their teachers and other school personnel. This is the most reliable way to communicate;
  • By 6 pm this evening, every student should receive an email from each of his/her teachers. This email will lay out some ground rules for class in the upcoming period of online instruction. Some teachers are requesting that their students complete a short survey acknowledging the email;
  • Every day of classes, every student must mark his/her own attendance for all 8 periods. Because teachers use different platforms for online teaching, the attendance method will vary. However, one thing is constant: the attendance method for all teachers will be available by 8:45 am each school day and should be marked no later than the end of the class period with that teacher. Teachers will reach out to students who have not marked their attendance following that period. Failure to mark attendance results in an absence for the student. There is no attendance check in for regular study halls or Commons periods. Attendance check in is required for ELC study halls;
  • Parents must call the school office if students are ill and unable to participate in online classes for the day. Please do so by 8 am;
  • Students are responsible to complete assigned work for online instruction. Just as attendance is being recorded, assignments will be graded as 4th quarter grades and will be used to determine semester grades;
  • 3rd quarter grades will be finalized in the near future, once teachers and students have become more acclimated to online learning. This will also allow missing work from the 3rd quarter to be made-up and turned in if possible. More information regarding delivery of 3rd quarter report cards will be shared later;
  • For Freshmen: Wednesday, March 25 is an “A” day. The A/B rotation will be shared in the weekly Warrior e-news;
  • Full-time Lakeside teachers will maintain “office hours” from 8 am - 2:30 pm each school day. Part-time teachers will have abbreviated hours. They will share those hours with their students. During office hours, students may reach out to teachers through email or other means that the teachers provide;
  • Questions about a particular class should be addressed directly to the teacher. (S)he has best knowledge base of course material and set the class expectations; and
  • Those needing to retrieve books, chromebooks, chargers, and other items needed for the upcoming period of online instruction, contact me ( ) to schedule a time to stop at school and get them. If you as a parent do this, please know the specific items that your student needs and exactly where those items are located.

A daily devotional message will also be sent to all students.

Please understand that undertaking online virtual teaching is an art, not necessarily a science. Some methods that teachers try may work. Others may not. Changes may be required as we progress. In any event, trust that we will strive to daily provide our students with a quality Christ-centered education in a very challenging time for everyone. Please continue to pray for us and support us as we move into this new venture. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Serving Christ for you, Mr. James C. Grasby


March 20
Dear Lakeside Lutheran Parents/Guardians,
Thank you for your patience. Gathering people together for meetings during Spring Break is challenging. However, our committee in charge of online teacher training concluded another meeting this morning. We are ready to share more details with you.
Lakeside teachers will meet on Monday, March 23, and Tuesday, March 24, for inservice training in online instruction. Due to the mandates in place, we carefully constructed each day to limit the numbers of teachers together at one time.
Teachers will divide into groups according to their technology use and the platform that they currently use. To most of you, the terms Google Classroom and Moodle may mean nothing. But, your Lakeside students should recognize them. Using our teachers who are best versed in online teaching methods and our available platforms, every teacher will review the use of online instruction, learn new methods to further it, and find out the best practices to carry it out. We are confident that we will begin online instruction in every class in some format on Wednesday, March 25, beginning at 9 a.m.
Although final details are still being ironed out, a typical day of online schooling through Lakeside will begin at 9 am. Classes will last for 30 minute each.
Devotion Available online at 8:45 am
1 9-9:30 am
2 9:30-10 am
3 10-10:30 am
4/5 or 5/6 10:30-11 am
Lunch 11-11:30 am
6/7 or 7/8 11:30 am-12 pm
9 12-12:30 pm
10 12:30-1 pm
11 1-1:30 pm
We realize that there is no perfect way in everyone's opinion to provide a solid, Christ-based education in an alternative format. However, using this unified daily schedule will help create structure for our students during this period of online learning.
Teachers will provide instruction in differing ways in their classes. Each teacher will send an initial email or other communication to every student in his/her classes by Tuesday, March 24, to give them an overview of how the class will operate. Students: watch for this. Wednesday, March 25, will be similar to an orientation day at the start of a new semester.
In addition, teachers will have office hours from 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m. each school day. Students may contact a teacher through email or another mutually-agreed method. Many teachers will also be available at other times to answer students’ school-related questions.
Daily attendance will be taken. Each teacher will provide a method for his/her students to check in. It is the student’s responsibility to check in to each class every school day. The teacher will make the check in available by 8:45 am each school day. If a student does not check in by the end of the class period, the teacher will reach out to him/her. If a student does not check in by the end of the school day, (s)he will be marked absent. If necessary, a parent may call in their student as absent by leaving a voicemail in the school’s attendance mailbox or speaking live with the Receptionist. The school phone number is (920) 648-2321. In any event, school absences and missing class work must be resolved.
Yes, there are many working parts to this new process. Teachers must learn to adapt their subject matter and teaching styles. Students must learn discipline to do what they are asked without a teacher standing over them. Families are already experiencing changes to their lifestyles and schedules. In the center of all this, remember the words of our God to Joshua, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9). I encourage you to place your trust in those same words and in all the promises of God during these troubling times. They are not hollow words. They come from our God and he has never broken any promise.
God bless your day. Please stay safe and God bless you with good health.
Serving Christ for you, James C. Grasby, Principal
March 16, 2 PM
As nearly all Wisconsin schools move to online classes, Lakeside is also preparing to transition to virtual teaching. This involves student use of internet resources from home.
We were advised by the Department of Public Instruction to survey our families to determine which ones may not have an internet connection to allow their students to participate. If your student does not have access to a stable internet connection or a mobile hotspot, contact Lakeside’s Director of Technology Andrew Willems, or (920) 285-5852, as soon as possible to discuss alternate arrangements.
March 15, 2 PM
Dear Lakeside families,
This is the first of several communications that you will receive from Lakeside in the coming days. Each one will progressively reveal our plans going forward as a result of the mandatory school closing due to the corona virus.
First, all student co-curricular activities - athletic practices, musical/music rehearsals, club/team events, etc - are canceled from the close of practice/rehearsal on Tuesday, March 17, through Sunday, April 5. If the governor’s directive is lifted sooner, this may well change and you will be notified. If you have questions about your Lakeside student participating in practices or rehearsals up to March 17, contact the head coach directly.
Secondly, Lakeside will commence online instruction as early as Wednesday, March 25. All teachers will attend inservice on Monday, March 23, and Tuesday, March 24. This inservice will focus on methods and best practices. During these inservice days, every teacher will develop a platform(s) to provide instruction for his/her class.
Later this week, all Lakeside families will be contacted to ask if their student(s) has access to internet service at home. Our assumption is that a large majority do. You will only need to respond to this upcoming email if you do not. It is important that you let the school know if you do not have internet access since much of our plan assumes that all students do.
Further instructions will be shared in subsequent emails.
If your student does not have his/her Chromebook, the charger, and/or textbooks, you may email to set up a time when those items may be retrieved from the building. Otherwise, the building remains closed to students and families.
To Lakeside students specifically: if you are aware of a family with younger children who may need childcare in the coming weeks, would you consider reaching out to them and offering your time - perhaps at no cost? Such a gesture certainly reflects our Savior’s love for us.
To all of you: stay safe and healthy.
Serving Christ for you, James C. Grasby, Principal
March 13, 6 PM
Dear Members of the Lakeside Family,
Following the Governor's directive this afternoon, Lakeside Lutheran is closed. Our anticipated reopening date is Monday, April 6.
We are waiting for clarification on this directive to determine what "closed" means (i.e.: no school, no school and no instruction, no school with online instruction, no school but activities may be held, etc). Do expect another communication from us as soon as this is clarified.
At this time, co-curricular activities will go on as scheduled during Spring Break through Tuesday, March 17. However, if you have questions about co-curriculars, contact the head coach or advisor directly.
Serving Christ for you, James C. Grasby, Principal
March 12, 7:30 PM
At the end of school today, we asked students to empty their hall lockers. While most students will have two days to do this, we hope that those not attending school tomorrow (e.g.: Operation GO Phoenix, others with pre-plans, etc) heeded our request.
We plan to have school on Friday, March 13.

Classes for the 2019-20 school year concluded on May 21.
The governmental directive involving the school indicates the building shall continue to be restricted in use through June 30, 2020.

Have you seen the modified list of athletic camps that are available for grade school students? See the revised schedule here. Dates and times are fluid, of course, and dependent on the current stay at home restrictions being eased and allowance for groups to meet. Register by June 15, 2020 to receive swag! Camp registration closes one week prior to the start of camp. After that date contact the Camp Coach regarding enrollment. If you have already registered for a specific camp and still plan to participate you don't need to do anything. Your registration has been recorded. For questions or cancel a registration from a specific camp please contact the Camp Coach listed after the camps descriptions at the link.

Confirmed Cancellations, Re-Schedules, Postponements

The situation is so fluid, this is not an exhaustive list, nor is it guaranteed to be updated more than once a day.
What is listed here is what is sure. If you see something posted elsewhere, feel free tor report it to
LLHS cancellations that have been confirmed include:
All spring sports competitions and tournaments (see separate letter from AD Jahns on this page)
Summer Band 2020 
The White House released a series of guidelines and 3 stages for governors to use in determining when the current "Safer at Home" restrictions can be lightened or eliminated.

(April 16, 2020) Wisconsin State Journal news story on the extension of Stay at Home through May 26 

Gov. Evers orders "Safer at Home" on March 24

The governor's "Safer at Home" order is 16 pages, accessible by tapping on the above link to an online pdf

Facing COVID-19 together: A message from our synod president

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).
Events of the recent weeks and days surely remind us that Jesus’ words describing the trouble that we will experience in this world are all too true. But especially in times of trouble like these, we will want always to remember the rest of what he told us: He has overcome the world. Our times are still in his hands. He will never leave us or forsake us. No matter how dark the days, he remains our light and salvation; whom (or what) shall we fear?
Throughout our synod, various areas of ministry, congregations, and schools have already been affected by the current health crisis and have been taking steps to respond. And, as the situation continues to change, many more decisions will likely need to be made in the days and weeks to come.
The synod has taken various actions in response to government recommendations and mandates, and, after much prayer, other decisions have been made based on common sense and an abundance of caution. To do our part in helping to limit the spread of COVID-19, the synod has placed a moratorium on all non-essential foreign and domestic air travel for synod personnel. Meetings at the WELS Center for Mission and Ministry have been postponed or canceled. Martin Luther College, Luther Preparatory School, and Michigan Lutheran Seminary have canceled in-person classes through the Easter break.
As the situation changes, WELS congregations will be faced with making difficult decisions about how gospel ministry and congregational worship will be carried out in the coming weeks and months. Here are some important points to consider:
The Fourth Commandment and other words of Scripture remind us not only to show respect and obedience to governmental authorities, but also to remember them in our prayers as they make decisions to safeguard our nation.
According to the Fifth Commandment, we have the responsibility not to do anything to hurt or harm our neighbor (or ourselves, for that matter), but to help our neighbor in times of need.
God’s Word reminds us of the importance and blessing of worship and encourages us to make faithful use of the means of grace.
How do we apply these biblical principles at a time like this? The Centers for Disease Control has recently recommended that for the next eight weeks, public gatherings should be limited to no more than 50 people. Some local governmental bodies have already gone further, issuing an outright ban on public gatherings of 50 people or more. Restrictions could become even tighter than that in the coming days and weeks. What does this mean?
While we can make recommendations, the synod does not have the authority to mandate uniform actions by all of our congregations. Rather, congregations will need to make their own responsible decisions about worship gatherings, depending on local circumstances and governmental restrictions.
Respect for our government, Christian love for our fellow citizens, and proper concern for our own health may require congregations to alter their worship plans. In some places, services may need to be canceled to comply with government mandates. In other places, congregations may decide to offer more service times to keep gatherings below the recommended or mandated limit. Congregations that cancel services are encouraged to find alternate means, such as live streaming worship, sermons, and Bible classes. Congregations that do not have the ability to do this may want to make their members aware of other congregations that do. In some cases, emailed sermons and devotional materials might be considered. Congregations can also equip parents with resources that can be used in family devotions. Our trust in the efficacy of God’s Word reassures us that his Word works even when public worship gatherings are not possible.
Recognize that this is an extraordinary opportunity to let our light shine in the ways that our congregations and their members serve the people in their communities in Christian love.
In times such as these, as your local ministry strives to meet these challenges, your continuing and regular offerings are as vital as ever. God’s work must go on.
We ask you to be patient with us. We are doing the best we can to provide information and guidance in this difficult time. And we ask for your prayers that God will guide us with wisdom and faith as we make what will likely be difficult decisions.
So it is with God’s church in these last days. We know that Satan is doing all he can to silence the proclamation of God’s saving gospel. We know that our enemy from hell tries to use events like this to drive a wedge between God and his people. But we also know that God can and will cause even this crisis to work together for the good of those who love him. He will use this to drive us to the cross of our Savior, where he gave himself to make us his own. And he will lead us to the open door of the empty tomb, where he demonstrated his complete victory over Satan, sin, and death.
May our gracious God, our Creator, Redeemer, and Preserver, keep you strong in your faith and confident in his promises.
Serving with you in Christ,
WELS President Mark Schroeder
Link to "Badger Bounce Back" Plan